Belfast 2004

Judge: J Aitken Johnston



 OD (3) 1 Bateís Ir Ch Batendach Rhinestone Cowboy. Excellent condition, strong head, good under jaw, reachy neck in well angulated shoulders, level top line, excellent front angulation, deep chest well ribbed back, good quarters, used on the move to show drive BOB; 2 Hallís Batendach Hitch-Hiker. Nicely balanced, good head and neck, good front angulation, in super condition, level top line, ribbed well back, good hind angulation, moved soundly keeping his top line RBD; 3 Bateís Ir/Int Ch Batendach Taylor Made.

OB (2). 1 Bateís Ir Ch Batendach Gemstone. Super b, lovely balanced outline in excellent condition, feminine head, good neck and shoulders, deep chest, good front angulation, level top line held on the move in sound condition BB.