Southern Dachshund Ass Championship Show 2018

Dachshund (Smooth-haired)

Judge: Anne Moore (Romanchi)

Dog CC : CHAUHAN & CERASINI Gr Ch Brownwood's Best Gift V Diagram (Imp USA)
Res Dog CC : ARMSTRONG Ch Lauralee Nicholas Nickleby 
Bitch CC : MACDONALD Bensarka Sarabi  
Res Bitch CC : LOCKETT WALTERS & MCDERMOTT Ralines for Pete's Sake
Best Puppy : HUNT Carpaccio Silent Siren Best Reserve Puppy in Show
Best Veteran : MACDONALD Multi Ch Bensarka Phoenix Sun  

Veteran Dog or Bitch (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: MACDONALD Multi Ch Bensarka Phoenix Sun 
2nd: NORTON Ch Matzell Mildred

Minor Puppy Dog (1 Entry) Abs: 0
1st: Tiriarll Caught Red Handed

Puppy Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: CHAUHAN Wanderhund Viva Las Vegas
2nd: HUNT Lauralee Huckleberry Finn At Carpaccio
3rd: Tiriarll Caught Red Handed

Junior Dog (1 Entry) Abs: 1
1st: Absent

Post Graduate Dog (1 Entry)
1st: GOFFIN-THOROGOOD Matzell Malizani

Limit Dog (5 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: KERRY Kireton Beau Diddley
2nd: ARMSTRONG Lauralee Dodging Bullets
3rd:  VALENTINE Morailsa Secret Script Tizzwazz

Open Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st:  CHAUHAN & CERASINI Gr Ch Brownwood's Best Gift V Diagram (Imp USA)
2nd: ARMSTRONG Ch Lauralee Nicholas Nickleby
3rd:  GOODFELLOW Sontag Silvan Sorcerer

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st: No Entries

Puppy Bitch (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st:  HUNT Carpaccio Silent Siren 
2nd: ARMSTRONG Lauralee Laugh Out Loud 
3rd: WAND Wanderhund California Girl

Junior Bitch (2 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: Absent

Post Graduate Bitch (5 Entries) Abs:
1st: LOCKETT WALTERS & MCDERMOTT Ralines for Pete's Sake

Limit Bitch (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: NORTON Matzell Martha
2nd: MACDONALD Bensarka I Like Twucks
3rd: HUNT Lauralee Miss Marple At Carpaccio JW Sh.CM
Res: ARMSTRONG Lauralee to the Manor Born
VHC: HONE Oxondachs Bon Bon

Open Bitch (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: MACDONALD Bensarka Sarabi 
2nd: ARMSTRONG Lauralee Girl Crush
3rd: WAND Wanderhund Moon Dragon
Res: HONE Oxondachs Candy Girl

Thank you to the Committee for the invitation and their hospitality.

There were some lovely dogs being exhibited but sadly due to their nervous dispositions they did not give of their best, scuttling around the ring and hiding behind handler’s legs. I am afraid that temperament is paramount to me and while I wasn’t growled at, some exhibits did back off on the table. The breed standard calls for ‘intelligent, lively, courageous to the point of rashness’ and this is what breeders should be aiming for. Some have clearly grasped the nettle and my principal winners all had lovely temperaments who were happy to come back to my hand. One incorrect bite and 2 tails with kinks

Vet D/B (3, 1abs)

1st Macdonald’s Ch/Am Gr Dual Ch Bensarka Phoenix Sun

Red dog I have admired since a puppy, I love his head, refined but masculine with a kind eye. Is a lovely size with balance, good bone, prominent forechest, well laid shoulder and return of upperarm, tight elbows, correctly angulated hindquarters, with good tailset. Well ribbed, not overlong, sound mover BV.

2nd Norton’s Ch Matzell Mildred red bitch of great breed type who I believe has won a RCC from me when she was younger, she has lovely construction but is just beginning to show her age and was not moving as freely as the winner

MPD (1)

1st Smith’s Tiriarll Caught Red Handed very immature 8 mth red dog with his very novice handler, has a super temperament, has a correct head, his front construction is not the best, he is out at elbow and his front action could be better. His ribbing is good but he could have better angulation in the rear.

PD (3)

1st Chauhan’s Wanderhund Viva Las Vegas 11 mth B/T, he is just a shade too low for me but he is a lovely chunky boy with a happy temperament, strong bone and good feet, masculine head with correct eye, good forequarter angulation with prominent forechest, good ribs, super hindquarters and parallel action, real handful for his handler, BPD.

