Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

Judge: Mr Graham Hill (Dimland)

Dog CC : 3737 Mr M G & Mrs J I ARMSTRONG Lauralee Lloyd George
Res Dog CC : 3748 Mrs S & Mr J HUNT Ch D'Arisca Class Distinction at Carpaccio JW
Bitch CC : 3739 Mr M G & Mrs J I ARMSTRONG Lauralee Under Milk Wood
Res Bitch CC : 3749 Mrs S & Mr J HUNT Carpaccio Tanzanite JW
Best Puppy : 3763 Mrs M J P PUNTER Welcumen Kiss Me Quick
Best Veteran :
BEST OF BREED : 3739 Mr M G & Mrs J I ARMSTRONG Lauralee Under Milk Wood

Class 643 PD (6 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 3763 Mrs M J P PUNTER Welcumen Kiss Me Quick
2nd: 3741 Messrs EALES & TITE Lauralee Roll of Honour
3rd: 3762 Mrs Y & Mr J P OXLEY Lauralee The Real Thing At Owlery
Res: 3742 Mrs V L FORTNAM Welcumen Second Chance
VHC: 3745 Mrs P HEDGES Silandajo The Only One

Class 644 JD (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 3754 Mr A W MARSH Marshwick Moonlight Shadow
2nd: 3747 Mrs P HEDGES Silandajo Just For You
3rd: 3742 Mrs V L FORTNAM Welcumen Second Chance

Class 645 PGD (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 3740 Miss J CAWLEY, Mr D & KING Rigusa Seven of Nine for Summerview

Class 646 LD (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 3737 Mr M G & Mrs J I ARMSTRONG Lauralee Lloyd George

Class 647 OD (5 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 3748 Mrs S & Mr J HUNT Ch D'Arisca Class Distinction at Carpaccio JW
2nd: 3758 Mr R & Mrs A McCARTHY Seatris Laced with Success
3rd: 3769 Miss B E SPOONER Penroso Barnaby Rudge

Class 648 PB (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 3738 Mr M G & Mrs J I ARMSTRONG Lauralee Single Girl
2nd: 3743 Mr R S & Mrs M W GRAHAM Batendach Sensation at Gameron
3rd: 3746 Mrs P HEDGES Silandajo Love Over Gold
Res: 3751 Mrs M LEE Batendach Chapter and Verse
VHC: 3757 Mr C MITCHELL, Mrs J & MAGRATH Dubry's Dora the Explorer

Class 649 JB (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 3767 Miss E J RAWSON, Mrs R & WALKLEY Churchoak Chit Chat with Rosenket
2nd: 3755 Mr A W MARSH Marshwick Midnite Star
3rd: 3756 Mrs W MARSHALL Lady Night Warrior

Class 650 PGB (4 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 3768 Miss E J RAWSON, Mrs R & WALKLEY Churchoak Hot Gossip About Rosenket

Class 651 LB (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 3739 Mr M G & Mrs J I ARMSTRONG Lauralee Under Milk Wood
2nd: 3749 Mrs S & Mr J HUNT Carpaccio Tanzanite JW
3rd: 3766 Mrs R A RAWSON Rosenket Enchanted Evening
Res: 3750 Mrs V D JESSE Rill Favourite

Class 652 OB (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 3765 Mrs R A RAWSON Laurtom First Edition from Sunhaze



I enjoyed my day and was impressed with some of the quality exhibits on show on the day. Thank you to all exhibitors for their support and sporting acceptance of my decisions.

PD. (6). 1. Punter’s, Welcumen Kiss me Quick. 9 months old. Super sporty type of the make and shape I like. Attractive head and expression. Nice dark eye. Lovely graceful neck lines. True front, sound feet. Broad well angulated hindquarters of good width. Moved out well and free. Needs to settle to give his best. Better in challenge for BPB and therefore won over the bitch. 2. Eales and Tite’s, Lauralee Roll of Honour. 10 months old r male well grown. Very typy in head, lovely shape. Good shape and ear set. Preferred the cleaner neck lines of winner. Well constructed front and forequarters. Well bodied, length and depth. Good width of loin. Well let down hindquarters. Moved a little close behind but good extension in front. 3. Oxley’s, Lauralee the Real Thing at Owlery.

JD. (4). 1. Marsh’s, Marshwick Moonlight Shadow. 16 months old masculine b/t. Pleasing head shape, ears and expression. Good length of lines of neck. True front but would like more pronounced profile and topline and he was the best mover of the class. 2. Hedges’, Silandajo Just for You. Nealry 18 months old. Mature masculine b.t. Another with a masculine but typy head and expression. Well made front and forequarters, but does not have the overall length of ribbing of winner. Good overall profile showing good angulation front and rear. Moved out well in side gait but unsettled coming and going. 3. Fortnam’s, Welcumen Second Chance.

