Driffield 2012

Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

Judge: Mrs Jean Hallett

BEST OF BREED : 3363 MACDONALD Miss L K & Mrs J C Am Ch Hampdach Classic Gold At Bensarka
Dog CC : 3369 TITE Mr J Ch Rijobeau Caught Red Handed
Res Dog CC : 3355 HUNT Mrs S & Mr J Ch Cwmdarhian Hogan's Hero At Carpaccio JW
Bitch CC : 3363 MACDONALD Miss L K & Mrs J C Am Ch Hampdach Classic Gold At Bensarka
Res Bitch CC : 3364 MCNAUGHTON Ms L Cedavoch Eindackel Lucretia Black
Best Puppy : 3362 MACDONALD Miss L K & Mrs J C Bensarka Cheeky Vimto
Best Veteran :
Best Breeder :


Class 1138 PD NO ENTRIES

Class 1139 JD (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 3344 COOPER Mrs E Kochana's Celebration Of Hacienda At Sontag

Class 1140 YD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 3348 ELLIS Mr T R Tealby Red Between the Lines
2nd: 3371 TRAFFORD Mrs B & Mr D G Dabrenhof Nadal

Class 1141 PGD (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 3342 CHAMBERS Mrs H Rijobeau Don't Push It TAF

Class 1142 LD (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 3368 TITE Mr J Rijobeau Hot On Ya Heels
2nd: 3367 NORTON Miss M Matzell Man of The Moment
3rd: 3359 LEWIS, G B & EDDIES, S L Messrs Abbagirls For Me And My Girl Welcumen
Res: 3349 FURBER Miss D Gameron Smart Choice To Dorysa

Class 1143 OD (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 3369 TITE Mr J Ch Rijobeau Caught Red Handed
2nd: 3355 HUNT Mrs S & Mr J Ch Cwmdarhian Hogan's Hero At Carpaccio JW
3rd: 3361 MACDONALD Miss L K & Mrs J C Bensarka Phoenix Sun
Res: 3352 GATHERAL-GRAHAM Mrs S D A Phaeland Screw Driver


Class 1145 MPB (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 3350 FURBER Miss D Dorysa Dolly Varden

Class 1146 PB (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 3362 MACDONALD Miss L K & Mrs J C Bensarka Cheeky Vimto
2nd: 3356 HUNT Mrs S & Mr J Carpaccio Black Pearl

Class 1147 JB (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 3364 MCNAUGHTON Ms L Cedavoch Eindackel Lucretia Black
2nd: 3366 NORTON Miss M Matzell Maid In Time
3rd: 3343 CHAMBERS Mrs H M Sunhaze Shush Shush TAF
Res: 3358 KERRY Mrs T & Miss R Ralines Pretty Woman at Kireton

Class 1148 YB (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 3347 DALGETY Mrs P Thundergay Bebop A Lula

Class 1149 PGB (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 3351 FURBER Miss D Roleta Constant Reminder To Dorysa
2nd: 3360 LEWIS, G B & EDDIES, S L Messrs Kauldwell State Of Play

Class 1150 LB (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 3372 TURNER Mrs M Marictur Moulin Rouge
2nd: 3346 DALGETY Mrs P Thunderbay Blue Bayou
3rd: 3370 TITE Mr J Rijobeau Done N Dusted
Res: 3353 GATHERAL-GRAHAM Mrs S D A Phaeland Special Duty

Class 1151 OB (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 3363 MACDONALD Miss L K & Mrs J C Am Ch Hampdach Classic Gold At Bensarka
2nd: 3345 DALGETY Mrs P Thundergay Delta Dawn
3rd: 3365 MCNAUGHTON Ms L Diana De Fermincan (Imp)
Res: 3340 BENNETT Mr J G Mal Ch Hacienda Outrageous Fortune At Shardaroba
VHC: 3354 HENNINGSEN Mr E Ch Bensarka Sunkissed Sky




Overall I was pleased with my entry. A few classes contained  quality animals. Could easily have awarded more top honours. Far too many are  overdeveloped in front and too deep, needing more leg length. This meant in  many cases not dealing with the grass and spoiling movement. Temperaments were  good. Much improved on a few years ago. The biggest problem seems to be  toeing-in behind and bad fronts. I was delighted with my CC, Res CC and BP  winners. They were of good type and looked lovely going around together at the  end. Thank you.

JD(1) 1 Cooper &Kochana's Celebration Of Hacienda At  Sontag. Blk/tan, very smart type of dog, correct all through, well boned, good  angulation front and rear, correct front and ribbing, covers plenty of ground  when moving, needs a little confidence as yet, very promising, considered him  for the RCC.

(2) 1 Ellis' Tealby Red Between The Lines. Red, correct  size, well developed keel and follow through of ribbing, handsome head and  correct eye, kept his topline at all times, moving freely, just a touch close  in front, nice boy. 2 Trafford's Debrenhof Nadal. Blk/tan, good length of neck  and correct ribbing, strong hindquarters, not quite the length of upper arm of  first and slightly roaching on the move today, perhaps feeling the cold.

