Dachshund Club Championship Show 2022



Judge: Sue Ergis (Siouxline)

BEST OF BREED : MOES & WILLIAMS Cwmdarhian The Governess & Reserve Best in Show
Dog CC : REYNOLDS Ir Ch Cwmdarhian San Domenico at Glenariff
Res Dog CC : HUNT Pelirroja Joined Forces with Carpaccio

Best Dog Puppy: YOUNG Craimose Adonis
Bitch CC : MOES & WILLIAMS Cwmdarhian The Governess
Res Bitch CC : ROBERTS Cedavoch Blowing a Gale at Swansford

Best Bitch Puppy: ANDISON & PEEL Clentry Cunchy Carrot
Best Puppy : ANDISON & PEEL Clentry Cunchy Carrot
Best Veteran : STARKEY Ch Carpaccio Jasper from Hamoura ShCM VW


Special Beginner Dog NO ENTRIES

Minor Puppy Dog (2)

1st: YOUNG Craimose Adonis

2nd: COUPLAND Retrohound Hermes

Puppy Dog (1)
1st: YOUNG Craimose Dicksonia

Junior Dog (1)
1st: BINKS Cedavoch Ocean Storm



Post Graduate Dog (3)
1st: STARKEY Carpaccio Magnum Pi at Hamoura

2nd: HINWOOD Adnerbs Sheer Nanagins at Longmel

Limit Dog (4)

1st: HUNT Pelirroja Joined Forces with Carpaccio
2nd: MOES & WILLIAMS Cwmdarhian Super Mario
3rd: SMITH Conchur Silver Sword
Res: SMALL Almaznyi Laretz Ershalaim at Devondax

Open Dog (7)
1st: REYNOLDS Ir Ch Cwmdarhian San Domenico at Glenariff
2nd: MILLS- JONES & MOES & WILLIAMS Cwmdarhian Gordon Ramsey
3rd: MACDONALD Bensarka Limerick

Res: MCNAUGHTON Ch Cedavoch Struuann

VHC: CHAUHAN Ch Raajputs Blacky Returns


Veteran Dog (1)

1st STARKEY Ch Carpaccio Jasper from Hamoura ShCM VW


Special Beginner Bitch NO ENTRIES

Minor Puppy Bitch (5)
1st: TOMLINSON Melisdax Magnolia in May

2nd: ROBERTS & SMITH Craimose Aquilegia

3rd: DATTA Craimose Primrose

Res: YOUNG Craimose Freesia

Puppy Bitch (3)
1st: ANDISON & PEEL Clentry Crunchy Carrot

2nd: TOMLINSON Melisdax Memories of May

3rd: BURKE Marshwick Holly Berry

Junior Bitch (6)
1st: HANNEY-MITCHELL Bronia Solar Flare
2nd: PATERSON Cwmdarhian the Mistress
3rd: STARK Adnerbs Not On Your Nellie Gobannium

Res: TOMLINSON Melisdax Mischief in May

VHC: COX Bulldaxit Secret Love


Novice Bitch (1)
1st:  TOMLINSON Melisdax Mischief in May

Post Graduate Bitch (6)
1st: ROBERTS Cedavoch Blowing a Gale at Swansford
2nd: MCNAUGHTON Cedavoch Sea Breeze
3rd: JENNINGS Clentry Sweet Melody

Res: HUNT Lauralee Joan of Arc at Carpaccio

VHC: VALENTINE Amlida Tamora to Tiffwazz

Limit Bitch (8)
1st: MOES & WILLIAMS Cwmdarhian The Governess
2nd: STARK Adnerbs Won Vision Of Gobannium JW
3rd: NORTON Matzell Martinella

Res: MACDONALD Hampdach Alice Springs at Bensarka

VHC: HEELS Daxanory Ravishing Minx

Open Bitch (2)
1st: CHAUHAN Ch Adnerbs Take A Chance On Me At Raajput

2nd: MELBOURNE Marvale Double Dealing with Melriding


Veteran Bitch (2)
1st: VALENTINE Tiffwazz Robin

There were some lovely Smooth haired Dachshunds here today,  my Bitch line-up for the CC was a joy to behold…….I could have awarded 5 CCs!   I thought my BOB was absolutely gorgeous……..just the right size with everything in the right place, pleased to see she went on to Reserve BIS.


