Wirehaired Dachshund Club 2011

L to R - BPIS - Skinners, Ritterburg Surprise Parcel,  BIS McCalmont Silvae Zealot, RBIS Dunn, Barratini Bumble at Ashridge, BVIS McCalmont, Ch Silvae Pickwick

Dachshund (Wire Haired)

Judge: Ruth Lockett-Walters

BEST OF BREED : MCCALMONT Silvae Zealot Also Best in Show
Dog CC : MCCALMONT Silvae Zealot
Res Dog CC : SKINNER Ritterburg Surprise Parcel
Bitch CC : PHILLIPS Tendrow Replayed In Red
Res Bitch CC : COVERLEY Aventine Shaken Not Stirred
Best Puppy : SKINNER Ritterburg Surprise Parcel  Also Best Puppy in Show
Best Veteran : MCCALMONT Ch Silvae Pickwick Also Best Veteran in Show
Best Breeder :

Veteran Dog or Bitch (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st:  MCCALMONT Ch Silvae Pickwick
2nd: GIBSON Allfreys Genevieve
3rd: PHILLIPS Ch Saxonbury Playday at Tendrow
Res: MOORE Ch Ir & Am Ch Raydachs Tom Cruisen on (Imp)
VHC: BARRETT Abbeydac Sorrel at Lowjinks

Special Beginners Dog or Bitch
1st: No Entries

Minor Puppy Dog (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st:  HELFENBEIN Tres Hermoso Caruso
2nd: SEATH Sunsong Whisper a Promise

Puppy Dog (6 Entries) Abs: 2
1st:  SKINNER Ritterburg Surprise Parcel
2nd: GIBSON Allfreys Rock of Gibralter
3rd: VINE Allfreys To Catch a Thief at Cishelvine
Res: HOOPER Sturtting Arch at Starhill

Junior Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st:  SKINNER Ritterburg Surprise Parcel
2nd: LEWIS-CROOKS Barmaud Rufus
3rd: COVERLEY Aventine You Only Live Twice

Novice Dog
1st: No Entries

Post Graduate Dog (1 Entry)
1st: O'NEILL Somercloud Explorer

Limit Dog (8 Entries) Abs: 0
1st:  MOORE Romanchi Mohican
2nd: REES Ermewood Joint Effort
3rd: COVERELY Aventine Tropic Thunder JW
Res: SKINNER Ritterburg Storm Trooper
VHC: EDWARDS & LAVIN Swincombe Darite of Bellavin

Open Dog (6 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: MCCALMONT Silvae Zealot
2nd: DOWNES & MOORE Am Gr Ch Daybreak's Classique Cruiser
3rd: VINE Cishelvine Sea Swell
Res: PHILLIPS Ch Cishelvine Swellegant Guy At Tendrow
VHC: EDWARDS & LAVIN Nosinllor Fusilier

Minor Puppy Bitch (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st:  PHILLIPS Tendrow Peaches
2nd: DUNSTALL Rieyonne Adele for Metcroft

Puppy Bitch (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: BROWN November Storm for Ablebody
2nd: VINE Cishelvine Echoes of the Sea
3rd: GIBSON Allfreys Lillie Langtry

Junior Bitch (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: COVERLEY Aventine Shaken Not Stirred
2nd: BARNEY Molloney on Denise for Romaunt
3rd: PUGHE & FRASER Bystock Black Truffle
Res: SEATH Sunsong Wish Upon a Star

Novice Bitch (1 Entry) Abs: 1
1st: Absent

Post Graduate Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: PUGHE & FRASER Bystock Pussy Galore
2nd: VINE Cishelvine Dream of the Sea
3rd: EDWARDS & LAVIN Romanchi Kikima of Bellavin
Res: DUNCAN & RITCHIE Roteleitungs Black Pearl

Limit Bitch (6 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: PHILLIPS Tendrow Replayed In Red
2nd: MCCALMONT Silvae Teal
3rd: SEATH Boloria's Kaleena at Sunsong JW
Res: CLIFFORD Ritlo Return to Sender with Ablebody
VHC: BARRETT Ablebody Pulcinella

