Midland Dachshund Club  2005

Judge: Dagmar Kenis Pordham

Smooth Haired

 I would first like to say how much I enjoyed judging this breed, not only at the time, but especially so in hindsight. This very variety of Dachshund is what I grew up with, as a girl, and how I was introduced to the dog game. In Sweden, of course, the Dachshund was rather different, in size and in over all proportions. A combination of not quite so deep a chest (while still capacious!) and slightly longer legs made for a different look and perhaps a more lithe and athletic hound, more suited to work underground. My years in England have made me appreciate, and now prefer, the overall proportions of the Dachshund in the UK; but I still react to exaggerations in breastbone/forechest and depth of chest. I also remember the Swedish Dachshunds standing up better and stronger on their hindquarters; and overly long loins were not common. But most of all what brought the years back was that very special expression that the Smooth Dachshunds have; a combination of dare-devil, affection and loyalty. MPD (2,1). 1 & Best Puppy Hunt’s Carpaccio Black Sabbath. Most promising b/t dog puppy; very well finished for his six months. Lovely outline and very well balanced. Lovely head, nice expression. Stands true on his front, which is well-angulated, excellent firm topline, very nice over the croup and tailset. Wide hindquarters, moves very well and true coming and going; smooth and free side action. Really a most promising baby. PD (4,1). 1 Eales & Tite’s Lauralee Roll of Honour via Rijobeau. Strongly built red dog who scored on his excellent forequarters, nice forechest. and he is clean over the front and elbows. Masculine head and neck; excellent firm topline, wide and strong hindquarters, standing well up on them. Moved out very freely and actively. 2 Lauralee The Real Thing at Owlery. B/t dog of very nice type and outline. Nice head and neck, rather more forward set shoulder, very prominent breastbone, well-set back upper arm, nice and clean over the elbows. Good topline, not as firm over the loin, nice wide hindquarters. Very free and reaching side action. 3 Welcumen Kiss Me Quick. JD (2). 1 Cooper’s Sontag Simon Le Bone. Beautiful young dog of lovely type who would have challenged for top placings but is at that teenage "uncertain-about- the world" stage. Beautiful head of lovely planes, well carried ears. Good neck, well angulated forehand, proper forechest. Good capacious chest. As a Scandinavian, with a more Continental way of looking at the Dachshund, I like his length of leg; it gives him very good ground clearance. Firm backline ,rather more soft over the loin nicely angulated wide hindquarters with nicely set croup and tailset. Very true moving coming and going, strong free striding side action. A most promising young dog who now just has to grow up in his mind. 2 Bonavoir More Than. I see a half brother through their sire, this b/t dog shared many of his attributes. Very nice head, good neck, nicely angulated forehand rather more prominent forechest, good depth of chest while retaining very nice length. Would like to see a more deeply padded front feet. Very good wide hindquarters. Moved freely. PGD (4,1). 1 & res. CC Goad’s Rosanport The Illusionist. Very well balanced b/t dog, well matured for 19 months. Very nice masculine head good neck, nicely angulated front, very good forechest, not exaggerated; excellent capacious chest without losing length of leg; nicely padded feet. Good backline, somewhat soft over the loin, wide croup and hindquarters. Very cheerful and free mover and must not bring his tail any higher. Strong purposeful mover. Love his outgoing Dachshund character. 2 Gameron Rubeus Hagrid. Mature dog of rather more elegant type; and a very attractive outline. Nice long head, more rounded over the skull; good neck, well-angulated forehand, rather more prominent forechest. Excellent depth of body, without losing length of leg. Would like to see a more deeply padded front feet. Good firm topline, not the width or strength of hindquarters compared to the winner. Free mover. 3 Matzell Milord. LD (4,1). 1 Stanton’s Hampdach Hot Topic. Strongly made red dog, very well balanced in quarters and with a very nice outline. Lovely head and expression, well set ears. Good neck, well angulated forehand with proper forechest and stands clean over his elbows. Deep capacious chest, firm over the topline, wide croup with fairly high tail set but carries it well on the move. Stands up well on his rear quarters. Very strong free mover. 2 Matzell Moritz, very attractive red dog of proper size. Rather old-fashioned head with a very typical Dachs expression; but could be stronger in muzzle and his ears are rather deep set. Nice and clean over the neck and front which is nicely angulated, prominent forechest. Firm topline broad croup, hindquarters of medium angulation, excellent tailset. Good mover. 3 Rosenket What a Wizard at Andax. OD (6,2). 