Dachshund Club 2005

Judge: Di Moate


I was greatly honoured to receive the invitation to judge Smooths, & I thank the committee for that invitation, also my stewards Mesdames Mortlock & Sutton who quietly & efficiently kept the pace right, but most of all of course, I thank the exhibitors for their entry & their sporting acceptance of the results. Regarding the dogs, I had been led to believe that the whole breed was awash with bad temperaments. Not so. There were 4 dogs a little uneasy & shied away, but certainly not enough to be overly concerned & I say well done to the breeders who are tackling the problem front on. A few wry mouths in the incisor dept. must be watched. Toplines are a delight as are most underlines. Balance is thrown into the spotlight when one sees exhibits with massive prosternums & huge front assembly’s fading off to a weak lightweight back end, in some cases unable to drive the front weight along. Results are poor hind movement. I was always encouraged to look for “balance” & I think it was there in my winners. PD (4). 1 Oxleys Lauralee The Real Thing At Owlery. 10 mth old black & tan. Still a bit immature but the best mover in the class. Gd profile. Promising; 2 Tite & Eales Lauralee Roll Of Honour. A red d, again a lovely shape, level on stand & move. Similar type to 1 handsome head, not the movement of first; 3 Burke & Manston’s Marswick Monte Carlo From Bonavoir. J (3). 1 Cooper’s Santag Simon Le Bone. Rather unsettled to start with, but this lovely b/t settled & allowed me to see his lovely front assembly, head, bone & topline to advantage. Moved v well with strength & drive; 2 Goad’s Rosanport The Illusionist. B/t v similar in type to 1 but movement needs to settle & tighten. PG (3). 1 Sontag Simon Le Bone; 2 Hey’s Quiske Notable Exception. B/t nice quality d. rather proud of his tail, not quite the prosternum of 1, pleasing head. L (5). 1 Stanton’s Hampdach Hot Topic. RCC. Red with a quality, intelligent head & expression. he moves well with drive & holds his outline with a gd topline. Correct shoulder placement & impressive quarters; 2 Lusk’s Cedavoch Celebdil. V showy little d who was a bit unsettled on the day which was a shame, as I liked a lot about him; 3 Lauralee Lloyd George. O (8). 1 CC. Ch/Aus Ch. Nicholyev The Hobbit (imp). V imposing red. A noble d in show condition. Well handled, excellent shoulders. Great hind quarters used with ease & strength; 2 Hunt’s Ch D Arisca Class Distinction At Carpaccio. A well presented quality chocolate d with a strong prosternum & front assembly, level topline. Not quite the movement of the first; 3 McCarthy’s Seatris Laced With Success. V (4). I love the ‘oldies’ & was devastated to have forgotten sausages, which they obviously expected. However all were in gd condition & I hope they have forgiven me. 1 Turner’s Ch Marictur Marnie. A 9 yr b, who apart from a bit of white muzzle, teeth in gd order, & looks in great nick. She showed her socks off. Smaller type, a v feminine sound; 2 Norton’s Ch Matzell Majestic. Another 9 yr old this time a d, & no mistaking that. Masculine, sound & a great credit to the owners who obviously know their stock; 3 Hosegood’s Lauralee Welsh Guard At Hydax. This 8 yr loved his day out, balanced sound for his age, teeth in great order. MPB (2). Mitchell & Magrath’s Dubreys Dora The Explora. BPIB. A balanced b of quality. She looked lovely standing & was a treat to go over. Not a lot wrong anywhere. What I really appreciated was the lovely temperament. Moved with joy & soundness. Well done. P (1). Armstrong’s Lauralee Single Girl. B/t pretty head, elegant neck, correct shoulders level, & promising. Needs to learn a bit of ringcraft, but age is on her side. J (4). 1 Norton’s Matzell Melua. B/t of imposing outline, lovely forechest & gd quarters. The appearance was enhanced when I requested the head is allowed to be pulled forward as opposed to up then her quality & elegant line was there to see. Most promising; 2 Rawson & Walkley’s Churchoak Chit Chat With Rosenket. A sweet, smaller b/t type that is well boned, level & well angulated. Fair movement. PG (7). 1 Rawson & Walkley’s Churchoak Hot Gossip About Rosenket. A beautiful choc/tan b, which is a colour which is difficult to maintain in sunny weather. She is what I call an honest d with no exaggerations. Gd size, & sound; 2 Cooper’s Sontag Tina Peaches. Great showmanship, going around the ring with that elusive presence we all want. Not quite the turn of stifle I prefer, but she pleased me. L (8). 1 CC & BOB. Rawsons Rosenket Enchanted Evening. Here was my star of the day. what a pleasing b she is in every department. She is my ideal size, & has the sweetest of heads, v gd shoulders, her front assembly leaves plenty of heart/lung space, level topline held on the stand & move. Her movement was the best here today, & she did so with drive, strength & accuracy. I understand this is her all important 3rd CC well done; 2 Hunt’s Capaccio Tanzanite. A lovely quality b unlucky meeting no1 today a close decision, & just the extra zing in the movement did it for me; 3 Armstrong Lauralee Under Milkwood. O (4). 1 Turner’s Ch. Marictur Miss Midnight. A v balanced well angulated b of high quality who moved extremely well. Fabulous head, & gd feet. A close decision for the top spots; 2 Bethel’s Hampdach Spellcaster. Much to like about this b, & she looked gd standing, but movement let her down today.

Di Moate