Dachshund Club of Wales 2005

Judge: Pat Rees

Smooth Haired

I was sorry that your expected judge was ill today, I hope she soon recovered. Thank you for accepting my decision and allowing me to go over some v nice smths and mini smths today.

 PD 1 Goads’ Rosanport The Illusionist, good head and eye, well developed front, correct front and rear angulation which enabled good movement, a happy temperament. JD 1 Goads’ Rosanport three Card Trick, littler brother to pd more mature with fuller front, correct head, eye and bite, good length of neck, correct shoulder placement, well ribbed, kept his level top line on the move, moved with drive, RBD, BPD. OD 1 Hunts’ Ch D’Arisca Class Distinction At Carpaccio, well proportioned choc with well filled front, good head, strong jaws, well off for bone, tight feet, good length of ribbing, strong quarters, moved with drive, BP, BOS. PB 1 Smallpages’ Tendrow Star Sapphire Over Merumist, correct head and dk eye, well developed prosternum, well ribbed, a little unsure on the table, but moved true, BBP. JB 1 Burke/Manstens’ Bonavoir Griannon, choc with correct head, good front construction, well laid shoulder, firm level top line, well angulated hind quarters, moved true; 2 Furbers’ Dorysa Rioja, preferred head and front of 1, kept her level top line standing and on the move; 3 Passeys’ Dorysa Moondust Over Cagebrook. LB 1 Hunts’ Carpaccio Taazamite JW, b/t lovely head and eye, reachy neck, good length of ribbing, well laid shoulder and correct quarters, kept a level top line at all times, RBB; 2 Goads’ Rosanport Play Me, another b/t with pleasing fem head and expression, firm, level top line, well constructed all through, just preferred hind movement of 1; 3 Furbers’ Dorysa Dyddanwy. OB 1 Ch Rafthouse Read My Lips, balanced b/t correct head, dk oval eye, long, elegant neck, good front with correct shoulder placement, moved with drive, kept her top line at all times, BB, BOB.