Houndshow 2017

Dachshund (Smooth-haired)

Judge: Mr Espen Engh DVM

BEST OF BREED : 811 WILLIAMS, Ms R & MOES Mr C Cwmdarhian Hotoff The Press
Dog CC : 749 ARMSTRONG Mr M G & Mrs J I Ch Lauralee Nicholas Nickleby
Res Dog CC : 797 SEAGO, Ms D & GIBBARD Mr S Amlida Spirit
Bitch CC : 811 WILLIAMS, Ms R & MOES Mr C Cwmdarhian Hotoff The Press
Res Bitch CC : 789 MCNAUGHTON Ms L Cedavoch Rainstorm
Best Puppy : 794 PATERSON, Mr P & PATERSON Mr B Phaeland Second Delivery To Ambiesque
Best Veteran : 772 HIGGINS Mr P Ch Leveliss What She Said

Class 177 PD (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 794 PATERSON, Mr P & PATERSON Mr B Phaeland Second Delivery To Ambiesque
2nd: 771 HIGGINS Mr P Meganhol Black Musketeer Of Leveliss
3rd: 787 MCNAUGHTON Ms L Cedavoch Tropical Storm
Res: 765 GATHERAL-GRAHAM Mrs S D A Phaeland Secret Delivery

Class 178 JD (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 769 GOFFIN-THOROGOOD Mrs L Matzell Malizani
2nd: 760 CUNNINGHAM Mrs J Clentry Back To Black For Celandine
3rd: 751 BALAZS-HIRT Mrs Z Colocensis Rex Mister At Gravelous (Imp)

Class 179 SBD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 769 GOFFIN-THOROGOOD Mrs L Matzell Malizani
2nd: 757 CLARK, Ms C & HASTIE Mr L Sirius Rising

Class 180 PGD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 799 SKIPPER Mrs S E & Mr J P Lauralee Artful Dodger
2nd: 757 CLARK, Ms C & HASTIE Mr L Sirius Rising

Class 181 LD (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 788 MCNAUGHTON Ms L Carper A G Von Nordor (Imp)
2nd: 796 PAYTON Ms C J Minalsa Mulberry of Marajo
3rd: 777 KERRY Mrs T & Miss R Kireton Beau Diddley
Res: 800 STARKEY Mrs W G M Carpaccio Topic Of The Day Is Hamoura
VHC: 802 STRINGFELLOW Mrs M Sontag Silvan Sorcerer

Class 182 OD (9 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 749 ARMSTRONG Mr M G & Mrs J I Ch Lauralee Nicholas Nickleby
2nd: 797 SEAGO, Ms D & GIBBARD Mr S Amlida Spirit
3rd: 810 WILLIAMS, Ms R & MOES Mr C Cwmdarhian San Andreas
Res: 804 TITE Mr J Ch Phaeland Special Driver At Rijobeau
VHC: 756 CHAUHAN, Dr M & CERASINI Mr J Gr Ch Brownwood's Best Gift V Diagram (Imp USA)

Class 183 VD (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 784 MACDONALD Miss L K & Mrs J C Multi Ch Bensarka Phoenix Sun
2nd: 776 JOY Mrs S A Morailsa Druids Secret

Class 184 PB (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 790 MITCHELL Mrs F Cedavoch Solar Storm At Bronia
2nd: 770 HEELS Mrs C J Rijobeau Ravishing Rita
3rd: 781 LUCAS Mrs T Viewmoor Happy Days
Res: 773 HINWOOD Mrs F M Longmel Special Truffle NAF

Class 185 JB (6 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 761 CUNNINGHAM Mrs J Clentry Ruby Tuesday For Celandine
2nd: 785 MACDONALD Miss L K & Mrs J C Bensarka I Like Twucks
3rd: 793 NORTON Miss M Matzell Myrtle
Res: 806 TITE Mr J Rijobeau Caught On Camera
VHC: 803 STRINGFELLOW Mrs M Oxondachs Amethyst at Silvatica

Class 186 SBB (1 Entries) Abs: 0

Class 187 PGB (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 789 MCNAUGHTON Ms L Cedavoch Rainstorm
2nd: 798 SEAGO, Ms D & GIBBARD Mr S Amlida Asintended

Class 188 LB (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 754 BURKE, Ms S & MANSTON Ms R Bonavoir Nulli Secunda
2nd: 808 WAND Mr B B & Mrs V P Wanderhund Moon Dragon
3rd: 775 HUNT Mrs S & Mr J Lauralee Miss Marple At Carpaccio JW Sh.CM
Res: 782 LUCAS Mrs T Cwmdarhian Summer Nights
VHC: 778 KERRY Mrs T & Miss R Kireton Daisy Belle

