Judge: Helen Walters (Ralines)

BEST OF BREED :  CHAUHAN Ch Adnerbs Take A Chance On Me At Raajput & Best in Show
Dog CC : WILLIAMS & MOES Cwmdarhian Super Mario
Res Dog CC : WILLIAMS & MOES Cwmdarhian Gordon Ramsay

Best Dog Puppy: GRAHAM Marvale Chancellor at Ravold
Bitch CC : CHAUHAN Ch Adnerbs Take A Chance On Me At Raajput
Res Bitch CC : PATERSON Cwmdarhian The Mistress

Best Bitch Puppy : TOMLINSON Melisdax Memories of May
Best Puppy : GRAHAM Marvale Chancellor at Ravold & Best Puppy in Show
Best Veteran : NORTON Ch Matzell Martha


Veteran Dog or Bitch (5,2)

1st: NORTON Ch Matzell Martha
2nd: KERRY Ch Kireton Beau Diddley
3rd: VALENTINE Tiffwazz Robin


Minor Puppy Dog (1)
1st: CHAUNAN Raajout's Cover Story

Puppy Dog (3)
1st: YOUNG Craimose Adonis
2nd: Fantastic Frank
3rd: Retrohound Hermes

Junior Dog (2)
1st: GRAHAM Marvale Chancellor at Ravold
2nd: RYCROFT Jacksondax Hornet Hurrah 


Yearling Dog (1,1)
1st: Absent

Post Graduate Dog (4,1)
1st: HINWOOD Anerbs Sheer Nanagins at Longmel
2nd: CARVER Kiersha Mr Fawkes at Hasoma
3rd: Skywalker Blue

Limit Dog (4,1)
1st: WILLIAMS & MOES Cwmdarhian Super Mario
2nd: SMALL Almaznyi Laretz Ershalaim at Devondax
3rd: STARKEY Carpaccio Magnum aPi at Hamoura

Open Dog (3)
1st: WILLIAMS & MOES Cwmdarhian Gordon Ramsay
2nd: CHAUHAN Ch Raajputs Blacky Returns
3rd: HEELS Daxanory Menacing Dennis

Champion Dog - NO ENTRIES


Minor Puppy Bitch (1)
1st: Raajput's Canadian Winter with Wakywilks

Puppy Bitch (4,1)
1st: TOMLINSON Melisdax Memories of May

2nd: ROBERTS & SMITH Craimose Aquilegia For Rayol
3rd: YOUNG Craimose Freesia

Junior Bitch (1)

1st: TOMLINSON Melisdax Magnolia in May

Yearling Bitch (2,1)
1st: HANNEY-MITCHELL Bronia Solar Flare

Post Graduate Bitch (4)
1st: Matzell Mazari

2nd: VALENTINE Amlida Tamora to Tiffwazz

3rd:  YOUNG Daxiehun Dare to Dream with Craimose

Res: HEELS Daxanory Ravishing Meg

Limit Bitch (5)
1st: Matzell Martinella

2nd: PATERSON Cwmdarhain the Mistress

3rd: ROBERTS Cedavoch Blowing a Gale to Swansford

Res: Ulybka Fortuny Zlatovlaska at Devondax

VHC: HINWOOD Longmel Special Truffle

Open Bitch (2)
1st: CHAUHAN Ch Adnerbs Take A Chance On Me At Raajput
2nd: TOMLINSON Bensarka Emerald Isle to Melisdax

Champion Bitch (2)

1st: WILLIAMS & MOES Ch Clwmdarhian the Governess
2nd: NORTON Ch Matzell Martha

I would like to thank the officers and committee for my invitation to judge at the Smooth Club show and to my steward Margaret Turner for keeping the ring running smoothly on the day. Having been brought up around Smooths before showing mini longís, it was a huge honour to be invited to judge at this prestigious show. As a whole I felt that the quality of the females far outweighed the quality of the males on the day. There are very distinct types some a correct size but lacking in bone and others on the larger side. I was extremely pleased with the temperaments of all the dogs entered and even got kisses off some. On the less positive side I found good length and spring of rib was lacking and it pains me to say but I had a handful of dirty dogs entered under me. Just because they have a smooth coat it does not mean they donít need to be cleaned! Thrilled to see my BOB go BIS and BPIB go onto BPIS!


