Border Union 2003

Judge: Derek Smith

Dachshund (Smooth Haired)


PD. (4). 1. McNaughton’s, Cedavoch High Treason. Quality choc/t, very forward. Lovely head and eye. Very good front and forechest. So well made with excellent ribs and lovely bone and feet. Very good quarters and the soundest mover in the class. Carrying a little too much weight at the moment and subsequently loses his topline at times, which coat him BP on the day. 2. Walkley’s, Follycott Bar the Rest for Churchoak. Lovely head and eye on this b/t. Carries himself very well on the move. Good neck and forechest. Well balanced in outline and shown in gleaming condition. Little narrow in front coming towards. 3. Hunt’s, D’Arisca Class Distinction at Carpaccio.

JD. (1). 1. Girven’s, Marictur Mansfield. Good type b/t. Little plain in head but otherwise is a decent Dachsund. Pleasing to go over and is sound enough on the move. Handler must learn to show him better.

PGD. (2). 1. Marsden’s, Brigadier Brock. Very typy red shown in gleaming coat, carrying far to much weight and would like better feet. Nice head and lovely pigment. Touch more neck would enhance outline. Form topline and good ribbing. Decent on the move but a bit proud of his tail. 2. Dent’s, Phaeland Szar Dachstein. Shaded red. Lovely colour and very well pigmented. Fine coat shone in the sun. Roaches badly in topline standing and on the move and his movement is not good. Particularly behind.

LD. (3). 1. Rawson’s, Twyhill Forceful Freddy for Rosenket. Very handsome choc/t. Super sound mover. So well balanced and every inch a good Dachshund. Lovely to go over. Shown in hard fit condition. Very well made with a good neck and firm topline. Lovely bone, feet could be a touch tighter, but a small critisism of a good dog. Won CC. His first. Well done. 2. Cocker’s, Daxmuir Flash Harry for Bonnerhill. Nice head and eye on this b/t, but forward placed in shoulder and moved wide in front. Devent topline and in good condition. Needs to firm up behind too. 3. Dent’s, Phaeland Szar Dachstein.

OD. (3). 1. Davies’s, Ch. Undeg Elenius. Excellent pigmentation on this quality sh/r, super size yet with lovely bone and feet. Super to go over and so very well made. Just the right amount of weight and in sparkling condition. Seeemed a little dull and lethargic on the day. This coat him top award. Won RCC. 2. Norton’s, Matzell Mateus. Very masculine, clear red. Nice head with good pigment. Not quite the front assembly of winner, but super firm in topline. At 19 months old has a bit to do and still looks very immature.

PB. (3). 1. Hunt’s, Carpaccio Tanzanite. Loved this little b/t baby so much potential here. Stunning outline on the stack. Lovely head on longest of necks. Lovely front and feet. Firm topline anbd shows excellent balance. Sound on the mobe and handled to get the very best out of her. BP and one to watch for sure. 2. McNaughton’s, Cedavoch Integrity. Bigger type b/t, different in head to winner, but still pleasing. Lovely bone and thick feet. Very good forechest. Little bit throaty and wrinkle on legs. Bit bum high and needing to firm up in topline at present. Only young and when it all comes together will be an interesting prospect.

JB. (1). 1. Rawson’s, Rosenket Beautiful Dreamer. Very happy b/t, very pleasing in all departments. Good front and very good quarters. Nice head and a good outline. Pleasing to go over. Would like a little more leg length to just give her a touch more ground clearance. Carrying a little too much weight too.

NB. (1). 1. Dunne’s, Lamias Dior of Sydunne. Needs to lose weight to advantage.

PGB. (4). 1. Dalgety’s, Thundergay at Flance. Loved the type and arrogance of this b/t. Super bone and substance and thick padded feet in a small package. Super head and eye, well constructed and a spanking mover which won her the class. I would like a touch more neck and she is a little throaty and has wrinkle on her legs which she could do without. 2. Rawson’s, Rosenket a Star is Born. Vety different in type to winner in every way but still a good Dachshund. Such a well balanced outline. Good frorchest and in super condition. Not the movement of winner and a little proud of her tail. 3. Cocker’s, Thundergay Society Gal.

LB. (5). 1. Cooper’s, Sontag Single Minded. At a glance I thought this quality b/t a bit exaggerated, but I found her so pleasing to go over. Lovely head and eye. Terrific forechest and super topline. Fabulous on the move. Particularly going round and so very sound. Really uses herself well. Maturing nicely and is a good prospect. Temperament could be a little stronger. 2. Rawson’s, Twyhill Back to the Future with Rosenket. Very nice size, b/t with lovely substance throughout. Sister to DCC. Must have been a good litter. Love him, so pleasing to go over and has a touch of class about her. Quality head and eye. Good neck and so very well made. Touch too much weight on the day, but a super bitch. 3. Dalgety’s, Thundergay Lady be Good. OB. This was an excellent class. 1. Cooper’s, Sontag See Fit.

I understand the breed’s latest Champion. Easy to see why, even in this lovely class. For me, she just stood out. Classy head, beautiful neck, front, topline and outline. Very arrogant and elagnt at all times. Immaculate on the move. Just never put a foot wrong all day. To me she is what good Dachshunds are all about. CC and BOB. 2. Rawson’s, New Springtime Girl by Rosenket. I have judged and admired this b/t girl before. She too is all quality. Indeed this exhibitor has a high quality team at present. She also has a lovely head and very proud carriage. Lovely to go over. Everything just fits nicely. Reminded me so much of famous past “Rhinefields” in a hard fought and very close decision. I would just like her with a touch more leg for perfect balance. RCC. 3. Hunt’s, Ch. Carpaccio Diamond Eclipse.

Derek Smith