Scottish Dachshund Championship Show 2017

Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

Judge: Joanne Blackburn Bennett

BEST OF BREED : ARMSTRONG Ch Lauralee Nicholas Nickleby & Reserve Best in Show
Dog CC : ARMSTRONG Ch Lauralee Nicholas Nickleby
Res Dog CC :  MCNAUGHTON Carper Ag Von Nordor (Imp FCA)
Bitch CC : NORTON Matzell Minella
Res Bitch CC :  PATERSON Phaeland Sent Direct to Ambiesque
Best Puppy :  ARMSTRONG Lauralee to the Manor Born
Best Veteran : TOMLINSON Bensarka Golden Garter

Veteran Dog/Bitch (3, 1 Abs)
1st: TOMLINSON Bensarka Golden Garter
2nd: CUNNINGHAM Ir Ch Carpaccio Elegant Emerald for Celandine

Puppy Dog (2)
1st: CUNNINGHAM Clentry Back to Black for Celandine
2nd: RODGER Thundergay Beau Brummell

Junior Dog (2)
1st: HUGHES Matzell Matamia at Ivcar
2nd:SKIPPER Lauralee Artful Dodger

Post Graduate Dog (1)
1st: CLARKE & HASTIE Sirus Rising

Limit Dog (5)
1st: MCNAUGHTON Carper Ag Von Nordor (Imp FCA)
2nd: ANDISON & PEEL Excellmagic Wonderful Way (Imp Rus)
3rd:  CROSBIE & HOLROYD Bonavoir Red Hector
Res: STRINGFELLOW Sontag Silvan Sorecerer
VHC: MASKELL Clentry Monster Mash at Brownbamk ShCM

Open Dog (4)
1st: ARMSTRONG Lauralee Nicholas Nickleby
2nd: NORTON Matzell Man of the Match
3rd:  CHAUHAN & CERASINI Grand Ch Brownwood's Best Gift V Diagram
Res: ANDISON & PEEL Shardaroba's Indian Wedding

Puppy Bitch (6)
1st:  ARMSTRONG Lauralee to the Manor Born
2nd: ANDISON & PEEL Clentry Kiki Dee
3rd: CUNNINGHAM Clentry Ruby Tuesday for Celandine
Res: MCNAUGHTON Unira's Nothing Compares to U (Imp Fin)
VHC: CLARKE & HASTIE Demorgan Tania

Junior Bitch (5)
1st:  NORTON Matzell Myrtle
2nd: LUCAS Cwmdarhian Summer Nights
3rd:  ANDISON & PEEL Clentry Sugar Pie Honey Bunch
Res: PLAYFAIR Little Miss Dymanic
VHC: STRINGFELLOWS Oxondachs Amethyst at Silvatica

Post Graduate Bitch (1)
1st: PLAYFAIR Demorgans Secret

Limit Bitch (1)
1st: PATERSON Phaeland Sent Direct to Ambiesque

Open Bitch (5, 1 Abs)
1st: NORTON Matzell Minella
2nd: GATHERAL GRAHAM Phaeland Society Dancer
3rd: ARMSTRONG Lauralee Girl Crush
Res: DALGETY Thundergay Bebop A Lula

