Bournemouth 2007

Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

Judge: Mrs A D Jeffery

Best Dog : 8298 HUNT Mrs S & Mr J Ch & Ir Ch D'arisca Class Distinction At Carpaccio
Res Best Dog : 8302 MARSH Mr A W Marshwick Moonlight Shadow
Best Bitch : 8299 HUNT Mrs S & Mr J Carpaccio Precious Pearl
Res Best Bitch : 8300 JESSE Mrs V D Hampdach Mistical
Best Puppy : 8299 HUNT Mrs S & Mr J Carpaccio Precious Pearl
Best Veteran :
BEST OF BREED : 8298 HUNT Mrs S & Mr J Ch & Ir Ch D'arisca Class Distinction At Carpaccio

Class 1720 JD (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8306 STARKEY Mrs W Carpaccio Top Of The Class

Class 1721 PGD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8294 HARRIS Miss W Smooth Operator
2nd: 8301 MARSH Mr A W Marshwick Merrison

Class 1722 LD (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 8302 MARSH Mr A W Marshwick Moonlight Shadow
2nd: 8303 PUNTER Mrs M J P Welcumen Kiss Me Quick
3rd: 8296 HARRIS Miss W Jack The Lad

Class 1723 OD (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 8298 HUNT Mrs S & Mr J Ch & Ir Ch D'arisca Class Distinction At Carpaccio
2nd: 8295 HARRIS Miss W Hun Ch Marictur Moliere Re (Imp)

Class 1724 JB (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 8299 HUNT Mrs S & Mr J Carpaccio Precious Pearl
2nd: 8297 HIGGINS Mr P Matzell Misty Morning over Leveliss

Class 1725 PGB (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 8300 JESSE Mrs V D Hampdach Mistical
2nd: 8307 WOOD Miss V R Hampdach Micheala
3rd: 8293 HARRIS Miss W Reach For The Stars

Class 1726 LB (1 Entries) Abs: 1

Class 1727 OB NO ENTRIES



I judged the exhibits as I saw them on the day and was very surprised to find some presented with ditry teeth which I considere to be bad animal husbandry and this, in some cases, reflected in my placings.

JD. (1). 1. Starkey’s, Carpaccio Top of the Class. 10 months old b/t. Good head and forechest. Would prefer a touch more length in ribbing. Level topline. Still needs to settle behind. Shown in good condition.

(2). 1. Harris’s, Smooth Operator. Balanced choc/t with good coat. Masculine head with good neck and forechest. Ok for ribbing. Level topline and moved with drive, was a touch close behind in challenge. 2. Marsh’s, Marshwick Merrison. Red. Liked his head and front assembly. However he was not very positive on the move and lost his topline. Would have preferred slightly more hind angulation.

(4). 1. Marsh’s, Marshwick Moonlight Shadow. Well constructed b/t having masculine head and good mouth and length of neck into good shouldes. Level topline and hindquarters in balance with front assembly giving overall pleasing action. RBD. 2. Punter’s, Welcumen Kiss Me Quick. B/t. of smaller type than winner. Head ok. Good forechest, bone and feet. Good ribbing and level topline. Moved soundly. 3. Harris’s, Jack the Lad.

(3). 1. Hunt’s, Ch/Ir Ch. D’arisca Class Distinction at Carpaccio. Nice size choc/t who is well balanced throughout and has good angles front and rear. Prominent forechest. Correct length of ribbing. Level topline, shown in first class condition. Won the class and BOB on his overall quality, but on the day in his movement he did not appear to have his mind on the job in hand. 2. Harris’s, Hun Ch. Marictur Molliere Re 9Imp). B/t of reasonable proportions. Moved very close behind on the day. Coat not at its best.

(4). 1. Hunt’s, Carpaccio Precious Pearl. 10 months old b/t having feminine head, well balanced. Good ribbing, level topline. Good front and rear angulation. Moved with dribe. BP and BB. Pleased to see her go PG2. 2. Higgin’s, Matzell Misty Morning over Leveliss. B/t shown in good condition. Feminine head, correct eye and mouth. Ok for reach of neck into shoulders. Held topline on the move. I hace admired this lady from the ringside but on the day I felt she was carrying slightly more weight ober her shoulders which spoilt her overall balance. Did not move as well as I know she can. 3. Spooner’s, Layralee All Or Nothing for Penroso.

PGB. (3). 1. Jesse’s, Hampdach Mistical. Balanced b/t. Feminine head, shoulder and upper arm ok. Good ribbing. Level topline. Use hindquarters to advantage. RBB. 2. Wood’s, Hampdach Micheala. Red bitch who had the best ribbing of the class, but I would like to see her carrying less weight when I think she would then present a nice picture. 3. Harris’s, Reach of the Stars. 


 A small but quality entry with 2 very nice exhibits for BOB challenge. On the day I considered the bitch to have the edge presenting a more balanced picture in her movement. PD. (2). 1. Shutt’s, Donnadoon Prince Legend. 7 months old red having a masculine head of correct proportions, good eye shape and correct mouth. Reachy neck and correct front. Good length of ribbing. Level topline. Used his hindquarters to advantage. BP. 2. Hawkes’, Sandijoh Billy Green. A nice exhibit. Well presented. Unfortunately as things stand at present, he does not meet the weight criteria.

(1). 1. Shutt’s, Black Passion at Donnadoon. Stylish b/t having good forechest and ribbing. Tight elbows, well angulated hindquarters. God hind movement and level topline. RBD.

(1). 1. Ergis’s, Ch. Siouxline Thomas JW Sh CM. I judged him as a puppy and he has matured to a true Dachshund in Miniature. Pleasing head and expression. Good overall outline, bone and structure. Well angulated hindquarters. Covers the ground well and commands attention. Very well shown and presented. BD. Very unlucky to meet the bitch in top form on the day.

(2). 1. Sainsbury’s, Zarosa Dancing Queen. 10 months old b/t shown in good condition. Liked her head and front assembly. Would have preferred more length of ribbing. The length of her loin not giving the balance I look for. Moved with purpose.

JB. (1). 1. Salisbury’s, Brocklewood Babycham. Super red I have admired from the ringside. Shown in excellent condition. Correct head and intelligent expression. Good reach of neck. Well balanced and sound coming and going. Unfortunately on the day she lost her topline on the move.

PGB. (1). 1. Salisbury’s, Brocklewood Babycham.

LB. (3). 1. Reed’s, Deercroft Devotion. Well constructed red having good forechest, reach of neck and ribbing. Well angulated behind moving true fore and aft. Shown in good condition. 2. Young’s, Youngline Unique Dream. Red who could not match winner for overall balance as she is slightly shorter in ribbing. Moved soundly. Shown in good condition.

(2). Two very nice examples of the breed. 1. Hunt’s, Ch Can/Am Ch. Grandgables Ms Supernatural at Carpaccio (Imp). A simply stunning b/t bitch. Long, low and level. Shown in super condition having feminine head, correct eye. Good reach of neck into well placed shoulders. Prominent forechest. Well ribbed, short loin. Good balance allowing for free movement with drive. BOB and G2. 1. Ergis’s, Ch. Bronia Stunning Sophia for Siouxline JW Sh CM. One that I have admired and given BOB to. Red bitch of correct proportions having the 3 L’s. Elegant head, good reach of neck. Well angulated both ends. Moved out wel. RBB.

Ann Jeffery