Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

Judge: Mrs Anne McDonald (Mabrooka)

Dog CC : COOPER Ch Sontag Simon Le Bone
Res Dog CC : COOPER Sontag Sir Cumference of Kierton
Bitch CC : TURNER Marictur Uptown Madam JW
Res Bitch CC : LOVICK GIBBS Roleta Keepin up Appirances
Best Puppy : LOVICK GIBBS Roleta Keepin up Appirances
Best Veteran : JEFFERY Rosenket What a Wizard at Andax ShCM
BEST OF BREED : COOPER Ch Sontag Simon Le Bone

Minor Puppy Dog (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: HEDGES Roleta Red Boots to Shine for Silandajo
2nd: HINWOOD Longmel Rolo

Puppy Dog (0 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Absent

Junior Dog (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: COOPER Sontag Sir Cumference of Kierton
2nd: BRITT Ryepeice Royal Wurka

Post Graduate (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st:  MACDONALD Carpaccio Black Out at Bensarka
2nd: JEFFERY Rosenket Heir Apparent at Andax

Limit Dog (8 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: ARMSTRONG Lauralee Hot Chocolate
2nd: WOLAGE Matzell Milord
3rd: EALES & TITE Lauralee the X Factor
Res: STANTON Hampdach Hot Topic
VHC: HEY Quiske Notable Exception

Open Dog (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: COOPER Ch Sontag Simon Le Bone
2nd: ARMSTRONG Ch Lauralee Lloyd George
3rd: EALES & TITE Lauralee Role of Honour via Rijobeau
Res: HUNT Carpaccio Black Sabbath
VHC: HUNT Ch/Ir Ch D'Arisca Class Distinction at Carpaccio JW

Veteran Dog or Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: JEFFERY Rosenket What a Wizard at Andax ShCM
2nd: HOSEGOOD Ch Lauralee Tiger Woods T's Off at Hydax
3rd: HOSEGOOD Lauralee Welsh Guard at Hydax
Res: TURNER Ch Marictur Material Girl

Minor Puppy Bitch (6 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: LOVICK GIBBS Roleta Keepin up Appirances
2nd: HINWOOD Longmel Triple Truffle
3rd: JONES Hampdach Rich Returns with Indizak
Res: BETHEL Hampdach Rich Ebony
VHC: GRAHAM Roleta Red Letter for Gameron

Puppy Bitch (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: HUNT Carpaccio Precious Pearl

Junior Bitch (7 Entries) Abs: 3
1st:  NORTON Matzell Maid Of Honour
2nd: EALES & TITE Lauralee Turn Back Time with Rijobeau
3rd: BRITT Ryepiece Noble Princess
Res: JONES Matzell Moon's Maiden Voyage with Indizak

Post Graduate (8 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: TURNER Marictur Uptown Madam
2nd: BETHEL Hampdach Dulcina
3rd: HEDGES Welcumen Returned Kiss to Silandajo
Res: BRITT Undeg Starlight von Ryepiece
VHC: STANTON Hampdach Claudia

Limit Bitch (8 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: LOVICK GIBBS Roleta Remember When
2nd: RAWSON Churchoak Chit Chat with Rosenket
3rd: BETHEL Regendachs Rich and Famous at Hampdach
Res: ARMSTRONG Lauralee Under Milkwood
VHC: HEY Hampdach Enchantress of Quiske

Open Bitch (8 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: NORTON Ch Matzell Melua
2nd: RAWSON Lautom First Edition from Sunhaze
3rd: TURNER Ch Marictur Miss Midnight
Res: ARMSTRONG Lauralee Single Girl
VHC: MITCHELL Dubreys Dora the Explora


