West of England Dachshund Club 2005

Judge: Gerald McFaul



 Without tickets, obviously not a representative entry. What concerned me most about the majority of dogs exhibited were the heads – broad skulls, short muzzles, deep stops – and then those large, round eyes. Hopefully the breeders of this Dachshund variety will make every effort to remedy these faults. There also appears to be a temperament problem and a number of exhibits were apprehensive when assessed on the table. PD/B (4) 1 Jones’s Phaeland Secret Diva to Adnerb, delightful red bitch pup, ultra feminine in head and body, endearing disposition, well assembled in front and in the rear, deep chest, pronounced prosternum, covered ground like a seasoned trooper. BP; 2 Burke & Manston’s Bonavoir Kool Ovation, b&t dog with a commendable front assembly and deep chest with bold forechest. Well ribbed up and adequately angulated behind with a full, wide bottom. Pleasing on the move, but tail carried too high; 3 Cooper’s Sontag Simon Le Bone. JD/B (4) 1 Armstrongs’ Lauralee Under Milk Wood, outstanding b&t bitch which grew on me the more I watched her. Compactly structured with beautiful conical head, elegant neck, excellent lay-back of shoulder, generous bend of stifle and firm, level topline. Delightful picture on the stack and motored around the ring with a sense of urgency and purpose. Seemed so eager to please and her concentration was quite remarkable. BOB; 2 Goads’ Rosanport Three Card Trick, b&t dog with a strong, masculine head, excellent reach of neck, good ribbing and serviceable hindquarter. Somewhat steep in shoulder which inhibited reach, but used his hindquarter well to cover ground economically. Correct tail carriage contributed to an agreeable outline on the move; 3 Mitchell & Magrath’s Dubreys Lady Chattydachs. PGD/B (4) 1 McNaughton’s Cedavoch Aarwen, red bitch which I admired for her well constructed fore-and hindquarter, capacious chest and prominent forechest. A well rounded bottom, level topline, gradually inclining underline contributed to a pleasing outline. Head not her fortune, but very pleasing on the move; 2 Jones’s Adnerb’s Mistification, b&t dog with a strong, masculine head and good reach of neck, but unfortunately not much by way of forechest. Also somewhat steep in shoulder, with hind angulation shy of the ideal. Made the most of his attributes on the move and maintained a pleasing topline throughout; 3 Stanton’s Hampdach Hot Topic. LD (2) 1 Armstrongs’ Lauralee Lloyd George, big b&t boy, but surprisingly elegant due to a generous reach of neck. Full, oval chest, good lay-back of shoulder and excellent hind angulation. Ribs well sprung, extending well back to form a short, sturdy coupling. Would have liked more head on him, but a snappy mover and quite the showman. BOS; 2 Marsh’s Marshwick Mandolin, low-stationed dog with a reasonable front- and hindquarter assembly which stood him in good stead on the move. Adequate forechest, but a short, stuffy neck compromised elegance and refinement - so important in a Smooth. OD (5) 1 McNaughton’s Ch/Aust Ch Nicholyev The Hobbit (Imp), red dog of considerable merit with a strong, conical head, reasonable length of neck, well angulated forequarter, capacious chest and prominent prosternum. Rather long in loin, but a good rear with an impressive sweep of stifle. Covered ground well, showing reach and drive and maintaining a level topline; 2 Hunts’ Ch D’Arisca Class Distinction at Carpaccio, c&t dog with an acceptable head, well assembled forequarter, voluminous chest and bold forechest. Well ribbed up and reasonably short-coupled. Let down by his hindquarter angulation which impeded drive and unfortunately also lost his topline on the move; 3 Jeffery’s Rosenket What a Wizard at Andax ShCM. LB (3) 1 Goads’ Rosanport Play Me, feminine bitch which pleased in most areas, but disappointed in some. Appreciated her for her well angulated front and rear, essentially sound movement, well set-on tail and well maintained topline. A too short muzzle disturbed the balance of the head and a too short neck detracted from elegance; 2 Davis’s Lauralee Temptation, could not be handled on the table, but appeared well constructed in both the fore and hindquarter and gave a good account of herself on the move. Not much to be added, other than that I thought her head quite disappointing. OB (6) 1 Armstrongs’ Lauralee Theme for a Dream, overall construction tipped the scales in this red’s favour. The bones in the fore- and hindquarters were set at pleasing angles which permitted her to stride out, complemented by a full, oval chest and enough in front. Ribs carried well back and a level topline maintained. Round eye rather disturbing though; 2 Ch Carpaccio Diamond Eclipse, had it not been for her untidy underline on the day, might well have been the class winner. Well put together in front and in the rear with robust ribbing and a pronounced prosternum. Used her quarters well on the move and covered ground effortlessly. Head not great, but acceptable; 3 McNaughton’s Ch/Aust Ch Nicolyev Galadriel (Imp). VD/B (4) 1 Speak’s Lowscales Young Buccaneer, gutsy eleven and a half year old dog with soundly constructed quarters, good ribbing and forechest, enough neck and proud head carriage. Spritely on the move with no slackness in topline; 2 Adams’s Hydanthe Keri’s Fate, ten year old bitch, rather steep in front, reasonable keel and ribbing, insufficiently angulated behind, causing her to run up at the back. Movement rather restricted; Jeffery’s Roleta Choisya Sundance at Andax.

Gerard Robinson