Crufts 2003

Judge: Marilyn Norton

Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

I would like to say a big thank you to Mrs J Whiting and Mr D Hodgkinson my two very efficient stewards who helped to keep the morning running smoothly.

SpPD (3, 0 absent) 1st McCarthy’s Seatris Laced with Success Very sound 11 month old black and tan shown in lovely condition, he is well bodied and has an excellent head, eye and expression, super bone and nice feet. Moved well. Best Puppy. 2nd Lovick-Gibbs & Gibbs’ Roleta Game Set ‘N Match Black and tan just 12 months. Very nice youngster with good head, level topline and excellent hindquarters. I preferred his hind action to the winner but he lost out on overall steadiness and feet. 3rd Hedges’ Silandajo Hit the Jackpot Very good front and a nice level topline. Narrower head than winners also preferred their feet and shoulder placement.

SpJD (2 0 absent) 1st Phillips’ Jessingale Crackerjack of Tendrow Sound well bodied black and tan, lovely head, eye and expression. Good depth and length of ribbing, super bone and feet, nice well angulated hindquarters, moved well. Only disappointment was I found him to be slightly upright in shoulder. 2nd Graham’s Gameroon Rubeus Hagrid Strong willed youngster really enjoying his day out and not helping his handler. I particularly preferred Crackerjack’s feet, head and topline. Handler must take control of him.

PGD (5, 1 absent) 1st Rawsons’s Twyhill Forceful Freddy for Rosenket I have always admired this choc & tan, he is very elegant and moves freely. Nice head, reachy neck running into well laid back shoulders, good depth and length of ribbing, well angulated hindquarters and super tight feet. 2nd Burrell’s Sontag Sea Breeze Sound black and tan, nice head and good bone, well angulated hindquarters, moved well. I preferred Freddy’s front and shoulder placement and his feet. 3rd Dent’s Phaeland Szar Dachstein Larger type red with nice head and neck. He is too big for me and I preferred the winner’s hind action.

LD (11, 0 absent) 1st Cocker’s Daxmuir Flash Harry for Bonnerhill Well constructed black and tan. Lovely head, neck, bone, nice level topline which he kept when moving, strong well angulated hindquarters. I have seen him many times, but did not appreciate him until going over him. 2nd Wilkinson’s Sunhaze Slavonska Nice black and tan, at first I thought would be my class winner, he has a good front, depth and length of ribbing and lovely feet, but I preferred the winners head and eye and his hind movement. 3rd McNaughton’s Cedavoch Rainman Another nice black and tan, super bone, lovely head and eye, good strong well angulated hindquarters, moved well and handled well as were all from this kennel.

OD ( 8, 1 absent) 1st Rawson’s Ch. Rosenket Uptown Guy This black and tan dog has always been a great favourite of mine and today he was in top form. He has a lovely head, eye and expression, good reach of neck, lovely well laid back shoulders, level topline, excellent bone and feet, well angulated hindquarters. Moved extremely well, using the large ring to his advantage. Delighted to award him the well deserved CC. 2nd Davies’ Ch. Undeg Elenius Another of my favourites, a beautiful red, but unfortunately today he had lost his confidence and was not happy on the table or when moving away from me. He is very well constructed and has a super head, neck, front and lay back of shoulder. He has good strong well angulated hindquarters. 3rd Bethel’s Ch. & Aust. Ch. Laen Rumourz Run Riot at Hampdach (Imp) Eye catching red, super head, reachy neck, good deep keel and length of ribbing, nice well angulated hindquarters. Shown in hard condition and well handled. Unhappy with his movement coming and going. Nice in profile.

SpVD (3, 0 absent) 1st Marshall’s Ch. Lauralee Treble Chance at Malynsa Nearly 8 years old black and tan in excellent condition. Super head, eye and expression. Lovely front, deep oval forechest, good length of ribbing, nice well angulated hindquarters. Moved well keeping his topline. Res. CC. 2nd Sydney’s Yatesbury Jackanory Nine year old looking well for his age and thoroughly enjoying his day. Lovely head, super hindquarters. Moved well but lost his topline. 3rd Speak’s Lowscales Young Buccaneer Another nine year old black and tan looking well . He has a lovely head and super clean teeth, (credit due to owner as many young ones had dirty teeth) nice feet and bone but lost out to winners on hindquarters and hind action.

