West of England Ladies KA 2003

Judge: Camilla Wootton

Dachshund ( Smooth Haired)

 Overall lovely heads and eyes in this entry and good toplines were the norm. Pity we were inside as some exhibits did not like the noise. Some bites were not correct, front assembly with attention to length of shoulder blades and upper arm should be considered. Short upper arm is responsible for ‘flapping’ front movement exhibited by many. All were in good body and coat condition. Thank you for the privilege of handling your dogs. Comments are meant to be constructive.

PD. (6). 1. Coxon’s, D’Arisca Class Distinction. Well made chocolate dog just 8 months old. Still very raw, but has all the essentials. Good bone legs and feet. Sound and strong on the move. Pleases in head. Very promising. 2. Armstrong’s, Lauralee Guard of Honour. Another very promising puppy. B/t of much quality. A bit unsettled on the day. Good head and eye, bone, legs and feet. One to watch. 3. Walkley’s, Follycott Bar the Rest. Well made b/t looked a picture standing. At the moment not moving as well as first and second. These are all young with maturity placings can change.

JD. (4). 1. Norton’s, Matzell Mateus. Smart clear red. Good pigmentation. Very sound and pleasing all through. Presented a good picture at all times. 2. Marsh’s, Marshwick Mandolin. Smart b/t good head and eye, bone, legs and feet. Very nice dog of pleasing type from this kennel. Well balanced and good mover. 3. Hedges’, Silandajo the Jackpot. B/t, lovely head and eye. Good topline. Moved and showed well.

PGD. (3). 1. George’s, Tendrow High Spirit at Queensrook. Well boned b/t. Won this class on coformation. Handler does not get the most out of her exhibits, with more training could do well. Pleases all through. 2. Marsden’s, Brigadier Brock. Pleasing red. Good pigmentation shown in good condition. Good head and eye, legs and feet. Kept good topline on the move. Sound mover. 3. Wolage’s, Matzell Moritz. Another who would benefit from more training. Smaller red. Pleasing all through. Sound mover.

LD. (7) Good class. 1. Norris’s, Criscan Finagle. Well balanced b/t. Good size really nice dog. Pleases in head and eye. Lovely bone, legs and feet. Good shoulders, evident in front movement. Well angulated quarters. Good top and underlines. Sound movement all ways. More ring presence could take him to the top. 2. Wilkinson’s, Sunhaze Slavonska. Another good b/t. Good in all departments. More positive showman than first. Good future. 3. Hosegood’s, Lauralee Tiger Woods T’s off at Hydax. B/t, well boned. Needs more time to body up, but has all the essentails. Sound smart mover.

OD. (8). 1. Davies’s, Ch. Undeg Elenius. Clear red, stood out in this entry. Clean cut, good all through. Good pigmnetation. Nothing to change. In excellent condition. Showed and moved very well. Was pleased to give him CC and BOB. 2. Hosegood’s, Lauralee Welsh Guard at Hydax. B/t. Although big is not coarse in any way. Good conformation. Noble head, lovely expression. Well made both ends, bone, legs and feet good. Movement sound keeping good topline. Pleased to ward him RCC. 3. Wolage’s, Ch. Matzell Marmaduke. Smaller red. Typical from this prefix. Sound and smart, well balanced. Good in head and eye. Moved well.

PB. (9). Good class. 1. Lshbrook’s, Rosanport Play me at Milfer. Well balanced b/t. Very good exhibit. Pleases in head and eye. Good bone, legs and feet. Lovely picture at all times. Well handled and trained. Top quality, has a bright future. 2. Armstrong’s, Lauralee Theme for a Dream. Lovely red in heavier mould. Well made all through. Close decision with first. Good head and eye, bone, legs and feet. Has a bright future. Moved soundly and well. 3. Rawson’s, Rosenket Beautiful Dreamer. Good headed b/t. Another pleasing all through. This was a good class with lovely puppies down the line.

JB. (5). 1. Wilkinson and Hewart-Chamber’s, Sunhaze Scatallina. Small red. Good pigmentation. On clean lines with lovely feet. Pleases in head and eye. Well angulated quarters. Moved with purpose, shown well. 2. Kerry’s, Rosanport September Morn at Kireton. 6 months old b/t. Very promising. Lovely in outline, bone, legs and feet. Moved and shown very well. Good placing in this class. 3. Hedges’, Silandajo my Little Angel. Well made b/t, good bone, legs and feet, top and underline. Showed well.

PGB. (7) Good class. 1. Goad’s, Meganhol Abracadabra. Attractive smaller b/t. Sufficient bone and good feet. Very well balanced and pleases all through. Presented a good picture at all times. Good souns mover. RCC. 2. Mullins’, Topthorne the Duchess. Attractive clear red. Lovely bitch. Good all through. Sound as a bell and showing well. Quality exhibits. 3. Chamber’s, Fuzaketa Amelia at Seatris. Well boned b/t, lovely type. Pleases all through. Lovely hindquarters. Strong and compact. Moved and showed well.

LB. (6). 1. Rawson’s, Twyhill Back to the Future with Rosenket. B/t, pleases all through. Good head and eye, bone, legs and feet. Well angulated both ends. Sound strong mover. Showed and handled well. CC. 2. Van Der Merwe’s, Queensrook Leading Lady. Lovely well balanced b/t. Compact type with good bone, legs and feet. Good topline at all times. Better handling would improve. 3. Pogson’s, Rivock Kiss the Rod. Smart clear red. Smaller type, but sufficient bone and good feet. Pleases all through. Well balanced, handled well. A pleasing exhibit. Sound mover.

OB. (2). 1. Rawson’s, New Sringtime Girl by Rosenket. Well made b/t. Well balanced, lovely in outline and good on the move. Lovely head and expression. Showed and handled well. 2. Norton’s, Ch. Matzell Majana. Lovely b/t. Worthy Champion. Smaller type, but adequate bone on good feet. Immaculately presented and shown as all from this kennel. Lovely exhibit.

C V Wootton