Birmingham National 2007

Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

Judge: Mrs Lovaine Coxon

Dog CC : 7537 Mrs G LUSK Ch Cedavoch Celebdil
Res Dog CC : 7521 Messrs EALES & TITE Lauralee Role of Honour via Rijobeau
Bitch CC : 7539 Ms L MCNAUGHTON Ch Cedavoch Aarwen
Res Bitch CC : 7516 Mr A & Mrs K BETHEL Hampdach Alinga
Best Puppy : 7522 Mr T R ELLIS Tealby Taken As Read
Best Veteran :
BEST OF BREED : 7539 Ms L MCNAUGHTON Ch Cedavoch Aarwen

Class 1260 PD (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 7514 Mr A & Mrs K BETHEL Hampdach Celebrity
2nd: 7553 Mrs W STARKEY Carpaccio Top of the Class

Class 1261 JD (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 7519 Mrs P DALGETY Thundergay Arch Duke
2nd: 7556 Miss E J WALKLEY Churchoak Cardinalsin
3rd: 7557 Miss H WILBERG, Mrs K S & BLACKBURN BENNETT Coupduvent Del Conteverde At Kanix (Imp)
Res: 7546 Miss M NORTON Matzell Master Mariner
VHC: 7536 Mrs B LINACRE Cavalleria Rusticana

Class 1262 PGD (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 7538 Miss L K & Mrs J C MACDONALD Carpaccio Black Out at Bensarka
2nd: 7520 Messrs EALES & TITE Lauralee The X Factor
3rd: 7533 Mrs A D JEFFERY Rosenket Heir Apparent at Andax
Res: 7528 Miss W HARRIS Smooth Operator

Class 1263 LD (8 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 7521 Messrs EALES & TITE Lauralee Role of Honour via Rijobeau
2nd: 7558 Mrs R WOLAGE Matzell Milord
3rd: 7534 Mr G W & Mrs S A JOY Rosenket Hot Property with Morailsa
Res: 7531 Mrs S & Mr J HUNT Carpaccio Black Sabbath
VHC: 7540 Ms L MCNAUGHTON Cedavoch Galadrim

Class 1264 OD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 7537 Mrs G LUSK Ch Cedavoch Celebdil
2nd: 7542 Mrs D MELBOURNE Sunhaze St John of Melriding
3rd: 7529 Miss W HARRIS Hun Ch Marictur Moliere Re (Imp)

Class 1265 PB (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 7522 Mr T R ELLIS Tealby Taken As Read
2nd: 7532 Mrs S & Mr J HUNT Carpaccio Precious Pearl
3rd: 7515 Mr A & Mrs K BETHEL Hampdach Gemstone
Res: 7554 Mr M J TURNER Rafthouse Rock Chick
VHC: 7545 Mrs T NEVITT Rafthouse Charmed

Class 1266 JB (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 7547 Miss M NORTON Matzell Maid Of Honour
2nd: 7513 Miss C L BETHEL Hampdach Dulcina
3rd: 7518 Mrs P DALGETY Thundergay Magdalena
Res: 7555 Miss E J WALKLEY Churchoak's Modesty Blazes
VHC: 7552 Mrs B M STANTON Hampdach Claudia

Class 1267 PGB (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 7541 Mrs D MELBOURNE Lauralee Take That To Melriding
2nd: 7523 Mr T R ELLIS Jotoso Lulu Guinness Of Tealby
3rd: 7530 Mrs F HINWOOD Longmel Sparkler
Res: 7527 Miss W HARRIS Reach For The Stars

Class 1268 LB (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 7516 Mr A & Mrs K BETHEL Hampdach Alinga
2nd: 7544 Mrs J MITCHELL Dubreys Dora the Explora

Class 1269 OB (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 7539 Ms L MCNAUGHTON Ch Cedavoch Aarwen
2nd: 7550 Miss E J RAWSON, Mrs R A & WALKLEY Churchoak Hot Gossip About Rosenket
3rd: 7543 Mr D & Mrs C MERCIECA, Mr S & MERCIECA Malta Ch Emmanuela Nera At Chebec

(3,1) 1 Bethel’s Hampdach Celebrity. A very raw puppy with real potential. Good forechest, well muscled hindquarters. 2 Starkey’s Carpaccio Top of the Class. Very unsettled on the table, liked his substance.