SpPB (5, 1 absent) 1st Marsh’s Marshwick Magic Charm Very nice puppy, she is long, low and level, with a neat compact body, lovely head, super front, good tight feet, good bone and nice hindquarters. Moved well. 2nd Hewart-Chambers & Wilkinson’s Sunhaze Sccatallina Very nice red baby with lovely head, neck and good forechest, nice shoulders. Preferred the winners hindquarters and hind action. 3rd Scutt’s Roleta Game Plan of Firestorm Choc and tan, today giving her handler a hard time, needs to settle. Good head, neck and front, good length of ribbing.

SpJB ( 5, 1 absent) First three were litter sisters. 1st Van der Merwe’s Queensrook Leading Lady A very compact little bitch in very good condition. Lovely head and expression, good front and well laid back shoulders, level topline which she kept on the move. Delightful temperament. 2nd George’s Queensrook Magic Star Choc and tan, similar remarks apply to her, just preferred the feet on the winner and this one needs to settle. 3rd Chamber’s Queensrook High Hopes Completing the trio of litter sisters, this one has super neck, well laid back shoulders, good length and depth of ribbing, well angulated hindquarters, moved well. This one would have been my winner, but the handler must be firm with her.

PGB (17, 3 absent) This was a lovely class full of quality. 1st Parris’ Rosenket a Sea Campion at Hydanthe Sired by the dog CC winner and today like him in top form. I have never seen her look better. Excellent head, eye and expression, so typical of this line. Lovely front and lay back of shoulder, good feet and bone, nice well angulated hindquarters, moved well both ways. 2nd Dalgety’s Thundergay At a Glance Another lovely black and tan, excellent bone and well angulated hindquarters. Super head and eye, lovely front, good depth and length of ribbing, moved well. 3rd Rawson’s Rosenket A Star is Born Litter sister to Sea Campion and very similar. I just preferred the hind action on the winners. An elegant eye catcher with good clean lines.

LB (14, 5 absent) An excellent class – very close decisions between the first five. It was a matter of splitting hairs. 1st Dalgety’s Thundergay Lady Be Good Good is an understatement – she has excellent quality and I love everything about her. Another sired by today’s CC winner and she certainly does him credit. Lovely head, eye and expression, excellent front, bone, feet and shoulders. Good depth and length of ribbing, strong well angulated hindquarters. Kept level topline at all times, moved well to take her first CC and BOB. 2nd Armstrong’s Lauralee Inspiration Excellent quality again, very eye catching, super forechest and good shoulders, good depth and length of ribbing, sound well angulated hindquarters, moved very well, just preferred the winners head. 3rd Rawson’s Twyhill Back to the Future with Rosenket Another lovely black and tan, she has elegance along with substance, super outline, looked a picture moving, completed a trio of gorgeous bitches.

OB (6, 1 absent) 1st McNaughton’s Ch. Cedavoch Wintertime This one has always been a favourite of mine and she was a joy to go over on the table. Lovely head, excellent lay back of shoulder, good reach of neck, super front, nice tight feet and good bone. Well angulated hindquarters. Moved well and extremely well handled. Res. CC 2nd Rawson’s New Springtime Girl by Rosenket Lovely head on strong neck, well laid shoulders, good length of ribbing, well muscled, beautifully balanced, good top and underline, well presented. 3rd Armstrong’s Ch. Lauralee Welsh Pageant Really nice bitch of good size, super head and neck, good forechest, strong hindquarters, preferred the winners feet.

SpVB (5, 3 absent) 1st Marshall’s Ch. Lauralee Touch of Class at Malynsa Lovely to see this old favourite of mine, I have previously awarded her a CC. Now 8 years old and in super condition and enjoying her day out.

Everything to like about her, showed well and moved keeping her topline at all times. 2nd Parris’ Kimkeri Impertinent Imp Larger type 11 years old in good form. Good feet and bone. Preferred the front and hindquarters of the winner.

Miss M Norton