Midland Dachshund Club  2002

Dachshund ( Smooth Haired)

Judge : Jason Hunt

Thank you for a lovely entry a few things i must point out which affected my placings, i found many exhibits were either far too fat or to the other extreme too thin. Coats were not good many with patchy coats also nails were far too long which not only ruined the shape of the feet but also affected the movement.

mpd (3) 1 McCarthy's Seatris laced with success Black and tan pleasing head neck and front keeps a good outline on the move well handled to get the best out of him needs to drop in front on the move to finish the picture. 2 Lovick-Gibbs and Gibbs's Roleta game set and match Black and tan of a larger type to 1st. Very raw baby needs time to settle and mature not as positive as 1 on the move 3 Hedges's Silandajo hit the jackpot.

PD (3) 1 Norton's Matzell Mateus. Red of masculine type correct head and neck nice well filled front well placed shoulders well sprung ribs kept a good outline at all times please to award him the Res CC and Best Puppy. 2 Phillips's Jessingale crackerjack of tendrow Black and tan different type to 1st pleasing to go over but needs to drop in front as he tends to look a little wide when coming towards you.

JD (2) 1 Bethel's Hampdach joint venture. Well grown black and tan of excellent type very elegant scores well in head, neck and front, long well sprung ribs, moved out well. well handled to get the best out of him but needs more weight to finish the overall picture. 2 Dent's Phaeland szar dachstein Red of larger type, needs to settle down to assess him as he was unhappy in the hall on the day.

PGD (5) 1 Kerry's Ralines chocs away at kireton. Chocolate bult on smaller lines everything in the right place moves out well. Well handled to get the best out of him. 2 Marsden's Brigadier Brock. Solid built Red, carrying far too much weight which makes him look over loaded in the front moved ok. 3 Den's Phaeland szar Dachstein.

LD (5) A class of different types who i am sure will change places on other days. 1 Wilkinson's Sunhaze Slavonska. Elegant black and tan of a nice size and type masculine head well arched neck lovely oval front kept his outline at all times moved out well with great style pleased to award him the CC his 2nd hope his 3rd is not far away Congratulations. 2 Hosegood's Lauralee Tiger Woods t's Off At Hydax Black and tan i thought he would be my winner but threw his chances away on the table i have always admired from the ringside. Correct head neck and shoulders, moved out well. 3 Norris's Criscan Finagle.

OD (6) 1 Norton's Ch Matzell Majestic. Black and tan of taller type who i have never seen look better masculine head, well arched neck, pleasing outline which was kept at all times, well handled to get the best out of him. 2 Hosegood's Lauralee Welsh Gaurd at Hydax. One i have always admired black and tan built on classical lines, moved and showed well but for me i would like less of him. 3 Burke's Bonavoir Bleriot.

MPB (5) 1 Hewart-Chambers and Wilkinson's Sunhaze Sccatallina. Red clear winner in this class, lovely front, tight shoulders, kept a pleasing outline but needs to tighten in hind movement, very promising. 2 Hedges's Silandajo my little angel. Black and tan needs a lot of time to get it together sweet head and expression.

JB (8) Another case of splittting hairs. i am sure they will all have a great future. 1 Armstrong's Lauralee Inspiration. Black and tan of larger type pleasing head neck and shoulders well filled, front well angulated quarters moved with style. 2 Bethel's Hampdach Autumn Glory. Red i have often admired from the ringside. scores well in all departments, a pity her underline spoilt the finished picture, needs to settle on the move as she tended to be in a hurry. 3 Dalgety's Thundergay Lady be good.

PGB (4) A class of quality bitches who were unlucky to meet each other on the day and i am sure will all change places on other occassions. 1 Cooper's Sontag See Fit Black and tan who caught my eye as she entered, have often admired her from the ringside, she did not disappoint me on handling her. i see i gave her mother the Res CC the last time i judged. Pretty black and tan with the sweetest of heads and expressions well arched neck correct well filled oval front. Correct well placed shoulders lovely spring of rib, excellent top and underline, moved with great style and verve pleased to award her the CC her first and Best of Breed one of many, i am sure Congratulations. 2 Raine's Vonndachs classical music. One i have always admired from the ringside, i am so pleased she has gone to a show home after the death of her late owner Mrs Phillips. very feminine, nice head and neck correct well placed shoulders, lovely front, kept a good outline at all times, well handled to get the best out of her pleased to award her the Res CC, should have a great future. 3 dalgety's Thundergay at a glance.

lb (5) 1 Cooper's Sontag Single Minded. Black and tan of a lovely elegant type, correct head and well arched neck, and well filled front, kept her outline at all times. moved out well. 2 Burke's Bonavoir kildalky dancer. Black and tan who on the day was carrying far too much weight, which spoilt her sweet head and expression . well filled front, on the day she moved a little close behind which cost her 1st place. 3 McCarthy's Roleta play the Aces with Seatris.

OB (2) 1 Coopers Sontag Silly Season Black and tan of larger build, excellent bone, well filled front, correct shoulders kept her outline at all times. 2 Norton's Ch Matzell Majana. Well known black and tan Ch, different type to 1st. sweet head and expression, scores well in all departments but for me i would like a little more of her to finish the picture.

Jason Hunt