Scottish Dachshund Championship Show 2013

Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

Judge: Mrs Sue Roberts (Denver)

BEST OF BREED : HUNT Carpaccio Cognac Diamond 
Dog CC : HUNT Ch Cwmdarhian Hogan's Hero At Carpaccio JW  
Res Dog CC : NORTON Matzell Man of the Moment
Bitch CC : HUNT Carpaccio Cognac Diamond 
Res Bitch CC : NORTON Ch Matzell Mildred 
Best Puppy : HUNT Carpaccio Cognac Diamond 

Puppy Dog  (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: TITE Rijobeau Now Your Talking 
2nd: GATHERAL GRAHAM Phaeland Star Dance
3rd: COCKER Phaeland Shared Dream
Res: COCKER Phaeland Six of Diamonds

Junior Dog (2 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: COXON Bensarka Incognito

Post Graduate Dog  (1 Entry) Abs: 1
1st: TRAFFORD Dabrenhof Nadal

Limit Dog (1 Entry) Abs: 1
1st: Absent

Open Dog (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st:  HUNT Ch Cwmdarhian Hogan's Hero At Carpaccio JW 
2nd: NORTON Matzell Man of the Moment
3rd: RAWSON Rosenket Nostra Damus
Res: GATHERAL GRAHAM Rijobeau Screw Driver
VHC: TITE Rijobeau Hot On Your Heels

Puppy Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: HUNT Carpaccio Cognac Diamond 
2nd: ANDISON & PEEL Rijobeau Caramel Crisp 
3rd: GATHERAL GRAHAM Phaeland Special Diamond
Res: TITE Rijobeau I Kid You Not
VHC: GATHERAL GRAHAM Phaeland Shy N' Demanding

Junior Bitch (1 Entry) Abs: 1
1st: Absent 

Post Graduate Bitch (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: DALGETY Thundergay Bebop a Lula
2nd:RAWSON Rosenket Queen of Hearts
3rd: LEWIS & EDDIES Rijobeau Peach Melba

Limit Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: RAWSON Rosenket Nectar of the Gods 
2nd: DALGETY Thundergay Blue Bayou
3rd: NORTON Matzell Maid in Time 
Res: GATHERAL-GRAHAM Phaeland Special Duty
VHC: HOLBORN Phaeland Strathisla Dawn

Open Bitch (9 Entries)
1st: NORTON Ch Matzell Mildred 
2nd: RAWSON Rosenket Pillow Talk
3rd: DALGETY Thundergay Delta Dawn
Res: TURNER Marictur Moulin Rouge
VHC: COXON Bensarka Golden Garter

Standard Smooth-Haired Dachshunds.   Judging critique, Judge Mrs Sue Roberts.



 I really enjoyed my day judging the smooth-haired dachshunds at this well organised show, and sincere thanks to all the exhibitors, who brought their lovely hounds for me to judge. Overall, I felt that temperaments were good, but found that some dachshunds were unfortunately, much longer in loin than desirable. A few dogs were overweight, although well constructed, and this needs correcting asap with proper diet and exercise. There were a few incorrect mouths too, but on the whole, some very nice hounds were present, who could easily swap places on another day, and I was very well pleased with my top winners .


PD.     Entries 4.  0 Abs,

1st  Titeís Rijobeau Now Your Talking.

Quality shaded red with good head, nice reach of neck and super ribbing. Moved soundly both ways, stepping out smartly in his class, keeping a good outline on the move. Plenty of time to body up as he matures, as I am sure he will.

2nd   Gatheral-Grahamís Phaeland Star Dance.

Black/tan ,the type I like , but unfortunately a little apprehensive today. Superb front construction, well laid shoulders and lovely ribbing reaching well back. Nice angulation on the quarters. Should mature well.

3rd.Cockerís Phaeland Shared Dream.


Junior Dog. 1 Entries  0 Abs.

1st  Coxonís Bensarka Incognito.