Class 19 Veteran 5 (2abs)

Quality Class of Veterans 1st Nortonís CH MATZELL MARTHA 7 years Red bitch very typical of the breed completely balanced good length of neck, with correct shoulder angles nice hammy rear, solid topline and flowing underline of which both were held well on the move, covered the ring with ease, she does not look her age.BVIB 2nd Kerryís CH KIRETON BEAU DIDDLEY another smart example of the breed feel in love with his head and expression, very eye catching. Top class front and shoulders, drove around the ring preferred the tail set of the class winner which allowed for cleaner lines. 3rd Valentines TIFFWAZZ ROBIN


Class 20 Minor Puppy Dog 1

1st Chauhanís RAAJPUTíS COVER STORY Black and Tan dog presented in tip top condition. When I saw this boy on the stack I was very impressed, the most stunning head which was carried well with good length of neck, fab front with correct shoulder angles a real picture on the stack. Unfortunately on the day he moved wide behind, and like many puppies hasnít really found his stride yet, has plenty of maturing to do.


Class 21 Puppy Dog 3

1st Youngís CRAIMOSE ADONIS Black and Tan dog, what a show dog he really loves the attention, superb temperament, and ring presence he won this class on his correct length of rib. Tidy dog would prefer more front, moved slightly close on the move but very enthusiastic on the move. 2nd Rycroftís FANTASTIC FRANK rangier type boy needs to fill out with maturity, although a taller type he is a balanced boy with sufficient bone, nice tight feet, good topline which he held well on the move alike the class winner slightly close behind. 3rd Couplandís RETROHOUND HERMES


Class 22 Junior Dog 2

1st Grahamís MARVALLE CHANCELLOR AT RAVOLD what a lovely young male, slightly on the large side for my liking however he is all of a piece, strong masculine head, could do with a little more neck, sufficient in front would like a tad more width through, good shoulder, strong level topline held well on the move and gentle underline, shown in fantastic condition his coat was gleaming and super well-muscled rear. Well on for his age will watch with interest Iím sure more things will fall into place with maturity BPIB. 2nd Rycroft JACKSONDAX HORNET HURRAH rangier type exuberant boy really has the personality for the show ring, will take time, excels in length of neck and although taller in type has good rear angles lacked in front, bone and substance for me.


Class 23 Yearling Dog 1(1abs)


Class 24 Post Graduate Dog 4 (1abs)

1st Hinwoodís ADNERB SHEER NANAGINS AT LONG MEL Black and tan boy presented well, soundest mover in the class, moving parallel coming and going and driving round the ring. Well balance, slightly forward placed in shoulder creating heavy wrinkle over the shoulder, good width through, nice bunchy feet, his handler could get more from him. 2nd Carverís KIERSHA MR FAWKES AT HASOMA really liked this choc boy when he came into the ring unfortunately this coat was thin in places on the day and therefore didnít have the finish of the class winner. None the less really loved his type, lovely size for a dog well-muscled and handled to show off his best attributes. This boy really excels in front, sound angles fore and aft and move parallel. Would prefer a cleaner tail set. 3rd Rycrofís SKYWALKER BLUE.


Class 25 Limit Dog 4 (1abs)

1st Williams & Moeís CWMDARHIAN SUPER MARIO compact red boy with many attributes, nothing over-done creating complete balance. Correct conical head, plenty of neck sufficient front and correct angles and lay of shoulder. Noticeably about this dog he has sufficient length and spring of rib which many lack. Excels in rear angulation that allows him to really drive around the ring which he takes in his stride, could not deny him the class and CC on his free-flowing movement and soundness. 2nd Smallís ALMAZNYI LARETZ ERSHALAIM AT DEVONDAX  smart black and tan boy, with the most masculine of heads, plenty of bone and substance, lovely front, good shoulder, tidy top and underline moved parallel coming and going, would prefer a little more neck to finish the picture, also although his mouth was correct could do with slightly stronger dentition. Strongly considered for the RCC. 3rd Starkeyís CARPACCIO MAGNUM PI AT HAMOURA


Class 26 Open Dog

1st Jones, Moes & Williamsí CWMDARHIAN GORDON RAMSAY smart red dog, strong masculine head with correct eye shape and strong correct dentition, sound boy on the move, moving parallel, his rear end being his best quality. Would prefer cleaner shoulders, however his little bit more ground clearance allowed him to make the most of the ring giving him the class and RCC. 2nd Chauhan CH RAAJPUTíS BLACKY RETURNS another dog from this kennel that really impressed on the stack however didnít move as well as expected on the day, nice masculine head, good front and shoulder, super clean outline, unfortunately this boy lost his topline on the move today and didnít have the ground clearance of the class winner. 3rd Heels DAXANORY MANECING DENIS focus need to given to the presentation of this boy.