 MPD (2). 1 Hedges' Roleta Red Boots To Shine For Silandajo. Nicely proportioned red, the more forward of the two in this class, with a gd head & expression. Gd bone for his size & a well developed forechest, gd ribbing & rounded rear. Held his gd topline on the move, in excellent coat & condition; 2 Hinwood's Longmel Rolo Choc baby with lots to like. V gd head, gd body but rather long in back pastern at the moment. V loose in movement. JD (2). 1 Cooper & Kerry's Sontag Sir Cumference Of Kireton. B/t of super type with an excellent head, eye & ears. Gd front with gd deep chest, well ribbed back. Gd firm level topline & a well muscled rounded rear. A sound & free mover, RCC; 2 Britt's Ryepiece Royal Wurka. A size smaller & not as appealing in head. Gd forechest & topline but tailset & carried rather high. Moved freely, also preferred the underline of the winner. PGD (3). 1 MacDonald's Carpaccio Black Out At Bensarka. Smart b/t with a gd attitude. Super head & expression, gd length of neck & firm topline. Sound front with a gd depth of brisket. Ribs carried well back. Ok in the rear but tailset a bit high. A gd showman who made the most of himself; 2 Jeffrey's Rosenket Heir Apparent At Andax ShCM. Chocolate with plenty of bone & substance. Well made in front with a deep chest but which I found almost too low. Gd ribbing & topline & a well muscled rear. Moved quite well & carried his tail correctly. LD (8). 1 Armstrong's Lauralee Hot Chocolate. A well constructed d whose movement was easily the best in this class. Pleasing in head with strong bone & gd front, gd deep ribs, well held topline & v gd rear full of muscle & with gd low hocks. Tailset was a bit untidy but he held it correctly. Coat rather rough & out of condition; 2 Wolage's Matzell Milord. I preferred this one for type & he was shown in gleaming condition. Has a v gd head & length of neck, gd front with prominent prosternum, gd topline & quarters. In profile, moved out well in front but appeared weak in rear & exhibited little drive behind; 3 Eales & Tite's Lauralee The X Factor. OD (7). 1 Cooper's Ch Sontag Simon Le Bone. B/t with excellent bone & substance for his size. Masculine in outlook & well constructed without exaggeration. Super front with strong legs & gd feet, gd oval rib cage, strong topline & well muscled rear. V sound mover striding out well in profile. In excellent coat & condition. CC & BOB; 2 Armstrong's Ch Lauralee Lloyd George. Another super d with a lovely outline. Not quite as strong in bone as winner & slightly longer in back. V gd forechest with gd depth, gd ribbing & strong loin to support his topline. Also moving soundly; 3 Eales' & Tite's Lauralee Role Of Honour Via Rijobeau. D/B (5). 1 Jeffrey's Rosenket What A Wizard At Andax ShCM. 9 yr old d who showed & moved well for his years. Pleasing for type with a gd head, neck & topline; 2 Hosegood's Ch Lauralee Tiger Woods T's Off At Hydax. The youngest in this class & of gd breed type. V elegant & sound in construction. Moved well going round; 3 Hosegood's Lauralee Welsh Guard At Hydax. MPB (6). 1 Lovick-Gibbs' Roleta Keepin Up Appearances. Really lovely red p which I would not wish to change anywhere at the moment. She is so feminine & has a super head, length of neck & firm topline. Has a correct front with gd legs & feet, gd ribbing, compact loin & excellent rear which was well muscled. Moved really well with proud head carriage. In super coat & condition. RCC, BPIB. Later in the day, I was delighted to see her win BPIS; 2 Hinwood's Longmel Tripple Truffle. A b/t also of gd type with a lovely head, gd forechest, correct bone for her size, gd topline & rear. Moved truly up & down but was a bit over-awed today. Has much potential for the future; 3 Jones' Hampdach Rich Returns With Indizak. PB (1). 1 Hunt's Carpaccio Precious Pearl. B/t with a beautiful head, neck & shoulder. Gd topline & was well ribbed back, her rear was well muscled & she moved well in profile. A bit untidy in front today & tended to toe-in behind. JB (7). 1 Norton's Matzell Maid Of Honour. I liked this red v much but in the challenge with a new handler, she just didn't want to know & was withdrawn. She was feminine & elegant without compromising her substance. Gd front, legs & feet, gd depth of brisket & strong topline. Gd rear angulation & moved really well in this class; 2 Eales & Tite's Lauralee Turn Back Time With Rijobeau. Red of a stronger type. Well boned with a v gd neck & shoulders, excellent forechest, gd depth & length of ribbing & well muscled rear with gd tailset. Rear movement was gd but her elbows could be neater & her feet tighter. Put in an impressive performance going round the ring; 3 Britt's Ryepiece Noble Princess. PGB (8). 1 Turner's Marictur Uptown Madam JW. Beautiful b for type & size with a superb head & expression, elegant arched neck, gd front with correct forechest & keel. Is well-boned with clean legs & gd feet, gd topline & tailset. Moved truly out & back & covered the ground easily in profile, exhibiting gd forward reach & rear drive. My CC winner today; 2 bethel's Hampdach Dulcina. Another lovely red who looked impressive instance. Preferred the winner in head & expression but this one has also got a gd front, topline, length of ribbing & rounded rump. She also moved well; 3 Hedges' Welcumen Returned Kiss To Silandajo. LB (8). 1 Lovick-Gibbs' Roleta Remember When. A v nice b with a gd hound's head, gd length of neck, well laid shoulders & a gd forechest & underline. Has a v gd outline in stance & she moved soundly both front & rear & reached out well in profile; 2 Rawson & Walkley's Rosenket Churchoak Chit Chat With Rosanket. This b is well boned for her size & has a v nice head, gd prosternum & topline & gd rear angulation. Went well behind but came towards me rather wide in front. Movement appeared rather laboured today going round; 3 Bethel's Regendachs Rich & Famous At Hampdach. OB (8). 1 Norton's Ch Matzell Melua. A really beautiful b of super breed type. V elegant with a lovely head & arched neck. V gd front & with super oval ribs & gd topline & quarters. Moved really well in front & although true behind, just lacked the drive of my CC & RCC winners. In super coat & muscular condition; 2 Rawson's Laurtom First Edition From Sunhaze. Chocolate super for size & bone with a gd front, gd ribs, topline & quarters. Moved well behind but not as firm in front today. Loved her type & quality; 3 Turner's Ch Marictur Miss Midnight.

Anne MacDonald