Shaded red with correct front assembly and super ribbing. Nice quarters with correct angulation both front and back ends. Moves well.


Post Grad Dog   1 Entry, 0 Abs.

1st.  Traffordís  Dabrenhof Nadal..

Black/tan. Nice type, compact, with good head, well laid shoulders, and ribbing reaching far back. Not too long in loin, but a little close in movement for me today in both directions, and needs to strengthen in topline.


Limit Dog. 1 Entries.1 Abs.


Open Dog.  6 Entries. 1 Abs,

 1st  Huntís Cymdarian Hoganís Hero At Carpaccio.

Black/tan, super quality, substance, and excellent type,and shown in lovely condition. He was correct in head, had a good reach of neck and excellent front assembly, with well laid shoulders . Super ribbing, not too long in loin and with well angulated quarters, he stood out in both his class and in the challenge, as he moved correctly and drove around the ring. Pleased to award him the CC.

2nd  Nortonís Matzell Man Of The Moment.

Shaded red, different type from 1 but sound and compact. Excellent head and reach of neck, good layback of shoulder and front angulation and well ribbed. Not quite the angulation of 1 on the hocks, but moved well round the ring and pleased to award him the RCC.

3rd Rawsonís Rosenket Nostra Damus.


Puppy Bitch . 6 Entries.0 Abs.

1st. Huntís Carpaccio Cognac Diamond.

Superb choc puppy, good type, with excellent front construction and so well bodied .She had excellent layback of shoulder and with ribbing reaching well back, her lovely firm quarters drove her round the ring, showing off her correct outline and movement, and putting her apart from the rest. ,My notes say, happy and outgoing, which completed the picture, and  was delighted to award her the CC, BOB and so pleased to see she later went on to RBIS  and BPIS.

2nd.  Andison and Peelís Rijobeau Caramel Crisp.

Nice quality shaded/red ,but  longer in loin than 1. Nicely put together all through, with excellent ribbing and she moved well. Needs to get the tail down on the move to show off her outline.

3rd.Gatheral-Grahamís Phaeland Special Diamond.


Junior Bitch.1 Entry ,1 Abs.


Post Grad Bitch, 4 Entries, 1 Abs.

1st. Dalgetyís Thundergay Bebop A Lula.

Black/tan, lovely compact type, and correctly put together all through and well balanced. Nice head and reach of neck, with well laid shoulders and super ribbing. Moved well both coming and going and kept good outline on the move.

2nd Rawsonís Rosenquet Queen Of Hearts.

Another quality black/tan, a little heavier than 1 but well put together all through, especially her front, shoulder and ribbing construction, and moved so well as she went round  the ring.

3rd Lewis and EddiesíRijobeau Peach Melba.


Limit Bitch. 5 Entries, O Absent.

1st Rawsonís Rosenket Nectar Of The Gods.

Super black/tan bitch, sound all through with well constructed shoulders and front, and excellent ribbing. Looked well balanced and had correct angulation both front and back, which enabled her to move well, keeping excellent outline, as she went around the ring.

2nd Dalgetyís Thundergay Blue Bayoo.

Another quality black/tan, of good type, who had lovely head, correct front construction and who moved well. Difficult decision here, but just preferred the front of 1

3rd Nortonís Matzell Main In Time.


Open Bitch. 9 entries 1 Absent

Some lovely bitches in this class.

1st Nortonís Ch Matzell Mildred

.Super shaded/red bitch of top quality, with a lovely head and reach of neck, correct shoulders and so well ribbed. Both front and back angulation were excellent ,and her quarters were sound, and she looked well on the move both in her class and the challenge, showing good balance,and keeping firm outline as she drove round the ring. RCC.

2nd.Rawsonís Rosenket Pillow Talk.

Another top quality black/tan bitch, correctly put together all through and good type. She had excellent ribbing and front and well laid shoulders,and I really liked her.

3rd.Dalgetyís Thundergay Delta Dawn.