Class 27 Champion Dog 0


Class 28 Minor Puppy Bitch 1

1st Wilkonson & Wakehamís RAAJPUTíS CANADIAN WINTER WITH WAKYWILKS NAF super feminine black and tan bitch really caught my eye, lovely clean lines, feminine head with correct eye shape, elegant neck and head carriage, super sound in front and shoulder a real classic type. Iím sure she will mature into a lovely bitch, her playful side came out on the day and was jumping the lines  distorting her shape on the move, none the less a lovely baby.


Class 29 Puppy Bitch 4 (1abs)

1st Tomlinsonís MELISDAX MEMORIES OF MAY what a pretty little bitch loved how feminine she was, correct size she really was a picture on the stack and super sound on the move, good head proportions, sufficient front, good front and angles and lovely rear angles, her best attribute being her nice long ribbing creating a strong topline and tidy underline, unlike many which tuck up. Think this girl will really shine with a little more enthusiasm BPB. 2nd Roberts & Smithís CRAIMOSE AQUILEGIA FOR RAYOL such a happy puppy, did not stop wagging! pretty feminine bitch slightly taller type than the class winner, tucked up a on the move requires maturity to fill out in front more filling her crook. 3rd Gentle & Youngís CRAIMOSE FREESIA.


Class 30 Junior Bitch 1

1st Tomlinsonís MELISDAX MAGNOLIA IN MAY dark shaded red bitch a lot of qualities to this bitch however didnít have the shoulder angles of her kennel mate who won BPB causing untidy front movement. That aside she held her topline well on the move, good length and spring of rib going into a well-muscled back end which she used to her advantage and a nice clean tail set.


Class 31 Yearling Bitch 2(1abs)

1st Stark ADNERBS NOT ON YOUR NELLIE GOBANNIUM JW not a glamourous bitch however very nicely put together. Good head proportions, lovely length of neck, slightly forward placed shoulders and hence would also like a little more front, good width throughout. Moved parallel coming and going, would prefer a cleaner tail set.



Class 32 Post Graduate Bitch 4

1st Goffin-Thorogoodís MATZELL MAZARI similar to the previous class winner this bitch was not glamourous, but she was super sound, a lot to like about her and a lot of attributes that are generally lacking in the breed. Nice chunky bitch oozing with bone and substance, nice bunchy feet, plenty of front, good angles fore and aft, and she kept her neat outline on the move, just needs a little more enthusiasm on the move to shine. 2nd Valentineís AMILDA TAMORA AT TIFFWAZZ  another sound longer cast bitch didnít have the bone and feet of the class winner, however a lot to like, in fabulous condition her coat was gleaming tidy front and shoulder, another with good length and spring of rib, tidy back end on the stack with correct angles however she appeared to be slipping slightly on the floor today.3rd Youngís DAXIEHUN DARE TO DREAM WITH CRAIMOSE.


Class 33 Limit Bitch 5

Wow what a class, without doubt the strongest class of the day 1st Nortonís MATZELL MARTINELLA this girl was the full package in her class, slightly on the larger side but so correct, text book front and shoulders to be admired, elegant neck allowing correct head carriage on the move, super length and spring of rib creating a solid topline and gradual underline, rear angles matched her shoulder angles creating complete balance, without hesitation my class winner unfortunately she lost her lustre on the move in the challenge. 2nd Pattersonís CWNDARHIAN THE MISTRESS another super bitch, compact bitch everything in the right place preferred the substance of the class winner. 3rd Robertsí CEDAVOCH BLOWING A GALE TO SWANSFORD a lot to like about this bitch didnít have the maturity of the 1st and 2nd


Class 34 Open Bitch 2

1st Chauhanís CH ADNERBS TAKE A CHANCE ON ME AT RAAJPUT this girl absolutely shone today, her coat and condition was faultless, her ring presence could not be ignored, I feel her handler could show her at a slightly slower pace to better show off her attributes. Lovely compact size but still has plenty of bone and substance, super feminine head with beautiful eye shape and expression, correct front and shoulder, good length and spring of rib, powerful rear end which she uses on the move, the complete picture today. CC & BOB 2nd Tomlinsonís BENSARKA EMERALD ISLE TO MELISDAX pretty bitch with some nice qualities was a little uneasy today making her roach in topline on the stack.


Class 35 Champion Bitch 2

1st Williams & Moesí CH CWMDARHIAN THE GOVERNESS petite bitch but had plenty of bone for her size, super clean lines, everything in the correct place, loved her length of neck giving her so much elegance. This girl can really move, for a petite girl she really covers the ground, RCC did not have the coat condition of the CC winner on the day. 2nd Nortonís CH MATZELL MARTHA