V (3,1a) 1 Tomlinson’s Bensarka Golden Garter, really lovely red bitch. Correct head & eye. Lengthy neck. Good shoulders. Super bone & lovely angulation fore & aft. Stood true, kept a good topline at all times. BV; 2 Cunningham’s Ir Ch Carpaccio Elegant Emerald for Celandine, different type to 1. What a showgirl & full of character. Good forechest & good spring of rib. Very balanced. PD (2) 1 Cunningham’s Clentry Back To Black for Celandine, really liked this boy. Beautiful head & eye. Good length of neck & good forechest. Lovely topline, super hindquarters which he used on the move. Lovely type, should have promising future. BPD; 2 Rodger’s Thundergay Beau Brummell, b/t. Strong houndy boy but very immature. Lovely expression. Super forechest. Good bone & substance. Needs to firm up in topline. JD (2) 1 Hughes’ Matzell Matamia at Ivcar, lovely clear red of excellent type. A little unsure on the move. Correct head & expression. Well placed shoulder, well put together front. Good ribbing. Super hindquarters. Lovely profile at all times; 2 Skipper’s Lauralee Artful Dodger, smaller b/t boy. Good head & expression. Good front & topline. Not the angles of 1. PGD (1) 1 Clarke & Hastie’s Sirus Rising, strong houndy looking b/t boy. Good head & eye, length of neck. Moved OK. LD (5) 1 McNaaughton’s Carper Ag von Nordor, really loved this shaded/r boy, just my type but gosh gave his owner a hard time. Not really loving showing inside. Super head & eye & expression. Beautifully put together & stunning outline, just lacked the confidence. RCC; 2 Andison & Peel’s Excellmagic Wonderful Way, different type. Smaller r/br boy. Good head & eye & length of neck. Super sound & good fore & aft. Would like lot more weight on him; 3 Crosbie & Holroyd’s Bonavoir Red Hector. OD (4) Strong class. 1 Armstrong’s Lauralee Nicholas Nickleby, this stunning b/t boy is such a stallion of male. Super head & eye & expression. Great forehand & drop down. Good spring of rib. Super angulations which he uses on the move. So sound moving & standing. Has a powerful outline at all times. CC & BOB & great to see him go RBIS; 2 Norton’s Matzell Man Of The Match, lovely clear red boy with so much to like about him. Lovely head & eye. Lengthy neck & good shoulders. Well angulated fore & aft. Good profile just not as positive behind as CC & RCC winner. Lovely type; 3 Chauhan & Cerasini’s Gr Ch Brownwood’s Best Gift V Diagram.

PB (6) 1 Armstrong’s Lauralee To The Manor Born, promising shaded/r bitch that should have a great future. Beautiful head & eye. Lovely forehand & good drop down. Fabulous forechest. Good spring of rib. Well angulated quarters. Really moved out in the class with super outline. Should have a great future. BP, also winner of Puppy Stakes; 2 Andison & Peel’s Clentry Kiki Dee, wow this clear red bitch standing was my winner, loved her standing. Lovely size, correct head, beautifully constructed but the handler could barely get her to walk a step she was so full of herself. I am sure she will settle down. Great attitude, & hopefully when settled should do well; 3 Cunningham’s Clentry Ruby Tuesday for Celandine. JB (5) 1 Norton’s Matzell Myrtle, another of beautiful type from this kennel. Lovely head & expression. Very prominent forechest. Excellent spring of rib. Good hind angulation. Beautifully put together. Super sound with good topline. I am sure this girl should have a good future. So mature for her age. Would like a little bit more weight off; 2 Lucas’ Cwmdarhian Summer Nights, smaller red girl. Super head & eye. Beautifully made & moved well with lovely outline. Lovely type also but same remarks would like little more weight off; 3 Andison & Peel’s Clentry Sugar Pie Honey Bunch. PGB (1) 1 Playfair’s Demorgans Secret, stood alone, was Res in Junior Bitch. Taller type. Not the angles that I like. Good length of neck & good forechest. Good underline & stood well enough especially free stacked, moved happily. LB (1) 1 Paterson’s Phaeland Sent Direct to Ambiesque, a red bitch that stood alone but full of quality. Lovely size. Good head & expression. Good length of neck. The best of forechests. Correct shoulders. Excellent spring of rib. Well angulated quarters which she used on the move. Well muscled. Super outline in the class keeping her tail down, unfortunately when she got in the challenge she got her tail up. Lovely bitch. RCC. OB (5,1) Lovely class. 1 Norton’s Matzell Minella, loved this red bitch, full of quality & type. Houndy but feminine head. Super neck & shoulders, really well laid back shoulders. Prominent forechest. Super bone & substance. Good spring of rib. Excellent underline. Well bent stifles. Excellent outline on the move. So sound in every way without being exaggerated. Her 3rd CC & well deserved; 2 Gatheral Graham’s Phaeland Society Dancer, great to see a dog being free stacked. I thought this girl was lovely, unfortunately carrying too much weight. Beautifully constructed & super outline on the move. So much to like about this girl, hopefully with less weight on her she will trouble the best; 3 Armstrong’s Lauralee Girl Crush.