Northern Dachshund Ass 2002

Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

Judge : Jean Hallett

I would like to thank the committee for their hospitality, a most enjoyable day. Also thanks to the exhibitors for giving me albeit a small but quality entry.

JD(2) 1st: Mankins Birchman Bold Buccaneer 17 month brindle, good head, eye and mouth, harsh coat, kept a strong topline on the move.

OD (2) 1st: Moores UK and Ir Ch Romanchi Commanche. A 3 year old brindle boy I have judged and given awards to before, he still doesn’t disappoint, just not in his best of jackets on the day, BD & BOS 2nd: Lawless & Whalen, Stoneferry Senator of Wescrest

JB (3) 1st: Derrys Ritterburg Lady Guinevere at Andlouis. My notes say ‘A template’ this little bitch really impressed me, she pushed hard for the top honours and in a few months could well be taking them, she just needs to mature, Beautifully trained, handled and presented, Superb coat. I especially loved the rear angulation and clean outlines. 2nd: Mankins Birchman Dusky Lady

SpYB (2) 1st: Moores Romanchi Tagish 2 yr old brindle with good feet, super tight elbows and in excellent coat, moving well on the day keeping her topline

OB (1) 1 Poulters Ch Lankelly Black Bryony. A 5 year old bitch I have admired from afar for some time, superb coat texture, lovely rich colour, exhibited in tip top condition. Excellent size, head eye and feet, good mouth, lovely depth to keel, good length to upper arm, tight elbows, shoulder placement, Ribbing extended well back to excellent angulation, which showed when she moved effortlessly, BB & BOB.

Zara Boyle