Class 189 OB (10 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 811 WILLIAMS, Ms R & MOES Mr C Cwmdarhian Hotoff The Press
2nd: 762 CUNNINGHAM Mrs J Ir Ch Sontag Say The Word For Celandine
3rd: 809 WAND Mr B B & Mrs V P Wanderhund Scarlet Witch
Res: 795 PATERSON, Mr P & PATERSON Mr B Phaeland Sent Direct To Ambiesque
VHC: 792 NORTON Miss M Ch Matzell Maid In Time

Class 190 VB (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 772 HIGGINS Mr P Ch Leveliss What She Said
2nd: 807 TURNER Mrs M Marictur Moulin Rouge


PD (4) 1. Phaeland Second Delivery at Ambiesque. A lovely start of the day with this smashing red puppy, instantly attractive and full of quality, and without exaggerations. Beautiful head and expression, very good ears. Still needs to gain some more self confidence, but quickly recovered. Long neck, somewhat upright in shoulder. Lovely keel. Excellent topline, well angulated behind. Moved with plenty of style and pride, well co-ordinated as well as sound coming and going. I considered him for the resCC, but he had to be content with Best Puppy. 2. Megnahol Black Musketeeer of Leveliss. Another very attractive puppy, black and tan. Excellent body proportions. Lovely expression, good ears. Excellent chest for his age. Moderate neck. Balanced angulation both ends. Excellent topline. Kept his balance on the moved, but not quite as good the winner coming and going. 3. Cedavoch Topical Storm

JD (4,1) 1. Matzell Malizani. Red male, well balanced if moderate all the way. Masculine head, attractive expression. Strong neck, moderately long. Good forechest. Firm topline, well proportioned. Rather high hocks. Moved with a pleasing balance and kept his outline. 2. Clentry Back to Black for Celandine. Standing still, this dog is more eye-catching than the winner, mainly due to his longer neck. Excellent forechest. Well angulated both ends. Deep and capacious body. Unfortunately he tended to loose some of his balance and outline on the move. Quite pleasing coming and going. Lovely coat and black and tan colour. 3. Colocensis Rex Mister At Cravelous.

SpBegin D (2) 1. Matzell Malizani. 2. Sirius Rising. Masculine black and tan male. Typical head, good ears. Strong neck. Acceptable forechest, but he should be straighter in his forelegs. Somewhat high behind in his overall balance. Very moderately angulated behind. Attractive coat and colour. Not the movement of the winner. 

PGD (2) 1. Lauralee Artful Dodger. Compact black and tan dog, just masculine enough. Refined head. Could do with a longer neck. Ample forechest, even if rather short in upper arm. Deep chest of moderate length. Excellent topline which he kept on the move. Balanced angulation behind. Beautiful coat and colour. Moved well from the side, but rather bowlegged as viewed from behind. 2. Sirius Rising. 

LD (7) 1. Carper's Von Nordor. An instantly attractive red dog who scores heavily in his quality, neck and carriage. I would prefer him somewhat stronger in his temperament. Well chiseled head. Grand neck and upper arm. Well proportioned body .Well angulated behind. Beautiful coat and colour. Moved with carriage and style form the side, must not be broader in front, well from behind. 2. Minalsa Mulberry of Marajo. A typically sound and well constructed dog with one leg in each corner. Masculine head. I would have preferred a longer neck. Excellent keel and topline. Very deep in his chest, I would not like any more, but still mobile. Excellent coat. Moved soundly coming and going and kept up his balance from the side. 3. Kireton Beau Diddley. 

OD (9) 1. Ch. Lauralee Nicholas Nickelby. Strong, masculine, well grown black and tan, eye-catching and above all very sound. Head of good length, eyes medium dark. Well arched neck, but would prefer less dewlap. Excellent front. Deep, capacious and long chest, typically with length in brisket rather than loin. Still has good clearance to ground. Well angulated behind. A very efficient and dead sound mover from all angles with pride and energy. CC. 2. Amlida Spirit. High quality, well proportioned chocolate & tan with a lovely outline. Quality head, well made, good ears. Pleasing neck. Very good front, but his brisket could be longer and lost out on that. Firm and lean in body. Another with excellent movement from all angles, well handled. res CC. 3. Cwmdarhian San Andreas. 

