Scottish Kennel Club Aug 2003

Judge: Margaret Hall

Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

PD. (5). 1. Walkley’s, Follycott Bar the Rest by Churchoak. Well grown b/t in lovely bloom. Happy chap enjoying himself great temperament. Good head, neck and firm strong topline. 2. McNaughton’s, Cedavoch High Treason. Chocolate. Made on finer lines. Lengthy with ribbing to match. Shoulders well placed. Promising puppy. 3. Hunt’s, D’aricsa Class Distinction at Carpaccio.

JD. (2). 1. Girven’s, Marictur Mansfield. Elegant b/t. Most attractive outline. Very well schooled to show off his many virtues. Close decision for RCC. 2. Armstrong’s, Lauralee Guard of Honour. Different type to first, but still appealed. Strong topline held on the move. Grand head and eye. Well ribbed up.

LD. (3). 1. Rawson’s, Twyhill Forceful Freddy for Rosenket. Lengthy chocolate of nice size. Balanced head, good neck and shoulder, tight feet. Excellent muscled quarters. Well set tail. Moved smartly. 2. Burrell’s, Sontag Sea Breeze. Free standing b/t with an excellent temperament as always with this owner. Very neat and ‘all of a piece’. Have seen him look better. I think this hot summer has taken its toll on some. 3. Cocker’s, Daxmuir Flash Harry for Bonnerhill.

OD. (3). 1. McNaughton’s, Aust Ch. Nicholyev the Hobbit (Imp). Outstanding red in super fit condition. Handsome head with correct eye and most intelligent expression, well set ears and excellent mouth. Very good front, tight shoulders, level topline. Moved with drive from excellent quarters. CC. Delighted to be told this was his third from 4 shows. 2. Bethel’s, Hampdach Autumn Quest. Another quality red. Liked his head and sweet expression. Balanced conformation throughout. Movement true both ways. RCC. 3. Wilkinson’s, Sunhaze Slavonska.

PB. (6). 1. Wilkinson and Hewart-Chamber’s, Laurtom Forst Edition from Sunhaze. Lovely chocolate puppy. Very shapely when settled. Such a clean outline. Especially liked her head. Well developed in front and evrything in proportion. 2. McNaughton’s, Cedavoch Intergrity. B/t in shining condition. Coming on nicely and looked a picture of health. Should do well as she matures. 3. Hunt’s, Carpaccio Tanzanite.

JB. (2). 1. Rawson’s, Rosenket Beautiful Dreamer. Very elegant young lady. Has a lot of style about her. Good construction throughout. Dense jacket in superb condition. RCC. 2. Turner’s, Marictur Midnight. Smaller b/t. Beautifully shown and handled. Moved with drive from good quarters.

PGB. (3). 1. Rawson’s, Rosenket a Star is Born. Quality b/t, excellent front, bone and feet. Has width and depth all through. Moved freely. 2. Cocker’s, Thundergay Society Gal. Nice type b/t, has length and low to the ground as required. Just lost out marginally to first.

LB. (4). 1. Dalgety’s, Thundergay at a Glance. B/t, another good bitch from this kennel all very much to type. Attractive head and eye. Has width and depth of body all through. Short strong loin. Moved with drive. 2. Rawson’s, Rosenket Zcotch Mist. Cocolate, smart appearance. Nice overall shape. Not a wrinkle in sight. Excellent backline and well turned stifle.

OB. (7). 1. Armstrong’s, Laurlee Inspiration. Beautiful, most aristocratic looking b/t. Stunning flowing lines. Great head and superb length of neck. Copybook outline. Showed and moved to perfection. On top form and in wonderful condition. CC and BOB. Made the short list in the Hound Group. 2. Dalgety Thundergay Lady be Good. I liked this one a lot too. More than worthy of picking up ‘tickets’ just pipped by the Junior for RCC but very close. Unlucky to meet the first who just sparkled. 3. Rawson’s, New Springtime Girl by Rosenket.

Margaret Hall