Lancashire & Cheshire Dachshund Ass 2002

Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

Judge : Debbie Brettel

My thanks to the officers and committee for inviting me to judge at this show and for their hospitality. Thank you to all the sporting exhibitors for a lovely quality entry and allowing me to go over your hounds. Overall presentation was excellent. Movement was better on the mat than on the sports hall floor, decisions may have changed if the dogs had been outside. A few had flat and splayed feet, could be due to lack of roadwork. There were some tough decisions and I judged according to my interpretation of the breed standard - not forgetting Sayers. My decisions were based on how the dogs appeared and performed on the day.

Really lovely quality entry. The bitches were truly lovely and looked fantastic in the line up for the challenge. Thank you.

PD (1) 1 & BP Phillip’s Jessingale Crackerjack of Tendrow. B&T. Strong, masculine head. Good length of ribbing and short loin. Needs more time to mature but nice overall shape. Well off for bone and good feet. Moved out smartly with drive. Good luck with him.

PG (4) Nice class. 1st & RBD Burrell’s Sontag Sea Breeze. Lovely B&T dog who I judged him as a pup and still like him. Nice balanced head, good bone. Good length of neck and layback of shoulder. Well ribbed up and short, strong loin. Good strength in hindquarters. Moved very soundly keeping his topline at all times. Think he has matured into a very nice dog. Hope he does well in the future. 2 Rawson’s Twyhill Forceful Freddy For Rosenket. Handsome, quality chocolate boy with a really beautiful outline, liked him a lot. Not happy today. 3 Marsden’s Brigadier Brock.

L (1) 1 S. Sea Breeze.

O (1) 1st & BD Cooper’s Ch. Sontag Savour The Flavour. Really handsome and typy B&T boy, sired RBD. Well balanced head, strong jaw. Good length of neck leading to super shoulders. Prominent breastbone. Good length of ribbing and short, strong loin. Really excellent hindquarters with good turn of stifle which resulted in ultra sound hind movement, strongly boned. In excellent condition and beautifully presented & handled. Every inch a champion, full of quality. Liked him a lot.

PB (2) 1 Wilkinson’s Sunhaze Sccatallina. Sweet headed red pup at her first show. Only just over 6 months and already showing a lot of promise. Needs time to mature and develop. Nice prominent forechest and good layback of shoulder. Good length of ribbing and nicely rounded hindquarters. Everything is in place and just needs time. In the challenge for best pup she was a little unsettled and not moving as freely as the dog pup. Good luck with her. 2 Phillip’s Silandajo Jeans Choice at Tendrow. Another promising pup. Beautiful front and good hind angulation but preferred the height to length ratio of the winner.

J (2) 1st & RBB Rawson’s Twyhill Back to the Future With Rosenket. Superb B&T bitch, teeming with breed type and quality. Liked her a lot. Really nice head, good length of neck, super shoulders, prominent forechest, good length of ribbing and short strong loin. Nicely rounded hindquarters and excellent hind angulation. Really good bone and excellent feet. Looked like she could do a day’s work whilst still remaining feminine. Sound and fluent mover. Told she has one ticket already. Should gain her title with ease. 2 Hitchen’s Ashihna Fiamma at Cloudside.

PG (3) 1 Cooper’s Sontag See Fit. A lovely quality bitch that I have judged before, still think she is gorgeous. Sister to RBD and sired by BD. Quality obviously breeds on. Beautiful head and expression. Super oval front, good length of ribbing, very shapely hindquarters. Moved fluently and elegantly. Superbly presented and handled. Strongly considered in the challenge. Has matured into a really super bitch and should gain her title.

L (1) 1 Rawson’s Rosenket A Star is Born. Good choice of name, another top quality bitch from this kennel. Really good well balanced head with sweet expression. Elegant but strong neck leading to excellent shoulders. Beautiful oval front. Wonderful ribbing and short strong loin, with good turn of stifle. Plenty of bone and super feet. Very sound and free striding mover. A shapely and typy bitch with a happy temperament. She must surely gain her title.

O (2) 1st & BOB Rawson’s New Springtime Girl By Rosenket. Another superb bitch from this very clever breeder. See they are all sired by Ch. Rosenket Uptown Guy who is proving he can stamp his quality. She already has two tickets and my guess is the third will not be far away. Really excellent quality and a first class representative of the breed. Everything is in the right place and combined with her fluent movement, exuberance and happy temperament gives her that extra star quality. A very well deserved Best of Breed. Even with a change of handler in the challenge she never stopped showing. Congratulations. 2 Hunt’s Carpaccio Diamond Eclipse. Taller type but with everything in the right place. Lovely head and expression and a cracking little mover. Beautifully presented and handled.