WKC 2003

Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

Judge: Mrs V Phillips

Dog CC : 2132 Miss L McNAUGHTON Aust Ch Nicholyev the Hobbit (Imp)
Res Dog CC : 2135 Miss M NORTON Matzell Mateus
Bitch CC : 2112 Mr P M V & Mrs G E GOAD Rosanport Cracklin Rosie
Res Bitch CC : 2096 Mr M G & Mrs J I ARMSTRONG Lauralee Inspiration
Best Puppy : 2119 Mrs S & Mr J HUNT D'Arisca Class Distinction at Carpaccio
Best Veteran :
BEST OF BREED : 2132 Miss L McNAUGHTON Aust Ch Nicholyev the Hobbit (Imp)


Class 375 PD (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 2119 Mrs S & Mr J HUNT D'Arisca Class Distinction at Carpaccio
2nd: 2131 Miss L McNAUGHTON Cedavoch High Treason
3rd: 2148 Miss E J WALKLEY Follycott Bar The Rest Is Churchoak
Res: 2128 Mrs D MELBOURNE Sunhaze St John of Melriding
VHC: 2125 Mrs C H MARSDEN Hampdach Abracadabra

Class 376 JD (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 2094 Mr M G & Mrs J I ARMSTRONG Lauralee Guard of Honour


Class 378 LD (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 2126 Mrs C H MARSDEN Brigadier Brock
2nd: 2141 Mrs R A RAWSON Twyhill Forceful Freddy for Rosenket
3rd: 2121 Mrs A D JEFFERY Rosenket What a Wizard at Andax
Res: 2134 Mrs J A NORRIS Criscan Finagle
VHC: 2102 Mr F & Mrs J COTTON Marictur Morrison

Class 379 OD (9 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 2132 Miss L McNAUGHTON Aust Ch Nicholyev the Hobbit (Imp)
2nd: 2135 Miss M NORTON Matzell Mateus
3rd: 2107 Mr R B DAVIES Ch Undeg Elenius
Res: 2149 Mr N & Mrs L WILKINSON Sunhaze Slavonska
VHC: 2099 Mr A & Mrs K BETHEL Hampdach Autumn Quest

Class 380 MPB (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 2120 Mrs S & Mr J HUNT Carpaccio Tanzanite
2nd: 2108 Mr R B DAVIES Bonavoir Queen Bee
3rd: 2097 Miss C L BETHEL Hampdach Calypso Girl
Res: 2150 Mrs S WILKINSON, Mrs L & HEWART-CHAMBERS Laurtom First Edition from Sunhaze

Class 381 PB (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 2133 Miss L McNAUGHTON Cedavoch Integrity
2nd: 2110 Miss D FURBER Dorysa Dyddanwy
3rd: 2098 Miss C L BETHEL Hampdach Spellcaster

Class 382 JB (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 2112 Mr P M V & Mrs G E GOAD Rosanport Cracklin Rosie
2nd: 2095 Mr M G & Mrs J I ARMSTRONG Lauralee Theme For A Dream
3rd: 2142 Mrs R A RAWSON Rosenket Beautiful Dreamer
Res: 2124 Mrs P LASHBROOK Rosanport Play Me at Milfer

Class 383 PGB (6 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 2113 Mr P M V & Mrs G E GOAD Meganhol Abracadabra
2nd: 2143 Mrs R A RAWSON Rosenket a Star is Born
3rd: 2136 Miss M NORTON Tendrow Mono Maid For Matzell
Res: 2118 Mrs M R HITCHENS Ashihna Fiamma

Class 384 LB (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 2105 Mrs P DALGETY Thundergay At A Glance
2nd: 2109 Mr R B DAVIES Spengretta Shooting Star
3rd: 2144 Mrs R A RAWSON Rosenket Zcotch Mist
Res: 2145 Mr M J TURNER Meganhol Apocalypse Now Rafthouse
VHC: 2117 Mesdames HINWOOD & LITTLE Yatesbury Nut Truffle of Longmel

Class 385 OB (10 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 2096 Mr M G & Mrs J I ARMSTRONG Lauralee Inspiration
2nd: 2106 Mrs P DALGETY Thundergay Lady Be Good
3rd: 2140 Mrs R A RAWSON New Spring Time Girl by Rosenket
Res: 2104 Mrs J CUNNINGHAM Ir Ch Sontag Soul Purpose for Celandine
VHC: 2130 Miss L McNAUGHTON Aust Ch Nicholyev Galadriel (Imp)



 The Smooth Haired Dachshunds followed on from the miniatures, and I was surprised by the size of some of the dogs who entered the ring. On the whole I have always enjoyed judging the breed but today I found some exhibits rather overweight with too much flesh over their shoulders. Particularly in the bitches, dull and thin coats with an overall lack of condition with flat or in some cases even splayed feet and long nails which obviously became more apparent when they were stood on the table. Because of this heaviness in some exhibits movement in a lot of cases was restricted and many of them were panting after just one circuit of the ring. I know the weather was hot, but we were under cover and I tried not to "over" move the dogs. I do think that relatively young stock should be able to do a triangle in a ring without looking as if they might keel over. I found one suspect bite. Having said that, I was very pleased with the principle winners. Both CC winners and the Reserve CC winners s and Best puppy were well made and moved freely round the ring inspite of the temperature and the fairly long grass.

