Judge: Jason Hunt (Carpaccio)

BEST OF BREED :  YOUNG Craimose Adonis
Dog CC : YOUNG Craimose Adonis
Res Dog CC : HEELS Daxanory Menacing Dennis
Bitch CC : BORRELLI Philabar the Original
Res Bitch CC : PATERSON Cwmdarhian The Mistress
Best Puppy : YOUNG Craimose Adonis
Best Veteran : VALENTINE Tiffwazz Robin


Veteran Dog NO ENTRIES

Puppy Dog (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: YOUNG Craimose Adonis
2nd: MCNAUGHTON Cedavoch Rohan
3rd: KAVANAGH-BROMLEY Craimose Dicksonia

Res: JENNINGS Marvale's Manifesto at Jenivon

VHC: GRAHAM Marvale Chancellor at Ravold

Junior Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: RYCROFT Jacksondax Hornet Hurrah
2nd: LAMBERTI ZANDARDI Non Ce Regola Senza Eccezione Detto Captain Harlick Dell'ombra Pazza
3rd: PHILLIPS Lolasloves Little Roly

Post Graduate Dog (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: HINWOOD Anerbs Sheer Nanagins at Longmel
2nd: VAITEKUNAITE Milendo Justin Thyme
3rd: KAY Turbodach Orazio at Lochlip

Res: CARVER Kiersha Mr Fawkes at Hasoma

Limit Dog (7 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: SMALL Almaznyi Laretz Ershalaim at Devondax
2nd: LUCAS Hampdach Dr Watson
3rd: ANDISON & PEEL Cedavoch Drizzle of Rain

Res: HIRT Gravelous Low Rider

VHC: LOCKE Lauralee Air Foce One

Open Dog (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: HEELS Daxanory Menacing Dennis
2nd: MCNAUGHTON Ch Cedavoch Struuann
3rd: DEABATE GILI Slo Ch Hunterwood's Pass Player
Res: CHAUHAN Ch Raajputs Blacky Returns

VHC: PHILLIPS Lolasloves Little Roly

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog NO ENTRIES

Veteran Bitch (2 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: VALENTINE Tiffwazz Robin
2nd: KAY Grainne Lannister at Lochlip

Puppy Bitch (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: LUCAS Tramardachs Booty Licious
2nd: ROBERTS & SMITH Craimose Aquilegia For Rayol
3rd: YOUNG Craimose Freesia

Res: MCNAUGHTON Cedavoch Lothlorien

VHC: TOMLINSON Melisdax Magnolia in May

Junior Bitch (8 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: PATERSON Cwmdarhian The Mistress

2nd: TOMLINSON Melisdax Memories of May

3rd: PEEL & ANDISON Clentry Crunchy Carrot

Res: DATTA Craimose Primrose

VHC: GLINEICKA Canbriza The Lucky Black

Post Graduate Bitch (8 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: KAY Lochlip Skys the Limit
2nd: YOUNG Daxiehun Dare to Dream

3rd: VALENTINE Amlida Tamora to Tiffwazz

Res:  STARK Adnerbs Not On Your Nellie Gobannium

VHC: <ORLAND Zoraden Jemima Puddle Duck

Limit Bitch (8 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: CHAPMAN-REITH Wanderhund Lets Celebrate for Hayvenhund JW

2nd: JENNINGS Clentry Sweet Melody

3rd: LOCKE Lauralee The American Dream

Res: HINWOOD Longmel Special Truffle

VHC: HEELS Daxanory Ravishing Meg

Open Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: BORRELLI Philabar the Original
2nd: CHAUHAN Ch Adnerbs Take A Chance On Me At Raajput
3rd: RODGER Cedavoch Sophisticate at Thundergay