Special Beginners Dog (0)


Minor Puppy Dog (2)

  1.  Young’s CRAIMOSE ADONIS.  B/T 6 months puppy, he’s a tad rangy at present but he has a nice balanced outline when stacked and holds his topline on the move, liked his head and eye, quite good body construction with a sound front & tight elbows, well ribbed, firm topline, moved happily, he just needs to drop & mature.
  2. Coupland’s RETROHOUND HERMES.  Slightly more mature than 1 with a masculine head, good neck length, sufficient depth to chest & ribbing, he tends to dip in his topline & I would like tighter elbows, good turn of stifle,needs to settle on the move.


Puppy Dog (1)

  1.  Young’s CRAIMOSE DICKSONIA.  Litter brother to 1 in previous class and similar remarks apply…….he needs time to mature, again I liked his head & eye shape, he has a balanced outline when stacked and nice body construction, he is a glorious red in colour!  He was a little overwhelmed today, perhaps a little more ring training would help him to settle.


Junior Dog (1)

  1. Binks’ CEDAVOCH OCEAN STORM.    Nicely constructed boy, conical head with dark eyes giving lovely expression, sound front assembly, well ribbed with good depth of keel, well turned stifles, he move true fore & aft, slight tendency to drop on his quarters when stacked which may improve with more confidence.


Novice (0)


Post Grad Dog (3,1a)

  1. Starkey’s CARPACCIO MAGNUM PI AT HAMOURA.  This B/T boy scored in head, he has a  noble expression with correct eye shape, good length of neck leading into a sound forehand, sufficient length & depth of ribbing, strong straight topline which he held on the move and he was positive coming toward & going away.
  2. Hinwood’s ADNERB SHEER NANAGINS AT LONGMEL.   Lower to ground than 1 with good length, ribbing carried back & firm topline, would like more pronounced sternum but he had a fairly well filled front, sound quarters, moved well enough.


Limit Dog (4)

  1. Hunt’s PELIRROJA JOINED FORCES WITH CARPACCIO.  Liked this lad for his free flowing movement, he has a nice balanced outline, lovely head & expression, sound front assembly with good angulation & tight elbows, well ribbed with depth of keel, good turn of stifle, he moved soundly on a loose lead maintaining his outline and holding his clean lines. RES CC.
  2. Williams & Moes CWMDARHIAN SUPER MARIO.  The first of several from this kennel that I really liked, lovely size with correct body construction, well proportioned head, good length of neck & back, nice hind angulation, his movement was positive but not quite so free as 1.
  3. Smith & Connor’s CONCHUR SILVER SWORD.


Open Dog (7,1a).   

  1. Reynolds’ IR.CH. CWMDARHIAN SAN DOMENICO AT GLENARIFF.   This masculine red boy headed a lovely line - up of quality males.  He has a beautifully proportioned head with correct eye shape, good reach of neck leading into an excellent forehand with sufficient pro-sternum, depth & length of keel and ribbing, well bent stifles with low hocks, he maintained his lovely outline both stacked and on the move, pleased to award him the CC which I was told was his third……congratulations.
  2. Jones, Moes & Williams’ CWMDARHIAN GORDON RAMSEY.   Similar type to 1 and he has many of the same qualities, lovely head, good length of neck & depth of body with ribs carried back, well angled quarters, he has a balanced outline and parallel movement, preferred the masculinity of 1.
  3. Mac Donald’s BENSARKA LIMERICK.


Veteran Dog (1)

  1. Starkey’s CH.CARPACCIO JASPER FROM HAMOURA ShCM. VM.    Grand old man of 11 years and a credit to his owner.  He is nicely constructed throughout and moved and showed like a 2 yr.old. Pleased to award him BEST VETERAN IN BREED.


Special Beginners Bitch (0)


Minor Puppy Bitch (5,1a)

  1. Tomlinson’s MELISDAX MAGNOLIA IN MAY.  Promising red baby of 6 months with lots to like and if she continues this way she should have a bright future. She has a lovely conical head, correct eye shape, long neck leading into a neat forehand with depth of chest & ribbing, well turned stifles, nice outline and she moved true fore & aft.
  2. Roberts & Smith’s CRAIMOSE AQUILEGIA. Another 6 months baby, also quite promising, litter sister to the two dog puppies but she is lower and has more depth through, nicely constructed with good neck, front & quarters, balanced outline. moved well.


