Richmond 2011

Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

Judge: Stuart J Mallard (Tuckles)

BEST OF BREED : 380 TITE Mr J Ch Rijobeau Caught Red Handed
Dog CC : 380 TITE Mr J Ch Rijobeau Caught Red Handed
Res Dog CC : 368 MACDONALD Miss L K & Mrs J C Bensarka Phoenix Sun
Bitch CC : 367 MACDONALD Miss L K & Mrs J C Am Ch Hampdach Classic Gold At Bensarka
Res Bitch CC : 357 HENNINGSEN Mr E Bensarka Sunkissed Sky
Best Puppy : 360 HUNT Mrs S & Mr J Cwmdarhian Hogan's Hero At Carpaccio
Best Veteran :
Best Breeder :


Class 117 PD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 360 HUNT Mrs S & Mr J Cwmdarhian Hogan's Hero At Carpaccio
2nd: 378 STARKEY Mrs W Cwmdarhian Through To Theo For Hamoura

Class 118 JD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 381 TITE Mr J Rijobeau Hot On Ya Heels
2nd: 364 JESSE, Mrs V & JORDAN Mrs E Rill Scaramouche

Class 119 PGD (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 373 NORTON Miss M Matzell Man of The Moment
2nd: 358 HIGGINS Mr P Leveliss This Charming Man
3rd: 369 MARSH Mr A W Marshwick Raincloud
Res: 362 JEFFREY Mrs A D Carpaccio Summer Class at Andax Sh.CM

Class 120 LD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 368 MACDONALD Miss L K & Mrs J C Bensarka Phoenix Sun
2nd: 370 MARSH Mr A W Marshwick Blackberry

Class 121 OD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 380 TITE Mr J Ch Rijobeau Caught Red Handed
2nd: 351 ELLIS Mr T R Ch Tealby Another Rumour In Red

Class 122 VB (1 Entries) Abs: 1

Class 123 PB (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 371 MARSH Mr A W Rill Royal Romance With Marshwick

Class 124 JB (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 376 SEAGO, S & GIBBARD, D Gameron Right Note For Amlida
2nd: 382 TITE Mr J Rijobeau Done 'N' Dusted
3rd: 375 RAGGETT Mrs K Vomgolf Lady of Trust

Class 125 PGB (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 359 HIGGINS Mr P Leveliss What She Said
2nd: 365 LOVICK-GIBBS Mrs J Roleta Gameron Wright To Reply

Class 126 LB (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 357 HENNINGSEN Mr E Bensarka Sunkissed Sky
2nd: 352 ELLIS Mr T R Tealby Tittle Tattle
3rd: 379 TITE Mr J Rijobeau Innet Tu Winnet By Cwmdarhian
Res: 372 McCARTHY Mr R & Mrs A Vomgolf Star Pick for Seatris

Class 127 OB (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 367 MACDONALD Miss L K & Mrs J C Am Ch Hampdach Classic Gold At Bensarka
2nd: 361 HUNT Mr P Ch Lauralee Miss Chokky Wokey At Carpaccio
3rd: 374 NORTON Miss M Ch Matzell Mildred
Res: 366 LOVICK-GIBBS Mrs J Ch Roleta Keepin Up Appirances
VHC: 363 JESSE Mrs V D Hampdach Michaela


My thanks to Rodney Oldham for helping to type this up from my notes.

(2) 1 Hunts Cwmdarhian Hodan's Hero at Carpaccio, maturing well and a convincing winner, length to head with moderate stop, dark almond eye, clean neck and forehand, legs about right under keel, level back, sturdy low shape to hindquarters, moved well, BP.  2 Starkeys Cwmdarhian Through to Theo for Hamoura, reasonable outline, length to head which is developing, preferred the cleaner neck of 1, deep brisket, reasonable topline, moved steady, needs socialising.

