Scottish Kennel Club May 2003

Judge: Ellis Hulme

Dachshund (Smooth Haired)


 PD. (5). 1. Huntís, Díarisca Class Distinction at Carpaccio. Nicely balanced. Good head, eye, legs and feet. Carried himself well on the move with a good stride. Retaining a level topline. Cofident showman. BP. 2. Walkleyís, Follycott Bar the Rest. Typical outlook. Pleasing head and ears. Developing nicely in ribs and keel. Can firm up in hind movement. Good coat and condition. 3. Girvenís, Marictur Mansfield.

PGD. (2). 1. Burrellís, Sontag Sea Breeze. Good head, eye, ears and neck. Well bodied, firm topline and strong rear. Moved with a good stride and excellent carriage. 2. Dentís, Phaeland Szar Dachstein. Red of typical outlook. Good head properties, ribs and body handled well. Preferred topline of winner. Moved and showed with confidence.

LD. (4). 1. Wilkinsonís, Sunhaze Slavonska. RCC. 2 years old. Approaching maturity well. Clean lengthy neck. Nicely angulated front. Good feet. Ribs go well back. Short strong loins. Level back. Free miving. In fine condition. 2. McNaughtonís, Cedavoch Rainman. Pleasing head, eye and expression. Good body and bone. Well muscled strong hindquarters producing plnety of drive. 3. Cockerís, Daxmuir Flash Harry for Bonnerhill.

OD. (1). 1. Daviesís, Ch. Undeg Elenius. Nice size, impressibe outline. Forst class conformation. In hard muscular condition and best coat. Did all that was asked of him standing and moving to secure CC and BOB.

PB. (1). 1. McNaughtonís, Cedavoch Integrity. Well reared feminine 8 months old of lovely type. Nicely put together. Good legs and feet. Learning the job well. An excellent prospect.

JB. (1). 1. Wilkinson and Hewart-Chamberís, Sunhaze Sccatallina. Well conditioned 13 months old red. Good head, eye and strong pigmentation. Well set lengthy neck. Good chest, ribs and topline. Coming together nicely. Gave a good account of herself.

PGB. (2). 1. Cockerís, Thundergay Society Gal. Quality yearling litter sisters with lots to like. The well set lengthy neck, head ca rriage and good stride gave winner the edge on the day. Otherwise, close up. 2. Dalgetyís, Thundergay at a Glance.

LB. (3). 1. Dalgetyís, Thundergay Lady be Good. Lovely third sister of above, and possibly the leader. Pleasing to go over. Soundly constructed with good shoulder, front and feet. Strong well angulated rear. Used herself well on the move. Well up in the challenge. 2. Cooperís, Sontag Single Minded. Rising 3 years old. Good typeand well made. Not making the most of herself.

OB. (3). 1. Turnerís, Marictur Morgan La Fry. Feminine b/t, typical head and eye. Long clean neck, set into well laid back shoulders. Good forechest, legs and feet. Form topline. Nicely angulated hindquarters. Carried herself with good reach and drive. CC which I was told confirms her title preciously achieved. 2. Cooperís, Sontag See Fit. Lovely 2 years old in excellent condition. Nice size type and quality. Soundly constructed. Well muscled up. Could have been more settled. Her day should come. RCC. 3. McNaughtonís, Aust Ch. Nicholyev Galadriel (Imp).

Ellis Hulme