Judge: Mark Walshaw

BEST OF BREED :  WILLIAMS & MOES Am Ch Kinderteckel's Coming in Hot at Cwmdarhian
Best Dog : WILLIAMS & MOES Am Ch Kinderteckel's Coming in Hot at Cwmdarhian
Res Best Dog : RYCROFT Jacksondax Hornet Hurrah

Best Bitch  : JENNINGS Clentry Sweet Melody
Res Best Bitch  : CHAPMAN-REITH Hayvenhund Hissy Fit

Best Puppy : JENNINGS Marvale's Manifesto at Jenivon

Best Junior : RYCROFT Jacksondax Hornet Hurrah

Best Special Beginner : RYCROFT Fantastic Frank at Trisensara

Puppy Dog (5)
1st: WILLIAMS & MOES Glenariff You're Excused Cwmdarhian
2nd: CHAPMAN-REITH Hayvenhund Hunky Dory
3rd:  JENNINGS Marvale's Manifesto at Jenivon

Junior Dog (4)
1st: RYCROFT Jacksondax Hornet Hurrah
2nd: JENNINGS Marvale's Manifesto at Jenivon

3rd: GRAHAM Marvale Chancellor at Ravold

Res: COUPLAND Retrohound Hermes


Post Graduate Dog (2)
1st: RYCROFT Jacksondax Hornet Hurrah
2nd: RYCROFT Skywalker Blue at Trisensara

Limit Dog - No Entries

Open Dog (2,1)
1st: WILLIAMS & MOES Am Ch Kinderteckel's Coming in Hot at Cwmdarhian

Special Beginners Dog (3,1)
1st: RYCROFT Fantastic Frank at Trisensara

2nd COUPLAND Retrohound Hermes


Veteran Dog - NO ENTRIES


Good Citizen Dog Scheme (1,1)



Special Beginners Bitch - NO ENTRIES

Puppy Bitch (1)
1st: CHAPMAN-REITH Hayvenhund Hissy Fit

Junior Bitch (2)

1st: GENTLE & YOUNG Craimose Freesia

2nd: DATTA Craimose Primrose

Post Graduate Bitch - NO ENTRIES

Limit Bitch (1)
1st: JENNINGS Clentry Sweet Melody

Open Bitch (2,1)
1st: GASKINS & WILLIAMS Ir Ch Dovestream Do Me a Favour

PD (3) 1 Glenariff Youíre Excused Cwmdarhian (Williams & Moes). Lovely red who has great ring presence. Very clean to go over, smart head piece, excellent neck, good lay of shoulder and decent ribbing. Well angled front and rear. Clean topline and tailset. Moved well. 2 Hayvenhund Hunky Dory (Chapman-Reith). A lovely headed B & T, clean through neck, good for overall shape and balance. Tidy in front and good rear with correct angulation.clean on move and kept topline. 3 Fantastic Frank at Trisensara (Rycroft) 
JD (4) 1 Jacksondax Hornet Hurrah (Rycroft) Nothing exaggerated with this 13 myh youngster. Good for overall size and ground clearance. Pleasing in head, clean neck and well angled rear. Kept his topline on the move, where he covered the ground with purpose. RBD/BJ. 2 Marvaleís Manifesto at Jenivon (Jennings) Another who was balanced and had the required substance. Tidy head and expression. Well angled front and rear and good through body. Tidy on the move. BP. 3 Marvale Chancellor at Ravold (Graham). 
PGD (2) 1 Jacksondax Hornet Hurrah (Rycroft) 2 Skywalker Blue at Trisensara (Rycroft). Typical head and ok in front. Well bodied and correct ground clearance. Moved with purpose. 
OD (2,1) 1 Am Ch Kinderteckelís Coming in Hot at Cwmdarhian (Williams & Moes). This is a lovely dog to go over, I found him balanced, of good size and in proportion. A typical head, excellent expression, lovely length of neck, that blended into well laid back shoulders. A very smart front led into good ribbing and body with substance. He had a clean topline , strong loin and tidy tailset. A well angled rear with muscletone. He didnít disappoint on the move, covering the ground in typical fachion, true all ways. BD & BOB. 
SBD (3) 1 Fantastic Frank at Trisensara (Rycroft). A red who was pleasing for size and balance. Ok though head, ample neck and well bodied. Moved cleanly. BSB. 2 Retrohound Hermes (Coupland). This B&T was good for type and size. Pleasing head, well bodied, good ribs and well angled.she was however very reluctant to move at all today and continually hopped around the ring. 
PB (1) 1 Hayvenhund Hissy Fit (Chapman-Reith). This B&T young lady presented a pretty picture, when stacked. Balanced throughout, lovely head and expression, clean through neck, ample bone, good front, strong through body and loin and tidy rear. Moved well. 
RBBJB (2) 1 Craimose Freesia (Gentle & Young). I liked the overall shape , balance and size of this B&T. lovely head, good angulation throughout and well bodied. She moved very well. Unfortunately just going though a phantom which did affect her underline. 2 Craimose Primrose (Datta). A red, I wrote in my notes, very similar to 1. Then I note it is the litter sister. Another that moved well, was well built and had lovely body. Just preferred 1 on the send around, where it seemed more together. 
LB (1) 1 Clentry Sweet Melody (Jennings). A red which was clean to go over. Balanced throughout and very typical. Pleasing through a balanced head, adequate neck, well positioned front, well ribbed and adequate body. Smart rear, good quarters and well angled. Tidy on the move. BB. 
OB (2,1) 1 Ir Ch Dovestream Do Me A Favour (Gaskin & Williams). 6 yr old B&T. Stacked this lady presented a balanced picture. Lovely head, good front and well bodied. Tidy rear angulation. She moved cleanly all ways, but was not wearing her best jacket today.
Mark Walshaw (Janmark)