East of England 2003

Judge: Wendy Hall

Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

 JD. (1). 1. Hey’s, Quiske Notable Exception. Black and tan 9 months old on his own but deserved his first award. Lovely head and expression. Good reach of neck that flowed into well laid shoulders. Excellent pro-sternum. Good length of upper arm giving him reach on front. Good length of ribbing with good depth, lovely topline that he holds on the move. Excellent hind angulation giving him plenty of drive. Delighted to award him RBOB. and BP.

LD. (1). 1. Hey’s, Quiske Certain Justice. Not a typical head, would prefer more reach of neck. Good topline and hind angulation.

OD. (1). 1. Hey’s, Quiske Classic Impact. Lovely black and tan. Excellent head and expression, correct ear carriage, good eye shape. The neck has reach and flows into well laid shoulders. Ideal front assembly. Good length of upper arm. Plenty of pro-strenum comes towards you true. Excellent length and depth of ribbing. Good topline held on the move. Lovely hindquarters. Good angulation he keeps the correct distance apart going away. Using his hocks, drives around the ring. Deserved. BD and BOB.

LB. (1). 1. Boyd’s, Fuzaketa Amaryllis. Chocolate, sweet head. Good reach of neck. Nice topline, narrower in front than I would like and would prefer more turn of stifle.

Wendy Hall