PD (6) 1. Hunt’s D’Arisca Class Distinction at Carpaccio. This young dog headed a nice class. All had good heads good construction. I preferred the size of my winner here a chocolate dog with a lovely expression, good neck, front and keel. Very good feet and short nails. Good hindquarters, moved well retaining his outline. BP 2. McNaughton’s Cedavoch High Treason, another good moving youngster showing a lot of promise, larger overall but not the breadth of chest of the winner nice balance, good hindquarters though lower to ground did not have quite as free a movement. 3. Walkley’s Follycott Bar the Rest is Churchoak.

J (2) 1. Armstrong’s Lauralee Guard of Honour. Stood alone good black and tan, good head and eye, good neck and front, sufficient keel. Good ribbing going well back, feet could be tighter, little skittish on the move. Nice outline, retained his topline on the move, little close behind. PG No entries.

LD (6) 1. Marsden’s Brigadier Brock. Young red dog with a good head and eye, good neck,and feet. Tight in front, good ribbing and hindquarters. Liked this dog not a lot but he did not have quite the movement of my winners for the challenge. 2. Rawson’s Twyhill Forceful Freddy for Rosenket. Good chocolate male, Pleasing head and eye with a good front and feet, nice overall balance, ribbing goes well back. Not the strength of hind movement as my winner. 3. Jeffery’s Rosenket What a Wizard at Andax.

OD (9) My first 2 were two lovely red dogs, very difficult to choose between them.1. McNaughton’s Aust. Ch Nicholyev the Hobbit (Imp). This dog headed a strong class, I understand he arrived here in May. Good deep red, Lovely head, eye, neck and front, excellent feet with good strong short nails. Excellent ribbing going well back. Strong hindquarters which he used to best advantage in the challenge. Very well presented. Used himself in front so well going round the ring which gave him the class on the day CC ( his second I believe) and BOB. 2. Norton’s Matzell Mateus. Another lovely red dog shown in excellent hard condition. Pressed my winner hard. Good head and eye, lovely strong neck going into good shoulders. Plenty of keel, good feet and ribbing, strong on the move, lost out on maturity today, but a lovely youngster who I understand gained his crown at Houndshow, well done. Res CC. 3. Davies’ Ch Undeg Elenius.

MPB (4) 1. Hunt’s Carpacio Tanzanite. Nice black and tan youngster could have a stronger head, good keel for one so young. Could have tighter feet. Nice outline moved well presented in hard condition, good topline. 2. Davies Bonavoir Queen Bee. I actually preferred the head on this youngster, she too had a good construction and nice outline, but was rather erratic on the move. 3. Bethel Hampdach Calypso Girl.

PB (3) 1. McNaughton’s Cedavoch Integrity She headed a nice class of black and tan bitches. Beautiful head and front, excellent feet beautifully presented. She has a lovely neck and good shoulders, ribbing and topline. Good hindquarters, nice to go over. Best bitch puppy. 2. Furber’s Dorysa Dyddanwy. Same applied on many points, ribbing could go a little further back and not as strong on the move as my winner. 3. Bethel’s Hampdach Spellcaster.

JB (4) One of the best classes of the day. 1. Goad’s Rosanport Cracklin Rose. This young lady caught my eye as she entered the ring for her outstanding outline and lovely free movement. Very well constructed, black and tan in good coat condition. Very good neck and shoulders and excellent tight feet. Her ribbing going well back and she retains her topline on the move. Very strong hindquarters moves so true coming and going. CC. Should have a bright future. 2. Armstrong’s Lauralee Theme for a Dream. A lovely rich red bitch with a very good head, neck and eye, good shoulders, good ribbing and outline. Spoilt by rather flat feet. 3 Rawson’s Rosenket Beautiful Dreamer.

PGB (6) 1. Goad’s Meganhol Abracadabra black and tan with good construction throughout. Good head and neck, plenty of keel, not overweight. Good feet and ribbing going well back, good strong hindquarters which she uses very well. Moved well. 2. Rawson’s Rosenket a Star is Born. Nicely made bitch spoilt by carrying a bit too much weight on the day which spoilt her movement. . Lovely head and neck, good shoulders, feet could be tighter. Coat in good condition. 3. Norton’s Tendrow Mono Maid for Matzell.

LB (6) 1. Dalgety’s Thundergay At a Glance. My winner here has a lovely head, neck and keel. Good shoulders, feet and ribbing. Nice hindquarters. Liked her but she was not giving her all in the challenge, did not like the heat. 2. Davies' Spengretta Shooting Star. Another nicely constructed bitch with a good head. Plenty of keel and good ribbing, similar in outline as the first. Carrying too much weight and did not give her all on the move. Not as well angulated behind as my winner. 3. Rawson’s Rosenket Zcotch Mist.

OB (10) A lot to like about many of the bitches in this class, but some were carrying too much weight and this spoiled their outlines and movement. 1. Armstrong’s Lauralee Inspiration. This bitch won on her overall construction and best mover here on the day. She has a lovely head and plenty of neck. Good shoulders. Good outline and plenty of keel. Good ribbing and topline and excellent hind angulation. Feet OK. Out moved in the challenge. Res CC should have a bright future. 2. Dalgety’s Thundergay Lady be Good. Another well made bitch from this kennel, but carrying a little too much weight today and did not move as well as the winner. Nice head and eye and good shoulders and ribbing. Good outline but sluggish on the move. 3. Rawson’s New Spring Time Girl by Rosenket.

Vivien Phillips