Puppy Bitch (3)

  1. Andison & Peel’s CLENTRY CRUNCHY CARROT. What a name for this lovely red puppy!   I really liked her and she should have a bright future, she has a lovely head & expression, excellent forehand with correct angulation, good depth of keel & ribbing, straight topline, well turned stifles, she moved out well maintaining a balanced outline, a real little showgirl!  BEST PUPPY IN BREED.
  2. Tomlinson’s MELISDAX MEMORIES OF MAY.  Litter sister to 1 in Minor puppy and many of the same remarks apply.  Pretty B/T, very feminine, neat front with tight elbows, good pro-sternum, depth of keel & ribbing, sound quarters, she moved nicely with confidence.


Junior Bitch (6)

  1. Hanney-Mitchell’s BRONIA SOLAR FLARE. Exhuberant red girl that really strode round the ring, love her personality!  She has a balanced head, correct eye shape giving a lovely expression, her long neck leads into a sound front assembly, well ribbed with good depth, super outline, well bent stifles, moving true for & aft.
  2. Paterson’s CWMDARHIAN THE MISTRESS.  Another lovely girl who has lots to like, slightly longer cast with good depth of ribbing carried back, sound even front with tight elbows, good top & underline, well angulation quarters, she moved out well maintaining a nice outline. Close up to 1. but just loved the personality of 1.


Novice Bitch (1)

  1. Tomlinson’s MELISDAX MISCHIEF IN MAY.  Promising 6 months baby, litter sister to 1st in Minor Puppy & 2nd in Puppy, what a lovely litter, she is well constructed all through and moved round the ring soundly, she just need time to mature.


Post Grad Bitch (6)

  1.  Roberts’ CEDAVOCH BLOWING A GALE TO SWANSFORD.  Really liked this lovely red girl, she has a beautiful head with dark eyes giving a lovely expression, super front assembly with correctly angulated shoulder & upper arm, good depth of keel following through to a long smooth rib cage, firm straight backline, strong well rounded quarters, she moved well maintaining a super outline.  RES. CC.
  2. McNaughton’s CEDAVOCH SEA BREEZE. Litter sister to 1 and similar in many ways, she also has a lovely expressive head, good reach of neck,  well filled front with depth of chest &  ribbing carried back,  sufficient length of back, sound quarters that she used well on the move, preferred her sister’s topline.


Limit Bitch (8,2a)

  1.  Williams & Moes CWMDARHIAN THE GOVERNESS.  This gorgeous bitch had everything I was looking for, full of quality and is the size that I like,   she has a super outline combined with elegance, lovely long neck leading into well laid shoulders, tight elbows supporting her long smooth ribcage,  well angulated quarters, she stood parallel on the table and was parallel on the move,  super temperament.  I thought she was just beautiful and was happy to award her the BITCH CC & BOB……..she went on to RESERVE BEST IN SHOW.
  2. Stark’s ADNERBS WON VISION OF GOBANNIUM JW.  Attractive girl with lots to like, feminine head with nice eye shape, sound front assembly with tight elbows, firm topline,  well ribbed & short loin, sound quarters which showed in her movement, true fore & aft.


Open Bitch (2)

  1.  Chauhan’s CH. ADNERBS TAKE A CHANCE ON ME AT RAAJPUT.  Lovely B/T girl that showed and moved very well, she has quality, is the correct size and is nicely put together, super front assembly, long smooth ribbing, nice turn of stifle, low hocks, well balanced all through, a very worthy champion.
  2. Melbourne’s MARVALE DOUBLE DEALING WITH MELRIDING.    This girl has a lot going for her but she’s a little overdone for me.  She has a lovely head & expression, well put together forehand with tight elbows, good depth and length of body, rounded quarters, she moved well, preferred balance & size of 1.


Veteran Bitch (2,1a)

  1. Valentine’s TIFFWAZZ ROBIN.  At 7 years old this lovely lady is still moving well, she has an alert expression & nice body shape with a neat front & tight elbows, firm topline, sound movement, well handled & presented.