Three Counties 2003

Judge: Valerie Skinner

Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

 Thank you for the entry ñ I enjoyed the day. How exciting to have access to the Australian imports for a future breeding programme.

PD (3). 1 Walkley’s Follycott Bar The rest Is Churchoak. Well grown b/t, liked head, eye, reach of neck and all over construction. Has bone and substance and tight feet. He strode out well, keeping agd outline; 2 McNaughton’s Cedavoch High Treason. Quality exhibit who pleased in all over body attributes, head, front assembly, ribbing and outline gd, as yet not so positive in hind action as winner; 3 Hunt’s D’Arisca Class Distinction at Carpaccio.

JD (3). 1 Armstrong’s Lauralee Guard Of Honour. V typy b/t, his head, eye, reach of neck into shoulders were gd, has good sweep of keel and ribbing, well angulated quarters, outline kept on the move, he drove from the rear, toed in coming towards me; 2 McCarthy’s Seatris Laced With Success. Also a nice typy d, has good overall body construction, he pleased in head and expression, good in outline, hind action needs to strengthen; 3 Lovick and Gibb’s Roleta Game, Set N Match.

PGD (3). 1 Phillip’s Jessingale Crackerjack of Tendrow. Good type, upstanding b/t, he pleased in head, eye neck shoulder layback, ribbing, has well let down quarters, out line gd, as was movement, he used his hocks and drove from behind; 2 Wolage’s Matzell Moritz. Red of different type, slightly taller, he pleased in all over make and shape, he did not want to co-operate with handler; 3 George’s Tendrow High Spirit at Queensrock.

LD (5). 1 Bethels’ Hampdach Autumn Quest RDCC. This clear red, all quality d, with his style and beautiful head carriage pleased me so much. Head to die for, so beautifully chiselled, with dark oblique eye, neck flowed into good shoulders, front assembly top and under line, quarters are gd, so much elegance with soundness and substance, moved out freely and with good rear extension; 2 McNaughton’s Cedavoch Rainman. This good well constructed d has so many of the breed requirements, he has bone, substance and is so sound. Outline gd, both standing and moving, he moved well and with drive; 3 Norriss’ Criscan Finagle.

OD (7). A strong class. 1 DCC and BOB McNaughton’s Aust Ch Nicholyev The Hobbit (imp). This handsome impressive red d completely filled my eye from the moment he entered the ring. Most beautiful head and expression, head carried well on reachy neck into good scissor lay back, his front assembly is excellent, has body depth top and under line good with strong well angulated quarters, tight in elbow, bone and substance and although well up to size is in no way cloddy. He is low to the ground but moves with complete freedom, covering the ground and driving from behind. I loved him; 2 Bethel’s Aust Ch/Ch Laen Rumourz Run Riot at Hampdach. This clear red d teeming with quality also impressed on entering the ring ñ again the beautiful head and expression and head carriage, so many virtues, impressive on the move keeping a stylish outline, moved with drive, just a shade wider in front than 1; 3 Davies’ Ch Undeg Elenius.

PB (11). Always pleasing to see a good selection of youngsters. I could have given first prizes right down to the line. 1 Bethel’s Hampdach Spellcaster BP. Really liked this quality b/t baby. Such a lovely type. Pretty head, adrk eye, has good neck, shoulders and front, development is as one would expect at this stage. Shoulders gd, top and underline and good quarters. V well handled, she moved steadily and correctly, keeping a good outline, Should do v well; 2 Davis’s Lauralee temptation. Another I liked v much, v pretty in head and expression, she also is long and low to ground, good all through, v well balanced girl, movement gd, another who should have a bright future; 3 Armstrong’s Theme For A Dream.

PGB (7). 1 Burke and Manstons’ Ranglewood Classic Jazz by Vonndach. Quality b/t, has elegance along with bone and substance, pleased in head, eye shape, reach of neck, correct in front assembly, along with well coupled body, hind quarters and angulation gd, short hocks which she used to move out with free and positive action. Profile gd; 2 Goad’s Meganhol Abracadabra. Another v nice type, who is sound and so well constructed throughout. Everything is there, her movement was positive and she covered the ground with ease. Needs to co-operate with handler to advantage; 3 George’s Queensbrook Magic Star.

LB (3).1 Burke and Manston’s Bonavoir Kildalky Dancer. This beautifully constructed b impressed me with her v well proportioned body. Good in head, ribbing, good sweep of keel, body depth, top and under line, has strength in her quarters and drive from behind, she was confident and provided an excellent outline; 2 Cooper’s Sontag Sungle Minded. This b has quality, type and is sound and has many virtues, her movement was excellent as was her profile. She was not at ease in the ring; 3 Turner’s Meganhol Apocalyps Now Rafthouse.

OB (6). A hotly contested class. 1 Cooper’s Sontag See Fit BCC. Quality b/t who fits the standard without any exaggeration. Good head, correct eye, correct total front assembly showing good dimple. Ribbing well sprung and well back, short loin, hind angulation gd, moved true both fore and aft. Not always relaxed, handled sympathetically which allowed her to get into her stride, keeping good proidle and has many virtues; 2 Norton’s Ch Matzell Majana RBCC. Lovely sized and constructed all through, with breed type and quality, good front and rear, lovely well coupled body, well ribbed, good top and under line, short hocks and moved out with drive, keeping a clean outline; 3 McNaughton’s Ch Cedavoch Wintertime.