(1)  1 Chambers' Rijobeau Don't Push It. Red, typical head and eye, fair angulation  and ribbing, for me he is overdone in front, also very sluggish on the move,  not really enjoying himself, correct going away and coming to me.

(4)  The first two in this class were very close. 1 Tite's Rijobeau Hot On Ya Heels.  Very typy blk/tan, loved his head, correct eye, lengthy neck leading into good  shoulders, moved well, freely covering the ground, beautiful gleaming coat. 2  Norton's Matzell Man Of The Moment. Have admired this kennels stock over the  years and this boy is typical. Red in lovely condition, close to first, good  size, nice shape all through, elegant mover covering the ground well.  Nit-picking, has not quite the bone of the winner, lovely dog all the same. 3  Lewis &Eddies' Abbagirls For Me And My Girl Welcumen.

(4) Hot  class. 1 and CC, Tite's Ch Rijobeau Caught Red Handed. Awarded this dog RCC and  BP last time I judged. He has made up into a lovely champion. Red, correct  size, good length of leg which meant he covered the ground freely, which many  shorter legged animals failed to do. Very masculine head with that arrogant  expression, elegant neck leading into really well angulated shoulders, not  overdone in front, well carried back ribbing, very fluid strong mover covering  the ground with style. 2 Hunt's Ch Cwmdarhian Hogans Hero At Carpaccio. RCC.  Another top class dog. Blk/tan, have admired him from the ringside. Most  satisfying to go over on the table, lovely head and expression, stands four  square at all times, correct conformation all through, sadly today on moving he  did not like the ground at all and was carrying his tail rather high to keep  his balance. The little time he settled, showed sound movement so deserved his  win. Worthy champion. 3 Macdonald's Bensarka Phoenix Sun. Another excellent  specimen.

(1) 1 Furber's Dorysa Dolly Varden. Sweet baby of 8 mths.  So confident, blk/tan, in lovely condition, very typy and correct all through,  feminine head and expression, held her shape and handled the ground so well,  good width going away and coming to me. Promising.

(3, 1) 1  Macdonald's Bensarka Cheeky Vimto. BP. Red, what a little cracker, lovely bone  and size, sweet head, good to go over on the table, stood four square and was  so confident, correct angulation front and rear, well placed shoulders, lengthy  neck, well carried back ribbing, strong hindquarters which she used on moving,  coped with the ground very well, good width back and front movement, must do  well. 2 Hunt's Carpaccio Black Pearl. Blk/tan, quality baby but not so mature  as first, in gleaming condition, very nice head and eye, well developed front  and good angulation, a shade longer than the winner and just needs to fill in  in loin, moved soundly if a little skittish.

(4) Another class with  two bitches difficult to separate. 1 McNaughton's Cedavoch Eindackel Lucretia  Black. RCC. Blk/tan, gorgeous head and expression, lovely size, so feminine,  extra good shoulders, no short upper arm here, sadly this fault is very prominent  in all varieties of Dachshund. Came into her own on the move showing a lot of  others how it should be done, very fluid and covering the ground, lovely,  should make up. 2 Norton's Matzell Maid In Time. Red in lovely condition, gave  her mother a CC and she is so similar in type. All comments made for the winner  apply here. After moving them again she was a shade closer in front than first,  lovely girl just the same. 3 Chambers' Sunhaze Shush Shush.

(1) 1  Dalgety's Thundergay Bebop A Lula. This kennel has some really nice stock at  the moment all in lovely condition. This is a blk/tan, very elegant and sound,  correct head and eye, correct all through, kept her outline at all times  standing and moving, very sound bitch all round.

(3, 1) 1 Furber's  Roleta Constant Reminder To Dorysa. Blk/tan, typical head and expression,  enough length of neck, sound mover although could put more into it, a shade  deep for me and could lose a little weight to advantage. 2 Lewis &Eddies'  Kauldwell State Of Play. Blk/tan, good conformation and size, well developed  front and ribbing, however, she was losing her topline today, true going away  and coming to me.

(4) Quality class. 1 Turner's Marictur Moulin Rouge.  Red, lovely bitch, correct size, pleasure to go over on the table, another with  excellent shoulders, good front and ribbing, a very neat bitch, free mover  covering plenty of ground, considered her for the RCC. 3 Tite's Rijobeau Done  &Dusted.

(5) 1, CC and BOB, her second I believe. Macdonald's Am  Ch Hampdach Classic Gold At Bensarka. Gorgeous red, not seen her before. As  soon as she entered the ring I noticd her. Has that 'look at me' aura. So  feminine, so good to go over, everything flows from the tip of her nose to her  tail, well boned and angulated all through, excellent hindquarters, moves with  great style and freedom. I believe the BP is her grand-daughter. Lovely. 2  Dalgety's Thundergay Delta Dawn. Blk/tan, the third out of the same litter of  quality bitches. Like peas in a pod. This one has all the attributes of her  siblings. This was a hot class and came down to movement. Nit-picking really.  She was moving a shade wide coming to me. Very nice bitch. 3 McNaughton's Diana  De Formincan (Imp). Small, quality girl, moving a shade wide behind today.

  Jean Hallett