VD (2) 1. Multi Ch. Bensarka Phoenix Sun. Attractive, eye-catching, well balanced red dog with a lovely outline. Typical, beautiful head with very good ears and expression. Long neck, but a bit loaded in shoulders. Excellent chest, deep and capacious. Moved with a pleasing balance, but has lost some of the drive behind. Lovely coat and muscle condition for his age. 2. Morailsa Druid Secret. Elegant, attractive black and tan with excellent carriage, light on feet and balanced in movement. Lovely expression. Pleasing neck. Could do with some more bone and his feet should be better knuckled. 

PB (7) 1. Cedavoch Solar Storm at Bronia. Well made, feminine red bitch, excelling in construction. Well chiseled head, pleasing ears. Strong neck, ample keel. Firm topline. Moved soundly from all angles, but may gain in elegance when she looses her puppy fat. 
2. Rijobeau Ravishing Rita. Attractive bitch covering plenty of ground. Not the expression of the winner. Well set neck, ample forechest. Her body is deep, capacious and long, still showing daylight underneath. Well angulated behind. Moved well from the side, but needs to stabilize behind and tended to crab. 3. Viewmoor Happy Days. 

JB (6) 1. Clentry Ruby Tuesday for Celandine. Instantly attractive, handsome bitch with a lovely neck. Excellent head. Could do with some more self confidence and to a degree when I had to think twice about awarding her the class, but decided she was still the best on her make, shape and general quality. Excellent forechest. Attractive body proportions. Moved with style and energy and very good drive, Ok coming and going. 2. Bensarka I Like Twucks. Another well balanced quality bitch, not dissimilar to the winner. Attractive, well chiseled head, lovely expression. Well set neck. Lovely silhouette. She kept her attractive balance on the move, but could do with some more drive. 3. Matzell Myrtle. 

SpBegin B (1) 1. Withheld. 

PGB (2) 1. Cedavoch Rainstorm. A lovely red bitch, very well developed for her young age, nine months. Well chiseled head, beautiful expression. Strong neck with pleasing length. Ample keel. Deep and capacious body, still leaving air underneath her. Firm topline. Moved with drive and suppleness to win the resCC. 2. Amlida Asintended. Elegant, feminine black and tan bitch, quite a showgirl and presented a lovely picture on the stack. Feminine also in head, attractive expression. Lovely neckset, ample forechest. Deep and long body. Scored in the static picture over movement as she tended to lower herself on the move, if not badly so. 

LB (5) 1. Bonvaoir Nulli Secunda. Attractive black and tan bitch of excellent type and overall quality. Feminine, elegant, covering good ground. Well chiseled head. Long neck, excellent forechest. Excellent topline, particularly when standing. Well angulated behind. Moved with soundness from all angles and with energy. 2. Wanderhund Moon Dragon. Very attractive, elegant bitch of excellent overall quality, more up on legs than the competition and more what I am used to seeing from a "European" point of view. Beautiful head, well proportioned and well shaped. Great neck, long and well set. Excellent forechest. Firm topline. Unfortunately she was not in good weight and quite lean on the day which contributed to a definite waist and I would rather advocate the very opposite for this bitch. She outmoved her competition with plenty of energy, carriage and drive. 3. Lauralee Miss Marple at Carpaccio JW Sh.CM. 

OB (10,1) 1. Ch. Cwmdarhian Hotoff The Press. Stunning red bitch. The star of the day, so very well made and constructed and teeming with quality, her particularly beautiful neck with a lovely nape making a lot of positive difference. Quality head, I loved her attitude, worthy and queen-like. Deep and capacious body, I would not want her any deeper. Strong, firm topline which with the neck makes up for a stunning outline. Well angulated behind. She moved very well from all angles. Lovely coat and in every way in ship shape condition. I was more than happy to award her the CC and BOB and later watched her win Best in Show. 2. Ir.Ch. Sontag Say The Word for Celandine. Another top quality red bitch. Beautiful, feminine head. Attractive nape of neck and forechest, but preferred the neckset of the winner. Firm topline. Moved with energy and extension and very good both coming and going. Beautiful coat and colour. 3. Wanderhund Scarlet Witch. 

VB (3) 1. Ch. Leveliss What She Said. Attractive black and tan bitch, in lovely condition for her age. Lovely expression, another with attitude. Well set ears. Lovely neck and keel. Shapely body, deep and capacious, still with distance to ground. Moved freely and soundly to win Best Veteran. 2. Marictur Moulin Rouge. A red bitch making a very pleasing picture on the stack; elegant and feminine. Attractive head with somewhat flighty ears. Moderate neck. Balanced angulation in both ends. Moved with normal soundness but I preferred the energy and suppleness of the winner. 3. Withheld.
Espen Engh