Northern Dachshund  2005

Judge : A P Pearson

Smooth Haired

Championship Show: A nice entry that I enjoyed judging. All were presented in beautiful condition, a few were nervous on the table, and I found a few of the exhibits with level bites. Movement was good both true and parallel, with good extension when viewed in profile. Fronts were prominent, shoulders well placed, however there were a few with short upper arms, also a few with excessive wrinkle MPD (2,1) 11 Armstrong’s Lauralee Hot Chocolate larger young dog very well matured, good head, neck and shoulders, well ribbed, good quarters, moved with drive. B.P. PD. 3 (1abs) 1 Coopers Sontag Simon Le Bone Nicely made b/t good head, neck and shoulders, moved freely. Just a tad apprehensive on the table. 2 Dallinsons Sunhaze Shkavananshka smart young dog, good head and shoulders, moved well, but not so good as 1 in ribbing. JD. (5,1) 1 Turners Rosanport Out of the Hat Well constructed young dog. Nice head and eye, graceful neck running into the best of shoulders, prominent front, well ribbed, correct quarters, strode out freely R.C.C. 2 Goads Rosanport The Illusionist Another nice young dog but not so settled on the table. 3 Armstrong’s Lauralee Lloyd George. YD. (1) 1 Dents Lauralee Dillon Thomas von Dachstein Nice head and neck would like longer ribbing, moved well PGD (4,1) 1 Stantons Hampdach Hot Topic good head, neck and shoulders ribbing adequate, moved well 2 Armstrong’s Sunhaze Solvachov Nice head and neck, but shoulders not as well placed as 1 3 Dents Phaeland Szar Dachstein LD (6,3) 1 Melbournes Sunhaze St John of Melriding Good headed dog, correct shoulders and well filled front, nice length, well ribbed, moved freely. 2 Mc Carthys Seatris Laced with Success same remarks as 1, though did not move as freely. 3 Jeffrey’s Rosenket What a Wizard at Andax OD (5,1) 1Mc Naughtons CH/Aust CH Nicholyev the Hobbit Liked this dog for his overall balance, very pleasing shape, everything fitted together giving a very pleasing overall picture. Strode out with verve as one would expect with this constuction. C.C. 2 Nortons Ch Matzell Mateus another nice dog to go over, good in head, neck. Shoulders and ribbing, 3 Hunts Ch D’Arisca Class Distiction at Carpaccio MPB (5,1) 1 Rawsons Churchoak Chit Chat with Rosanket Lovely puppy who has all the attributes one looks for. Good head, shoulders and ribbing, moved well, just has to mature. 2 Dalgetys Thundergay Surely Charmed Much the same comments apply, just a little higher off the ground than 1 3 Armstrongs Lauralee Single Girl PB. (3,1) Dalgetys Thundergay Beguiled Again Nice head and neck, correct shoulders, good ribbing and length, moved well 2 Rawsons Churchoak Hot Gossip about Rosanket Much the same comments apply , but not the substance of 1 and a bit apprehensive on the table 3 Dallinsons Hampdach Illusion in Black JB (10,1) 1 Nortons Matzell Melua Good head and eye, long neck running into good shoulders, long ribbed, nice length, moved well. 2 Rawsons Rosanket Enchanted Evening Another nice bitch from this kennel has all the attributes but I just preferred the outline of the winner in this class 3 Coopers Sontag Teena Peaches YB (4,1) 1 McNaughtons Cedavoch Aarwen I see this bitch was sired by the C.C. winner and certainly has the look of him. Good head, front and shoulders, well ribbed 2 Hingwood and Littles Longmel Double Truffle Different type to 1, not so good in shoulders, nor as steady in movement. 3 Traffords Dabrenhof Sally Ann PGB (5,1) 1 Lockett- Walters Geolyn Rachels Choice with Ralines Good head, neck and shoulders, well muscled and moved with drive 2 Gibbs and Lovick-Gibbs Roleta The Name of the Game Another nice bitch, pleasing in outline, moved well 3 Dalgetyus Thundergay Bohemienne LB (6,2) 1 Kerrys Rosanport September Morn at Kireton Larger bitch but everything in place moved freely 2 Bethels Hampdach Spellcasterhead Good neck and shoulders well ribbed not quite the outline of 1 but moved well 3 Rawsons Laurtom First Edition from Sunhaze OB (9) 1 Dalgetys Ch Thundergay Lady be Good What a beautiful bitch, one I judged as a youngster and liked. It was particularly pleasing to see she has fulfilled her potential. From her beautiful head, grceful neck running into well placed shoulders, lovely ribbing and good strong quarters which she used to good effect to drive her round the ring, she filled my eye and I had no hesitation in awardig her the C,C and B.O.B 2 Turners CH Rafthouse Read my Lips Another lovely bitch unlucky to meet 1 in such good form on the day, a very worthy CH. R.C.C 3 Rawsons Rosanket Beautiful Dreamer

A P Pearson