Res: BALFOUR Clentry Mickey Mania

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch NO ENTRIES


I would like to thank the officers and committee for inviting me to judge at this the most prestigious show in the world. I was delighted with my entry and thank each exhibitor for their entry especially in this economic climate. I found that we have some major problems creeping in. I found no bad mouths, teeth could be cleaner. Nails need to be addressed as this does distract from the shape of the foot. Short keels seem to be the norm, along with short ribs and long loins. Some exhibits were either far too fat or some bordering on the thinner side. These exhibits are not fit for function to do the purpose they were bred for. For years we bred for long, low and level but now the standard has been modified. There were too many exhibits that were not fitting the criteria of height to length ratio. These could never go to ground to do their job, I was looking for a reasonable amount of ground clearance. I found shoulders of all different angles that made front movement very hard. Why have we got into this running with dachshunds? It actually spoils them when moving as they just scrabble on the ground to keep up. After all that I was happy to award my winners with top honours 
PD 1 Craimose Adonis, smart black and tan 10 months old with a temperament to die for. A new one to me, he filled my eyes as he entered the ring he was the best mover on the day with free flowing movement, yes he can be a bit exuberant on the move but he is still a baby. He has a classic head piece without exaggeration on a well arched neck well filled front and of good height to length ratio, he has correct shoulders and well sprung ribs good hindquarters which gave super power and reach on the move, well handled to get the best out of him. He has a classic outline he put me very much in mind of Ch Marictur Mr Moro. Had no hesitation in awarding him this class and was a standout winner in the challenge Dcc, Bob and BP and he represented us well in the group. Congratulations. 2 Cedavoch Rohan. Very different type to 1, he was giving the handler a hard time he needs to settle to get the best out of him. He handles well on the table everything in the right place, but today I preferred winner’s outline and front movement. 3 Craimose Dicksonia, litter brother to the winner, he is the most glorious colour and has the most amazing head, again a wonderful happy temperament, when he matures it will be interesting to see what he turns out like 
JD 1 Jacksondax Hornet Hurrah, smart b/t won this class on his movement. He needs to settle but that will come with age. Would like him a shade bigger. 2 Non C’è Regola Senza Eccezione Detto Capitan Harlock Dell’ombra Pazza, very continental in type, he had a good temperament moved well. 3 Lolasloves Little Roly Black and Tan, needs training, not as positive in the front as the winner 
PGD 1 Adnerb Sheer Nanagin at Longmel, smart Black and Tan, the best mover in the class I would like more pro sternum. Keeps a good outline and moved well. 2 Milendo Justin Thyme, smart Black and Tan, pleasing to go over, he has a masculine head without coarseness. 3 Turbodach Orazio at Lochlip, smart Red lots to like but lacks length for me. 
LD 1 Almaznyi Laretz Ershalaim at Devondax. Smart Black and Tan who have admired from the ringside. Good shoulders well filled front moved out well keeping a good outline. 2 Hampdach Dr Watson. Red another of good type not as positive as 1 in rear movement. His overall qualities and masculine head got him his place. 3 Cedavoch Drizzle of Rain Red I thought would be my winner, but on closer inspection he needs more bone. Well handled to get the best out of her. 
OD Difficult class to judge as not any were of the same type. 1 Daxanory Menacing Dennis. Red with a more old fashioned head piece but he couldn’t be denied this class. Well arched neck good well filled front has a lovely outline on the stack and on the move. Pleased to award him Rcc. 2Ch Cedavoch Struuan, well known Ch but for me I found him too low to ground. He can not be denied his title, today he lost his outline on the move 3 Slo Ch Hunterwood’s Pass Player, very elegant red red this dog has lots to like about him. I would think he would sweep the board across Europe but he is a continental type and if he were bigger he could have won this class thank you for bringing him VB 1 Tiffwazz Robin. Black and Tan bitch who I have never seen look better. Super head everything is in the right place. Gave her handler a hard time I think if she was to relax the bitch would move better. Pleased to award Best Veteran 2 Grainne Lannister at Lochlip. Black and Tan another nice bitch new to me. She has all the essential qualities for me I would a little more length of rib moved out well to get the best out of her. 
PB Exciting class to judge as this gives some future to our breed. All of the placed dogs I am sure will change places on other days. 1 Tramardachs Booty Licious. Red a new one to me very elegant type she has a pretty head with sweet expression. Correct well filled front with correct shoulder angulation. Well sprung rib keeps a good top line at all times. Moved out with grace and ease BPB in the challenge she played her handler up which cost her the rcc. Will watch her career with interest 2 Craimose Aquilegia for Rayol, very immature bitch she has a classic head with a sweet expression. Well filled front moved out well keeping a good outline litter sister to BOB winner has amazing temperament. Interesting to see her when she matures. 3 Craimose Freesia, another sister to the BOB winner. She again is a top quality bitch that was not being very Co operative with her handler. Her sister and her are very much the same type. She complemented a trio of good bitches. Congratulations to the breeder on a successful litter. 
JB 1 Cwmdarhian The Mistress, smart Black and Tan bitch of good quality. She has a regal head and well arched neck, correct well filled front good shoulders. She moves like a dream. Would like her to carry a little more weight to finish the final picture, could not be denied rcc. 2 Melisdax Memories of May, quality bitch pretty head lovely front nice quarters moved out well. Unlucky to meet winner on top form today. 3 Clentry Crunchy Carrot, red four square bitch with correct well filled front, moved and handled well to get the best out of her, complemented a trio of quality bitches. 
PGB 1 Lochlip Skys The Limit, another that was new to me. Your hands flow over this bitch. She has a classic head with well arched neck, correct shoulders keeps a classic outline, moved out well. 2 Daxiehun Dare to Dream, red of different type to winner but has a lot to like about her, she a beautiful type good head neck and shoulders moved out well. Today a little untidy in her underline. I see she is the mother of the BOB winner. 3 Amlida Tamora to Tiffwazz, smart bitch of a nice type moved and showed well. LB (2) Quality bitches headed this class. 1 Wanderhund Lets Celebrate for Hayvenhund JW. Black and Tan often admired from the ringside she has a quality head well arched neck. She scores well in all departments, she covers the ground with ease but it was her overall movement that took her to 1st place. In the challenge she was not moving like she did in the class. 2 Clentry Sweet Melody, quality red bitch, I was splitting hairs between these 2, your hands flow over her she has all the qualities of a top winner. Moved out well and sympathetically handled to get the best out of her. 3 Lauralee The American Dream, smart Black and Tan. Well handled to get the best out of her for me I would like a little more heart room on the move as she was a little narrow. 
OB 1 Philabar The Original, a quality bitch of good breed type. I have admired her from the ringside. Today she came she saw and conquered. She has had a litter now which has done her the worldof good. She has a classic head with aristocratic expression well arched neck correct well filled front, correct shoulder well sprung ribs a super outline that she maintains at all times when viewed from every angle. Loved her positive movement coming towards me. She just asked for the CC, congratulations. A bitch for function. 2 Ch Adnerbs Take A Chance On Me at Raajput a well known champion thought she was going to be my winner but in the new modified standard I found her too low in the front with not a lot of ground clearance. I preferred my winner as today she pinned a little in front. She certainly wouldn’t be able to do a days work she was carrying too much weight for me. 3 Cedavoch Sophisticate at Thundergay, red bitch of sound quality moving a little wide in front.
Jason Hunt