Lancashire and Cheshire Dachshund  2005

Judge: Clare Bethel


Championship show: I would like to thank the exhibitors for their entries and the pleasure of their quality dogs. I would like to thank my steward and the committee for inviting me to judge. I have had a lovely day, some excellent quality dogs to go over, again some suspect mouths and flat feet. Shoulders are getting better but there is always room for improvement on the breed. Some of the dogs were not suited to the floor which I thought was slippery, performance and movement may have been different outdoors. PD (1) 1 Oxley’s Lauralee The Real Thing At Owlery, B&T 11mth old, very nice dog to go over still needs to tighten in and build up muscle tone. Lovely strong masculine head, correct shaped eyes, lovely reach of neck flowing into correctly laid shoulders, oval shaped front, gd depth of keel, ribbing carried back , nice tight feet, gd hind quarters extended well on the move, nicely balanced throughout, once finished maturing should have a great future. BPD BPIB. Lovely to see him get BPIS. JD (3) 1 Cooper’s Sontag Simon Le Bone, B&T 14mth old, and again another nice dog to handle. Gd head and correct almond shaped eyes, gd reach of neck flowing into correctly laid shoulders, full oval front, depth of keel and ribbing carried well back, nicely let down over the croup and gd hind action, well balanced dog, nice tight feet, preferred this to 2nd on movement and maturity, with more confidence should do well. BD BOB. 2 Cotton’s Bonavoir More Than, B&T 14mth another nice dog to go over, nice head and eyes, reach of neck, bit short in upper arm in the shoulders, gd depth of keel, well sprung ribbing I’d like more to hind angulations. Still a nice dog to go over. 3 Blair & Dent’s Sontag Toulouse Le Plot. PG (1) 1 Dent’s Lauralee Dylan Thomas Von Dachstein, B&T 18mth old, quite a happy little fellow, nice head and eyes, lovely reach of neck, reasonable shoulder lay, ribbing carried back, slightly straight in the hind quarters, moved and showed well. L (1) 1 Melbourne’s Sunhaze St John Of Melriding, Nice red dog, 2yrs old, strong masculine head, correct almond shaped eyes, I would like slightly more reach of neck, although a little less weight as he looked loaded around his front. Full front but with the extra weight made him look too wide in front when moving towards you. Gd depth of keel with ribbing carried well back, Gd strong hindquarters. Moved with style and attitude round the ring. He needs roadwork for his feet were down on pasterns. O (4-2) 1 Hunt’s CH D’arisca Class Distinction at Carpaccio, Choc & Tan. Gd head and correct shaped eyes with good dark pigment, gd reach of neck and full oval front, well laid shoulders, ribbing carried back, short in loin and light at the rear would like more turn of stifle and hammy hind quarters, nice tight feet, balanced when stood moved well. RBD. 2 Melbourne’s Sunhaze St John of Melriding. Winner of previous class, if carried less weight and had roadwork would of given winner run for his money. PB (1) 1 Dunseith’s Dubrey’s Pride of Our Alley, a very sloppy immature red, handler needs to get to grips with. Really nice classy puppy, all she needs to do is to tighten in and firm up muscle tone. When stood is very nice, nice head and eyes, lovely reach of neck, gd front and ribbing carried back, gd hind angulations. Moved with drive. BPB. Preferred the puppy dog on maturity. RBP. L (3-2) 1 Trafford’s Dabrenhoff Sally Ann, B&T 2yrs old, nice bitch, gd head and correct shaped eyes, reach of neck, front construction gd, well sprung ribbing, needed more in hind angulations, lost topline on the move. Showed well. O (5-3) 1 Hunt’s Carpaccio Tanzanite. jw, B&T nice head correct shaped eyes, lovely reach of neck, gd front construction, well laid shoulders, depth of keel, well sprung ribbing, gd hind quarters, moved with drive and extension. BB RBOB. 2 Turner’s CH Marictur Miss Midnight, B&T again another nice bitch, smaller frame to 1st. Nice feminine head correct shaped eyes, lovely reach of neck, correct shoulders, oval front, ribbing carried well back, lighter than 1st on hind quarters, moved with drive. RBB.