Southern Dachshund Ass 2002

Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

Judge : Lynne Marshall

 I would like to thank the committee for asking me to judge smooths. I found many had poor feet and were lacking exercise. I found two bad mouths, and one kinky tail. Having said that I was pleased with my final line up in dogs and bitches. Temperament overall was good.

MPD. (2). 1. Rawson’s, Twyhill Forceful Freddy for Rosenket. Very promising chocolate dog masculine head well shaped eye, wonderful shoulders, heavy bone, well ribbed, level topline. Sound movement, a star of the future I’m sure. BPIB and RBPIS. 2. Hunt’s, Carpaccio Calling the Shots. Not as mature or the conformation of one needs to fill in front, good topline moved soundly.

PD. (1). 1. McCarthy’s, Seatris Seeking Success. Nice compact chocolate dog, good shoulders, well ribbed. Nice size, moved well.

JD. (2). 1. Norris’s, Criscan Finagle. Smart b/t dog, lovely head. Good top and underline, moved soundly and maturing nicely. Needs more time for top honours.

ND. (2). 1. Jesses’s, Rill Royal Favour. Immature b/t rather long cast and not happy on the day. However good topline and sound movement.

PGD. (6). 1. Hey’s, Quiake Certain Justic. B/t good feet and heavy bone, nice shoulder placement. Well ribbed body, well let down quarters, moved well. 2. Hosegood’s, Lauralee Tigerwoods T’s off at Hydax. Smart b/t, not as mature as one and narrower all through, sound movement. 3. Halsall’s, Roleta Hobknobing with Kiddles.

LD. (7). 1. Burke’s, Bonavoir Interceptor. Smart chocolate, good head, nice shoulders, level topline, well angulated quarters, moved well. 2. Hey’s, Quiske Classic Impact. B/t nice size, not as settled in movement as one. 3. Scutt’s, Bonavoir Kings Jester of Firestorm.

OD. (7). 1. Davies’s, Ch. Undeg Elenius. Handsome red dog I have always admired, put down to perfection on the day. A pleasure to go over, correct in every department. One of few to have good feet. Very sound, moved around the ring with style and verve. I was pleased to award him CC and BOB and thrilled to see him go BIS well done. 2. Lovick and Gibbs’s, Ch. Roleta Plat Wright. Another very nice b/t dog from this kennel. Well balanced, correct angulation fore and aft. Moved well, nice size worthy Ch. RCC. 3. Walage’s, Ch. Matzell Maraduke.

MPB. (8). 1. Rawson’s, Twyhill Back to the Future with Rosenket. Feminine b/t bitch, nice head, good shoulders top and underline, smart and sound in movement. 2. Norton’s, Tendrow Mono Maid for Matzell. Promising b/t bitch. Not as settled in front movement as one on the day. Good top and underline. 3. Phillips’s, Ranglewood Classice Jaz by Vonndach.

PB. (5). 1. Norton’s, Tendrow Mono Maid for Mazell. 2. Phillips’s, Vonndach Classical Music. Sound b/t bitch, finer bone than one, nice angles, moved well. 3. Rawson’s, Rosenket a Star is Born.

JB. (5). 1. Cooper’s, Sontag Single Minded. Smart b/t bitch with good shoulders. Well ribbed body, nice quarters, good straight movement. Her day will come I am sure. 2. Burke’s, Bonavoir Kuday Dancer. Another nice bitch from this kennel. Well constructed fore and aft. Good topline, kept on the move. At the moment looser in front than one. 3. Davies’s, Tendrow Cover Girl.

NB. (1). 1. Jesse Rill Favorite. Nicely made red bitch with good pigmentation, correct front, good head, well constructed, body sound.

PGB. (6). 1. Rawson’s, Rosenket Zcotch Mist. Stylish chocolate bitch, nice head and eye. Excellent shoulders and quarters. Good top and underline, moved well. Was pleased to award her the CC. 2. Jesse’s, Rill Favorite. 3. Barney’s, Ralines Review of Verrami.

LB. (11). 1. Rawson’s, New Roleta Plays the Aces with Seatris. B/t looked well standing, nicely balanced body, preferred movement of one. 3. Phillips’s, Roleta Annies Song.

OB. (8). 1. Cooper’s, Sontag Silly Season. Very smart b/t bitch, nice head, well angulated. Excellent feet, well balanced body, moved well. RCC her day will come. 2. Norton’s, Ch. Matzell Majana. Another quality bitch from this kennel. Nice size, good movement, a very close decision. Worthy champion.

Lynne Marshall