1 CC Norton’s Ch. Matzell Mateus. Mature red dog of wonderful type and outline, so well balanced overall. Lovely head with calm sensible expression, lovely length of neck set well into very nicely angulated forehand; prominent forechest, not overdone, and ribbing carrying on well through the chest to make for a lovely underline. Stands true on properly boned legs and feet. Could have more depth of pad on forefeet. Well-muscled, firm topline and loin, wide croup, excellent tailset. Really good and true rear action; free active and smooth side action. Lovely dog! 2 Ch. Lauralee Tiger Woods t’s off at Hydach. five year old b/t dog of beautiful type. Beautiful head, lovely expression. Excellent reach of neck, very well angulated forehand, for me somewhat exaggerated forechest; good and clean over the elbows. Firm topline, nicely angulated hindquarters. Although he moved well and freely I felt he was not quite in balance with himself. A really stylish dog. 3 Seatris Laced with success. MPB (2). 1 Eales & Tite’s Rijobeau Read to Rumble. Six month old b/t baby, well presented. Very nice head, good neck and front, very deep chest for her age; stands true on her front. Firm topline nice wide croup and very well angulated hindquarters, almost too much as she appears sicklehocked. Very free side action. 2 Rijobeau Ready to Rumble. another nice b/t puppy, in a smaller mould and at present in an in-between age,not quite in balance in that her front quarter is more angulated than her rear, short from stifle to hock, and looks high on the hock as a result. Nice head, clean over the front and elbows. Reasonably firm over the topline. Free mover. PB (2). 1 Dunseith’s Dubrey’s Pride of our Alley. Ten month old red bitch, initially a bit reluctant to be handled, but she is at that age of uncertainty. Fairly strong in build, but of very nice outline and type. Very nice head, good neck and well angulated forehand, proper forechest and deep in chest for her age. Firm topline, lovely wide croup and strong nicely angulated hindquarters. Very happy active mover. 2 Dubrey’s Dora the Explora, red litter sister to winner, but rather different in proportions. Sweet feminine head, but would like to see more strength of muzzle; nicely angulated forehand rather prominent forechest, ribbing well carried through to give her a better underline than winner. Firm topline, but rather less angulation of hindquarters. Moved well, but without the verve and freedom of winner. JB (4,2). 1 Graham’s Batendachs Sensation at Gameron. Elegant b/t bitch only just out of puppy. Sweet head and expression, rather thin neck still, nicely angulated front, with proper forechest. Still needs to deepen somewhat in chest. Stands good and true in front, well padded feet, well muscled and firm over the topline; very good croup and tailset; wide hindquarters and moved so well here. free active movement. I feel she will mature into a beautiful bitch! 2. Churchoak Chit Chat with Rosenket. This b/t bitch is also just out of puppy; at a disadvantage today as she is in a false pregnancy and so carrying too much weight. Very pleasing in head, good leathers good neck, well angulated forehand, very pronounced forechest. Very deep body, so looks low on the leg. Good and firm over the topline, very nice croup and hindquarters. Not the strength of hind action of winner. Free side action. PGB (12,4). 1 & res. CC Rawson & Walkley’s Churchoak Hot Gossip about Rosenket. What a perfectly beautiful baby, just 13 months old. I just love her for overall proportions. Sweet feminine head, excellent neck and forehand; well angulated with proper forechest. Stands good and true on well padded feet. Just right for depth of body, ribbing well carried through. Strong and wide over croup and hindquarters. Lovely mover as seen from any angle. 2 Roleta Indulgence. Another chocolate/tan youngster, just out of junior. Another of beautiful type, and with a lovely outline. Nice long head, good neck, very well angulated forehand, rather prominent forechest. Strong and firm over the topline, good croup but not the strength of hindquarters of winner. Very nice side movement. 3 Roleta Return to sender Welcumen. LB (7,2). 1 CC and Best of Breed. Davies’ Spengretta Shooting Star. Four year old b/t bitch of lovely type and quality; for me her proportions are so right overall. Lovely head, smooth neck set ; nicely angulated forehand with proper forechest; nice capacious chest, without losing length of leg, nicely padded feet. Strong, firm topline, lovely wide croup and strong hindquarters. Stands well up on hindquarters Moves freely and with drive from the rear. I was told later that her dam is my CC wining males litter sister, so no wonder they were alike in type and outline. 2 Rosenket Diamonds are Forever. Another lovely b/t bitch, built on rather longer lines. Lovely head, very good neck set a bit more upright. Excellent well angulated forehand, prominent forechest, deep chest, while retaining length of leg. Very good firm topline, somewhat more flat over the croup, nice strong hindquarters, of more medium angulation. Very good mover. 3 Carpaccio Tanzanite. OB. 1 Turner’s Ch. Marictur Miss Midnight. Lovely b/t bitch. a real show girl, of lovely size and outline. Sweet head, good neck and forehand, well angulated, and with a very deep chest. Firm over the topline, rather flat over the croup with hindquarters of medium angulation. Free mover. 2 Rosanport Cracklin Rosie. Nice b/t bitch of no exaggerations. Nice head, good neck, stands true on her front, which is nicely angulated. Very deep in body, firm topline, hindquarters of more medium angulation. Free active mover. 3 Laurtom First Edition from Sunhaze. Feel I must mention that this bitch was unfortunately favouring a leg or she would have challenged strongly for top placings.

Dagmar Kenis Pordham