PGD. (1). 1. Cawley and King’s, Rigusa Seven of Nine for Summerview. Mature chocolate male rising 2 years old with a happy outlook. Well constructed. Pleasing head shape and expression. Sound true front on good feet, body of length, substance and depth with ribs well sprung. Pleasing topline, full broad and well angulated hindquarters. Moved out with enthusiasm and enjoyment.

LD. (2). 1. Armstrong’s, Lauralee Lloyd George. Quality young male at 19 months. Long, low and superbly put together. Impressive profile of balance, correct angles fore and aft. Classic head shape complimented with good shaped well set ears. Flowing lines, neck to body. Body of good length and well muscled. Well ribbed back with good spring and depth. Pleasing topline and underline. Sound front and rear. Moved out so well with extension and purpose and width. My CC winner.

OD. (5). 1. Hunt’s, Ch. D’Arisca Class Distinction at Carpaccio JW. Mature quality male having all the breed characteristics. Superbly put together in front assembly. Great length and depth of body. Typical head and profile and topline. Although just preferred character and head and overall profile of my CC winner, I was pleased to have two such quality males contesting top spot. Moved out true coming and going but not the enthusiasm of CC winner. Close RCC winner. 2. McCarthy’s, Seatris Laced with Success. Mature 3 and a half years old b/t. Heavier make all through than winner. Strong head lines. Strong neck of good length. Plenty of forechest, depth and spring. Heavy body substance. Plenty of length overall. Good angulation but close behind. Moved ok but lacked life and go. 3. Spooner’s, Penroso Barnaby Rudge.

PB. (5). 1. Armstrong’s, Lauralee Single Girl. Well made b.t very mature 11 months old. Super head and expression. True front of good width and pronounced forechest. Lovely flowing clean lines. Long muscular body. Good topline. Good hindquarter, angles and width. Really moved out well and true. Lovely type, make and shape. 2. Graham’s, Batendack Sensatio at Gameron. Another quality 11 months old typy bitch puppy having an impressive profile. Super head shape. Typy but feminine, lovely expression. Well constructed forequarters and front assembly. Well made body. Good body and strong. Broad well let down hindquarters. Preferred overall balanced and movement of winner. Needs to settle on the move. 3. Hedges’, Silandajo Love over Gold.

JB. (4). 1. Rawson and Walkley’s, Churckoak Chit Chat with Rosenket. 13 months old. Lovely feminine compact exhibit. B/t, eyecatching shapely profile. Super head, classic lines. Good front and forequarters. Good width, depth and length of body. Pleasing body, substance and topline. I liked her overall length and angles front and rear. Well balanced, good rear width with well in side gait, but needs to settle coming and going. 2. Marsh’s, Marshwick Midnite Star. A well bodied red having a mature look. A good honest bitch. Well made without any exaggerated lines. True front. Good layback of shoulder. Tight elbows. Prominent forechest. Plenty of depth, would like more tuck up to improve underline. Moved out well and true but needs purpose. 3. Marshall’s, Lady Night Warrior.

PGB. (4). 1. Rawson and Walkley’s, Churchoak Hot Gossip about Rosenket. Mature typy bitch having the make and shape I like. Attractive typy head and eye. Well put together with good front and forequarters. Sound feet all round. Compact body with good substance. Pleasing depth, spring and topline. Good angulation front and rear. Moved out free and true but a bit found of her tail.

LB. (5). 1. Armstrong’s, Lauralee Under Milk Wood. What an eyecatcher especially in side gait. She moves with purpose, accuracy and carries her head boldly and with noble confidence. She impressed in type and breed characteristics. Superb head and expression. Clean flowing lines. She has sound construction with well muscled body and an impressive balance side profile which she maintains on the move. Sound and in hard quality condition. My CC and BOB winner. 2. Hunt’s, Carpaccio Tanzanite JW. Another super quality exhibit with many of the qualities of winner. One that looks good and does not disappoint when you handle her. Attractive shape and profile. Balanced all through. Moved soundly but not the purpose of winner. My RCC winner. 3. Rawson’s, Rosenket Enchanted Evening.

OB. (2). 1. Rawson’s, Laurtom First Edition from Sunhaze. Elegant mature chocolate who has obvious quality. Particularly good in head and shape. True sound front with good forechest. Nice tight elbows. Well ribbed back with depth and spring. Mature body of length. Pleasing topline with well let down hindquarters. She has width and full broad rump. On the move she is true and free flowing. A contender for CC but did not have the balance and clean lines of the CC and RCC winners.

Graham Hill