Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

Judge: Mrs P H Sydney

Dog CC : 6988 Miss L McNAUGHTON Cedavoch High Treason
Res Dog CC : 6994 Miss M NORTON Ch Matzell Mateus
Bitch CC : 6954 Mr M G & Mrs J I ARMSTRONG Lauralee Theme For A Dream
Res Bitch CC : 6968 Mr R B DAVIES Bonavoir Queen Bee
Best Puppy : 6990 Miss L McNAUGHTON Cedavoch Aarwen
Best Veteran :
BEST OF BREED : 6954 Mr M G & Mrs J I ARMSTRONG Lauralee Theme For A Dream

Class 1186 MPD (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 6961 Mrs H M CHAMBERS Sontag Schocolatier

Class 1187 PD NO ENTRIES

Class 1188 JD (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 6971 Mrs V L FORTNAM Welcumen Ace High
2nd: 6980 Mrs B F JONES Adnerb's Mystification

Class 1189 PGD (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 6988 Miss L McNAUGHTON Cedavoch High Treason
2nd: 7003 Mrs R WOLAGE Matzell Moritz
3rd: 6973 Mrs P HEDGES Silandajo Hit The Jackpot
Res: 7001 Miss E J WALKLEY Follycott Bar The Rest by Churchoak
VHC: 6986 Mrs D MELBOURNE Sunhaze St John of Melriding

Class 1190 LD (7 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: 6987 Mr R & Mrs A McCARTHY Seatris Laced with Success
2nd: 6993 Mrs J A NORRIS Criscan Finagle
3rd: 6978 Mrs S & Mr J HUNT D'Arisca Class Distinction at Carpaccio JW

Class 1191 OD (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 6994 Miss M NORTON Ch Matzell Mateus
2nd: 6977 Mrs J HOSEGOOD Lauralee Tiger Woods T'soff at Hydax
3rd: 6989 Miss L McNAUGHTON Aust Ch & Ch Nicholyev the Hobbit (Imp)
Res: 6958 Mr A & Mrs K BETHEL Ch Hampdach Autumn Quest
VHC: 6995 Mrs R A PARRIS Hydanthe Sea Sharp

Class 1192 MPB (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 6990 Miss L McNAUGHTON Cedavoch Aarwen
2nd: 6960 Mesdames BURKE, S & MANSTON, R Bonavoir Griannan
3rd: 6963 Mrs E COOPER Sontag Tina Peaches

Class 1193 PB (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 6965 Mrs P DALGETY Thundergay Bohemienne

Class 1194 JB (6 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 6979 Mrs S & Mr J HUNT Carpaccio Tanzanite
2nd: 6976 Mesdames HINWOOD & LITTLE Longmel Double Truffle
3rd: 6998 Mrs M J P PUNTER Welcumen Kiss N' Tell
Res: 7002 Miss E J WALKLEY Churchoak Naughty Nun

Class 1195 PGB (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 6968 Mr R B DAVIES Bonavoir Queen Bee
2nd: 7000 Mrs M TURNER Marictur Miss Midnight
3rd: 6991 Miss L McNAUGHTON Cedavoch Integrity
Res: 6957 Miss C L BETHEL Hampdach Spellcaster
VHC: 6981 Miss R KERRY Kireton Betsy Belle

Class 1196 LB (6 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 6954 Mr M G & Mrs J I ARMSTRONG Lauralee Theme For A Dream
2nd: 6966 Mrs P DALGETY Thundergay At A Glance
3rd: 6972 Mr P M V & Mrs G E GOAD Rosanport Play Me
Res: 6996 Mrs R A PARRIS Rosenket a Sea Campion at Hydanthe
VHC: 6982 Mrs T & Miss R KERRY Rosanport September Morn at Kireton

Class 1197 OB (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 6967 Mrs P DALGETY Thundergay Lady Be Good
2nd: 6964 Mrs E COOPER Sontag Single Minded
3rd: 6955 Mr M G & Mrs J I ARMSTRONG Lauralee Inspiration
Res: 6992 Miss L McNAUGHTON Aust Ch & Ch Nicholyev Galadriel (Imp)

Class 1198B Brace NO ENTRIES




 Numerically a rather disappointing entry, but I had the honour of judging some first class Standard Smooths. My thanks to the committee and exhibitors for a very enjoyable day. My adverse comments were that too many were overdone, fronts not giving sufficient ground clearance and running away to unsubstantial rears. This means the lovely smooth curve of the keel is lost and the dogs are no longer balanced. I doubt some could go to ground!