2nd Hunt’s Lauralee Huckleberry Finn at Carpaccio Red, lovely head with good eye and good mouth, slightly finer in bone, excellent proportions, preferred 1st hindquarters and he moves a shade close behind.

3rd Smith’s Tiriarll Caught Red Handed

JD (1 abs)

PGD (1)

1st Goffin-Thorogood’s Matzell Malizani, red, worried about the proceedings so didn’t give of his best, he has good construction, perhaps a touch more upperarm, good ribbing and correct hindquarters, sound mover.

LD (5, 2 abs)

1st Kerry’s Kireton Beau Diddley B/T with a great temperament, another I have liked from a puppy, masculine head with good eye, prominent forechest, shoulders could be a laid back a tad, has plenty of ribs and short loin, has correct topline, really good hindquarters and sound steady mover, perhaps a shade too low.

2nd Armstrong’s Lauralee Dodging Bullets, red with a lovely head and eye, has great balance with prominent forechest, elbows could be tighter and he moved a shade close behind.

3rd Valentine’s Morailsa Secret Script Tiffwazz

OD (3)

1st Chauhan & Ceracini Gr Ch Brownwood’s Best Gift V Diagram, ultra sound balanced B/T, really happy boy, has everything in the right place, would benefit from losing some weight around his shoulders but they are correctly laid. Tight elbows. Excellent bone for size, well ribbed, well angulated hind quarter, obviously passing on his qualities as he is the Sire of the PD and RBCC, super dog I was happy to award the CC to.

2nd Armstrong’s Ch Lauralee Nicholas Nickleby. Masculine B/T, cleaner over the shoulder with good angles front and rear, longer cast than 1 and lower to ground moving a shade close in front. RCC

3rd Stringfellow’s Sontag Sylvan Sorcerer

MPB (0)

PB (3)

Three different types.

1st Hunt’s Carpaccio Silent Siren. C/T with fabulous dark choc colour. Very pretty head has enough forechest, shoulders well laid, has enough ribbing and well angulated hind end with correct tailset, and she is a shade low for me but felt she had the best outline and showed well. BP and RBPIS,

2nd Armstrong’s Lauralee Laugh Out Loud. Elegant red, has wonderful shoulders, very pretty head, could use a shade more ribbing, good hind end, perhaps a tad long for balance. She was very worried and this affected her movement.

3rd Wand’s Wanderhund California Girl

JB (2abs)

PGB (5, 1 abs)

1st Lockett-Walters Ralines for Pete’s Sake. Lovely size, well balanced B/T, great temperament, very pretty head with lovely eye and good mouth, has super front construction with well laid shoulder, return of upperarm and prominent forechest, excellent ribs, short loin, correctly angled hindquarters, moved soundly and confidently, although still has some maturing to do liked her enough for the RCC.

2nd Norton’s Matzell Myrtle. Red, finer all through, very pretty head, a shade long for me, she wasn’t too happy and as a consequence didn’t move as well as her construction would suggest.

3rd Stringfellow’s Oxondachs Amethyst at Silvatica

Res Newbrook’s Minalsa Miss Honeybee

LB (7, 1 abs)

1st Norton’s Matzell Martha. Red, would prefer a stronger temperament but she is a beautiful bitch, lovely breed type, very pretty head, prominent forechest, correct fore and hindquarters, excellent ribs, sound mover keeping a lovely outline.

2nd Macdonald’s Bensarka I like Twucks (love the name). Lovely red bitch who I preferred for size, she is a very nicely constructed who was very close up to first, just preferred the forechest on the winner. Super temperament.

3rd Hunt’s Lauralee Miss Marple at Carpaccio

Res Armstrong’s Lauralee to the Manor Born

VHC Hone’s Oxondachs Bon Bon

OB (4)

1st Macdonald’s Bensarka Sarabi. Beautifully balanced red of excellent size, has good bone for size, super head with correct eye, she is not too long or low, has prominent forechest, well laid shoulder with good upperarm, long ribs with short loin, correctly angulated hindquarters with good tailset, sound steady mover with lovely temperament, delighted to award her the CC which I was told was her 3rd, congratulations and I liked her enough to give her BOB.

2nd Armstrong’s Lauralee Girl Crush. Red in a larger mould, pretty head, plenty of forechest, a shade heavy over the shoulder, could do with more ribbing, good hindquarters, has enough bone, needs more confidence.

3rd Wand’s Wanderhund Moon Dragon

Res Hone’s Oxondachs Candy Girl