(2) 1 Tites Rejobeau Hot On Ya Heels, impressive lad, enough length to head, correct break, well positioned dark eye, clean neck and front assembly, shape to body, pleasing topline, muscular hindquarters, positive mover.  2 Jesse & Jordans Rill Scaramouche, well up to winner, clean head, gently arched neck, firm shoulders, reasonable topline, tailset and hindquarters, moved well enough but unable to match that of winner. 

(4) 1 Nortons Matzell Man of the Moment, red of considerable quality, balance and breed type, clean head, lovely lively eye, reach to neck, well appointed shoulders, good legs and feet, well ribbed and back with topline and tailset to suit, definition to hindquarters, moved well with good carriage.  2 Higgins Leveliss This Charming Man, very close up, projecting a lovely profile, decent head, break about right, correct muzzle, just preferred eye shape of 1, shapely muscular well ribbed body, well constructed hindquarters, moved well.  3 Marshs Marshwick Raincloud.

(3,1) 1 Macdonalds Bensarka Phoenix Sun, red with lovely outline, expressive head, just enough underjaw, reach to arched neck with the cleanest of forehands, well ribbed and back with sturdy loin and correct substance, purposeful hindquarters and action, quality coat, RCC.  2 Marshs Marshwick Blackberry, pleasing outline, decent head and attributes, reach to neck, depth to keel, well ribbed with reasonable topline, sound enough but not the rear action of 1.

(3,1) 1 Tites Ch Rijobeau Caught Red Handed, red with lovely outline, substance and style, reasonable head, clean shoulders, well bone forehand correctly placed, ribs sprung, firm loin, muscular shapely quarters, moved with reach and drive and impressive deportment, CC & BOB.  2 Ellis Ch Tealby Another Rumour In Red, red, close up, quality headpiece, enough reach into well placed shoulders, topline and hindquarters to suit, moved soundly, not the deportment of 1.

(1) 1 Marshs Rill Royal Romance with Marshwick, feminine B&T, clean, stylish outline, clean head, well shaped eye, very well positioned, forelimbs well under body at deepest part of keel, ribs sprung, sturdy loin and body, shape to hindquarters, composed mover.

(4,1) 1 Seago & Gibbards Gameron Right Note for Amlida, red with typical profile, expressive outlook, enough reach, forehand developing, limbs well placed, shape to clean body, firm loin, good tailset and carriage, used hindquarters to full advantage, quality coat.  2 Tites Rijobeau Done 'N' Dusted, B&T with great appeal and an extremely close call, quality head and eye, excellent reach, forehand, legs and feet, body and topline to suit, just preferred tailset and carriage of 1, clean coat, well handled.  3 Raggette Vomgolf Lady of Trust.

(3,1) 1 Higgins Leveliss What She Said, quality lass, feminine, projecting excellent outline, length to head, well placed eye, dark enough, clean front assembly without exaggeration, body with substance, muscular hindquarters, excelled on the move.  2 Lovick-Gibbs Roleta Gameron Wright To Reply, red with pleasing head and decent outline, shoulders laid back enough, ribcage well sprung, reasonable topline, moved sound enough but not the carriage of 1.

(5,1) 1 Henningsens Bensarka Sunkissed Sky, deep red, ultra feminine but with substance and good muscle, length to clean head, well built forehand, good bone and feet, well ribbed and back, topline and tailset to suit, well defined hindquarters, stylish carriage and a very sound mover, RCC.  2 Ellis Tealby Tittle Tattle, B&T with conical head, well shaped eye, arched neck, forelegs well placed and brisket, body with shape and substance, level back, firm loin, positive mover. 3 Tites Rigobeau Innet Tu Winnet by Cwmdarhian.

(6,1) 1 Macdonalds Am Ch Hampdach Classic Gold at Bensarka, feminine red, totally honest in build with clean classy head , lovely eye, impressive front, well ribbed and back, best of hindquarters, moved very well in profile, CC.  2 Hunts Ch Lauralee Miss Choky Wokey at Carpaccio, chocolate of beautiful quality, mature and very sound, length to head, well appointed eye, clean front, lovely body and properties, moved well, nicely handled. 3 Nortons Ch Matzell Mildred.

Stuart J Mallard