MPD. (1). 1. Chamber’s, Sontag Schocolatier. Very much a baby and lots of room for improvement. Good length of ribbing. Promising for the future.

JD. (3). 1. Fortnam’s, Welcumen Ace High. Lacks smooth curve of keel. Good head flowing into correct backline. A neat, small black tan dog moving well. 2. Jones’s, Abenerb’s Mystification. Moved well with good thrust but lacks sweep of keel. Problem is rather short upper arm. Good head and dark eyes.

PGD. (5). 1. McNaughton’s, Cedavoch High Treason. Beautiful sound balanced choc with super coat. Exactly imy type of Dachshund. Reminded me strongly of Ch. Rhinefields Diplomat and my own Ch Y Big bang. Masculine head well carried on elegant neck. Super front not overdone and with good sweep of keel. Strong round quarters, rare these days. Correct backline and well carried tail. Movement very sound with good thrust. Good hard round feet. Lots of bone. A joy to go over. DCC. 2. Wolage’s, Matzell Moritz. Balanced red dog. Long, low and level with good length of ribbing and moving well. I liked him very much. 3. Hedges’, Silandajo Hit the Jackpot.

LD. (7). 1. McCarthy’s, Seatric Laced with Success. Plenty large enough but balanced and good length of ribbing. Correct outline and moved well. but down on pasterns. Excellent angulation fore and aft. An impressive eye catching dog. 2. Norris’s, Criscan Finagle. A beautiful dog I have judged before. I liked him then and my remarks on that occasion still stand. Balanced and elegant with lovely head. Moved soundly. 3. Hunt’s, D’Arisca Class Distinction at Carpaccio JW.

OD. (7). 1. Norton’s, Ch. Matzell Mateus. Red. Well balanced and super angulation. Everything correct both standing and on the move. Pleasing head, well carried on elegant neck flowing into correct backline. Strong round quarters. RDCC. 2. Hosegood’s, Lauralee Tiger Woods T’soff at Hydax. A super dog I have judged before and always admired. He has developed well and certainly deserves his recently earned crown. Plenty of bone and a picture to look at. A touch too much daylight underneath. 3. McNaughton’s, Aust Ch/Ch Nicholyey the Hobbit (Imp).

MPB. (3). 1. McNaughton’s, Cedavoch Aarwen. A stunning red baby who must have a great future. just trust she becomes less proud of her tail! Everything else just right and waiting for maturity, very self confident. Best Puppy. 2 Burke and Manston’s Bonavoir Griannan. Sound balanced chocolate baby who moved well. Self possessed and that should be an asset in the future. 3 Cooper’s Sontag Tina Peaches.

PB (2) 1 Dalgety’s Thundergay Bohemienne. Very promising puppy. Correct length and elegant neck. Plenty of bone, excellent feet. Nice head and showed well.

JB (6) 1 Hunt’s Carpaccio Tanzanite. Lovely black/tan, pleasing outline, neck and balanced throughout. Excellent ribbing, correctly low to the ground. A picture when set up but hind action needs to strengthen. 2 Hinwood and Little’s Longmel Double Truffle. Young black/tan girl with great promise. Excellent shoulders and hind angulation. No exaggeration, neat and well put together. Moved soundly, was a little milky which spoilt outline but a close decision between these two. 3 Punter’s Welcumen Kiss N Tell.

PGB (7) 1 Davies’ Bonavoir Queen Bee. Nice size and well constructed , balanced and showed well. Movement true with good thrust. I was very taken with this bitch, as sound as a bell! Res BCC. 2 Turner’s Marictur Miss Midnight. Another lovely exhibit but still needs to mature, when she does I do not doubt that she will end up at the top. Everything to like about her. 3 McNaughton’s Cedavoch Integrity.

LB (6) 1 Armstrong’s Lauralee Theme for a Dream. BCC and Best of Breed. My surprise of the day. I have seen this bitch before, but never realised how truly beautiful she is. She really took over the ring. Long, low and level and as close to the Standard as one could hope to get. Length matched by ribcage, strong quarters and correct backline. Feminine head carried on elegant neck. A picture standing and on the move. 2 Dalgety’s Thundergay At A Glance. Sound and balanced with great quality. Moved well and with thrust. Good bone, super hard round feet, but too much wrinkle on legs. PLeasing outline. 3 Goad’s Rosanport Play Me.