JD (5) 1  Dalgety’s Thundergay Arch Duke. Another with substance. Level topline and underline. Well muscled. 2 Walkley’s Churchoak Cardinalsin. Loved the type and shape of this choc/tan. Have admired him many times from the  rinside. Unsettled on the table. 3 Wilberg and Blackburn-Bennett’s Coupduvent Del Conteverde at Kanix (Imp).

(4) 1 Macdonald’s Carpaccio Black Out at Bensarka. Smart black and tan with hard, clean outline. Well filled front on well cared for feet. 2 Eales and Tite’s Lauralee the X Factor. Smaller than the winner, but of similar shape. Unsettled by the noisy surroundings. 3 Jeffery’s Rosenket Heir Apparent at Andax. 

LD (8,1) 1 Eales and Tite’s Lauralee Role of Honour via Rijobeau. Red, loved his well filled front and forechest. His happy temperament also appealed. Res CC. 2 Wolage’s Matzell Milord. Clean outline when posed but lost it on the move. Good forechest. 3 Joy’s Rosenket Hot Property with Morailsa.

(3) 1 Lusk’s Ch Cedavoch Celebdil. Totally balanced male with a clean outline. Level topline, well filled underline. Sound movement both ways and a sensible, calm temperament. CC. 2 Melbourne’s Sunhaze St John of Melriding. Red and different type to the winner. Anotger with a calm and sensible temperament. 3 Harris’ Hun Ch Marictur Moliere Re (Imp).

PB (6,1) 1 Ellis’ Tealby Taken As Read. My notes read ‘ where did she come from?’ Lovely feminine puppy of gorgeous type. Correct shoulder placement, level topline and sound movement. Best Puppy. 2 Hunt’s Carpaccio Precious Pearl. Another with a sharp, clean outline with correct construction throughout. 3 Bethel’s Hampdach Gemstone. 

(7,1) 1  Norton’s Matzell Maid of Honour. It pained me to separate first and second as I have admired both many times. The winner was of the type this breeder produced in the past. Very feminine and of ideal size. Beautiful front, great on the move. 2 Bethel’s Hampdach Duncina. Different type to the winner. Very elegant and smart on the move.  Lovely clean outline held at all times. 3 Dalgety’s Thundergay Magdelena. 

PGB (4) 1 Melbourne’s Lauralee Take That to Melriding. Another feminine bitch of ideal size. Did not always co-operate with her handler whilst posed but moved well. 2 Ellis’ Jotosu Lulu Guiness of Tealby. Very much liked this but was carrying too much weight. I would like to see her after a diet and some hard roadwork. 3 Hinwood’s Longmel Sparkler. 

LB (2) 1 Bethel’s Hampdach Alinga. Beautiful deep red with a clean and classical outline. Long elegant neck, moved with drive. Res CC. 2 Mitchell’s Dubreys Dora the Explora. Heavier type than the winner. Plenty of substance, a very happy exhibit. 

OB (3) 1 McNaughton’s Ch Cedavoch Arwen. Have admired this bitch since she came out as a puppy. She has bone, substance and remains totally feminine. Calm and sensible temperament. CC and BOB, litter sister to the DCC.  2 Rawson and Walkley’s Churchoak Hot Gossip about Rosenket. Larger than the winner and also with a calm and easy temperament. 3 Mercieca and Mercieca’s Malta Ch Emmanuela Nera at Chebec.

Mrs Lovaine Coxon