OB (4) 1 Dalgety’s Thundergay Lady Be Good. Sound with good bone and super outline. Could not fault her movement. Well developed front with sweeping curve of keel. Balanced with strong round quarters. Nothing exaggerated and close to the Standard. 2 Cooper’s Sontag Single Minded. I liked this exhibit very much. Balanced and sound with correct outline standing and looked good moving. Nice head, well carried. 3 Armstrong’s Lauralee Inspiration.

Pamela Sydney


 A most enjoyable exercise as usual. Some super exhibits around especially in bitches. Once again those Garthorne/D’arisca lines proved a great influence. My BOB and BP are half sisters and are stunning. Looking back through my notes in general hind action has improved. Many need to drop in front. I found more hind action has improved. Many need to drop in front. I found more wrinkle this time. Something I never noticed much before. The breed as a whole is typical and is in good shape. My DCC was so elegant and BOB just mouth watering. We had a large ring and boy these little people knew how to use it. Practically all were presented in super condition, handling was very good. Just one kinky tail in the whole entry. It was nice to see the good sportsmanship and so many young handlers. They are the breed’s future with some very promising puppies around the future looks good for the Mini Smooths. Good luck.

MPD. (3). 1. Melbourne’s, Melriding Post Hal Meliori. 9 months old b/t. Very promising baby. Full of quality and breed type. Beautifully balanced. Good head and eye. Long body. Totally in proportion. In profile keeps a lovely outline at all times. Very promising baby. 2. Barber’s, Melriding Meruisti. 8 months old b/t. Pleasing head and expression. Plenty of forechest. though needing to drop a touch. Taller than some but in proportion. Just needs to tighten all over. 3. Orton’s, Scalamor Scarlet Pimpernel.

PD. (8). 1. Baldwin’s, Lauralee one for the Road to Beckel. This 11 months old red really appealed. Typical throughout. Chunky and so well made. Super head and eye. Super bone and feet. Super body and so well made. Super head and eye. Sound in front, beautiful in profile. Will go far. BPD. 2. Punter’s, Welcumen Mr Cool. 10 months old red. Ran winner close. Just being a shade taller, though balanced throughout. Stunning head, good angles. So well presented. 3. Voaden’s, Berrycourt Hallrakr.

JD. (4). 1. Bursey’s, Berrycourt Joint Staement. Full of promise. 11 months old red. Long and level. Lovely angles throughout. Looking good on the move. Just needing to drop in front. So sound behind. Cast iron outline. Close up for BPD. 2. Melbourne’s, Inkel I’m Rupert of Melriding. A shade more compact and finer throughout. Good front, legs and feet. Super ribbing. Short loins. Super tail and carriage. Promising. 3. Pritchard’s, Tydurcwrt Moonfire. PGD. (2). 1. Mendes’s, Scharmein Khan. 18 months old b/t. Typical and full of life. Very good head, super bone and feet. Well proportioned body. Well angulated behind. So sound each way with great drive from behind. One with a future. 2. Pritchard’s, Tydurcwrt Moonfire. 12 months old red. Taller and more narrow than some. Good topline. Though cuts up in underline. Needs to fill out. Mature and more time.

LD. (5). 1. Blackburn’s, Baradachs Sanfa Cruz to Stargang. Really appealed to me. So elegant on the move. Proud head carriage and typical outline in profile. 18 months old b/t. So good to go over. Everything flows from tip of his nose to tip of his tail. He just oozes elegance. Presentation of the highest order. CC. His first. Now on the way to his many others. Good luck. 2. Callow’s, Garthorne Man in Black. Another stunning b/t. Feet to die for! Very litle seperated these two. Just not quite the elegance in profile of winner. Correct length to height ratios. So typical in all respects. RCC with pleasure. 3. Shutt’s, Donnacoon Prince’s Passion.

OD. (6). 1. Mendes’s, Ch. Scharmein Tajah. Really love this boy. Gave him RCC last time. His head is to die for, when moving in profile his back movement is an object lesson. Super angles. Very good outline standing and moving. The more he goes the more he relaxes and strides out more. Just not as tight in elbows on the day, but one I still much admire. 2. Punter’s, Ch. Welcumen Whiskey. 4 years old b/t. Super bone and feet. Plenty of forechest. Fits so well. Good ribbing with correct top and underlines. Another who moves out so well behind. Nice cariage on the move. Another I liked so much. 3. Coxon’s, D’arisca Super Natural.

MPB. (5). 1. Callow’s, Garthorne Leonie. What a gem! Daughter of BOB and you can tell. Her shoulders are a joy. Super head, dark almond eye. At just 6 months old this red has super bone and feet. So sound each way. Beautiful outline. Neat and balanced. A sure Champion. 2. Kead’s, Minimead Miss Teeq. A shade larger throughout but balanced. So good in profile. Super bone and feet. Well proportioned. Short loins, thick hammy quarters. Needing to drop and fill in front. Promising. 3. Reed’s, Deercroft Midnite Magnolia.

PB. (11)..1. Coxon’s, D’arisca Divine Design. Divine she is! Could not take my eyes off her. 10 months old s/r, so sound. Beautifully made and so full of quality. Typical of her breeding. She has it all to hit the big times and when she relaxes more and gives more drive she will just do that! RCC and BP with greatest of pleasure. Half suster to BCC and BOB. 2. Palin’s, Shembys Chocolet Joy for Sanmik. Full of type, 11 months old chocolate shade full in eye. Good shoulders and feet. Needs to fil out more in front. Long body. Moves out well in profile. 3. Shelton’s, Shemby Dark Chcolate.

JB. (7). 1. Ergis’s, Bronia Stunning Sophia for Siouxline. 17 months old s/r. Looks so good on the move. So well balanced and in proportion. Good head. Plenty of neck. Ample forechest. Ribbing extends well back. Short loins, thick hammy quarters. Drives out so well from behind. One with a future. 2. Voaden’s, Berrycourt Black Magic. 13 months old b/t. Full of breed type. More refined throughout. Very feminine. Soundly made both ends. Very elegant on the move. Lovely long neck. Very promising. 3. Shelton’s, Sarade Lady Tara.

PGB. (9). 1. Pearson’s, Shykiss Sweet Dreamer. 2 and a half years old s/d. Very well marked. Good head and eye. Long arched neck. Very good shoulders. Tight elbows, plenty of forechest. Good ribbing with correct top and underline. Short loins. Tail well set and carried. Very sound coming and going. Really opens her gait in profile. Shown to perfection and in such hard condition. 2. MacDonald’s, D’arisca Shameless at Bensarka. 19 months old b/t. Really appealed. Shade round in eye. Neatly made throughout. Very good bone and feet. Well made body and proportions. Looking typical in profile. Presented in good order. 3. Lewis’s, Bardachs Santana.

LB. (7). 1. Callow’s, Garthorne Lady in Black. 22 months old b/t. So smart and typical. Full of breed type and elegance. Copy book shoulders. Well filled front all fitting nicely. Cast iron topline. Super tight feet. Neatly made rear. Sound enough coming and going. Projecting herself so well in profile. One with a good future. 2. Widdop’s, Jondac Golden Dream. Close up. 2 years old red. So soundly made. Good head, super forechest. Ample bone. Would prefer less wrinkle on feet. Spledid body and proportions. Ultra sound coming and going. Keeping her outline so well in profile. One that will get there. 3. Hartley’s, Special Edition.

OB. (10). Such a delight to judge. 1. Callow’s, Garthorne Highlight. My star, I just loved this 3 years old c/red. She is so hard to fault and she put on a polished performance. Her head and almond eye is exceptional. Everything just flows into place. Her proportions are so neat and accurate. In hard condition. Handled so well. Looked really good in the Group. I was so proud of her! She is a star and typical Dachshund. CC her third and BOB. 2. Hunt’s, Carpaccio Shopaholic JW. Another stunning bitch. 2 years old b/t. I really liked her. Good head, plenty of neck. Plenty of front. Super bone. Good shoulders though just not as clean as winner. Excellent body proportions. Nicely made behind. Sound and stylish. In hard nick and beautifully presented. 3. Metcalfe’s, Bronia Saucy Sara at Metadale.

D Roberts