Open Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st:  MOORE Ch Molloney Ann Other at Romanchi
2nd:  MCCALMONT Ch Silvae Zest
3rd:  GIBSON Ch Allfreys Grace Kelly
Res: PHILLIPS Tendrow Poetic Justice
VHC: ROWE Boloria Anisia Bella

Wire Haired

It was a pleasure to judge this lovely breed again as per usual temperament was superb. The main point for concern applies to all the varieties of dach that is the problem of short keels and ribbing. Mouths on the whole were good, and I found only one tail fault, also there are a few ugly tail sets that spoil the overall outline. I was looking for a Masculine Male which I had no shortage of but to find a sound balanced feminine female is a problem, the majority of the well made bitches are far too big and the size of  dogs. VD/B (6) 1 McCalmonts Ch Silvae Pickwick, a real credit to his owner in fantastic condition, still has a lovely outline and moves with real enthusiasm. 2 Gibson's Allfreys Genevieve, another one who's age is deceiving, lovely shape and outline, nice size, winner just has the edge of firmness of topline.3.Ch Saxonbury Playday At Tendrow. MPD (3,1as)  Helfenbein's Tres Hermoso Caruso, very promising puppy, lovely front and shoulders and rear angulation and drive, needs time and both handler and exhibit need schooling. 2 Seath's Sunsong Whisper A Promise, still very much a baby that needs plenty of time, would prefer a little more width in front but has all the essentials. PD (6,2a) 1 Skinners Ritterburg Surprise Parcel, fell in love with him on his first circuit of the ring purely on his wonderful movement, has super reach and drive. Lovely  masculine head and reachy neck. Excellent front and shoulder, well ribbed and strong loin, superb strong  hindquarters  which he uses to the full, good coat. Hope he does not grow anymore. RCC. Delighted to see him go BPIS. 2 Gibsons's Allfreys Rock O F Gibralter, extremely well put together shorter than the winner, has a lovely front good ribbing and drives out well , just unfortunate to meet 1 as both extremely quality puppies. 3 Allfreys To Catch A Thief At Cishelvine. JD (3) 1 Surprise Parcel. 2 Lewis-Crooks Barmaud Rufus Red beautifully presented and shown, strong masculine head, good reach of neck, well assembled shoulders, good ribbing and strong quarters, moves soundly but not as fluid on the move as the winner. 3 Aventine You Only Live Twice. PGD (1) 1 O'Neills Somercloud Explorer, stood alone but a worthy winner, lovely type, good coat sound front shoulder, a little short in ribbing, balanced quarters. LD (8,1a) 1 Moore's Romanchi Mohican, won this class on his outline, construction and movement, would have preferred a better coat. 2 Rees Ermewood Joint Effort, another sound exhibit, bigger than the winner, a better coat, but not the rear drive of the winner 3.Aventine Tropic Thunder. OD (6,1a) A Lovely class of mature males in tiptop condition, my placing were purely down to splitting hairs and type preference. 1 Mccalmont's Silvae Zealot. What a handsome lad that just fills the eye, strong masculine head, strong neck, lovely lay of shoulder , good front nice tight elbows, strong topline and lovely outline on the move, excellent coat, shown and presented to perfection. CC.BOB & BIS. 2 Downe& Moore's Am Gr Ch Daybreaks Classique Cruiser, an extremely well made dog, prefer him on the move to the stack , has a lovely outline and drives well just preferred the ground clearance of the winner this chap was I felt a little too low to ground for me. 3.Cishelvine Seaswell. MPB (3,1a) 1 Phillips Tendrow Peaches nice baby puppy that needs time, lovely head  good reach of neck, sound shoulders and ribbing well angulated and sound movement really drives out well behind. 2 Dunstall's Rieyonne Adele For Metcroft, nice type, good coat, lovely head and expression, well bodied for her age, however weak in pastern and turns her feet out, which spoils her front movement and needs to firm up on the rear end. Has the frame to mature into but not ready at the moment. PB (3) 1 Browns November Storm For Ablebody. Red, Lovely clean cut out line all of a piece on the stack and the move BPB. 2 Vine's Cishelvine Echoes Of The Sea, lovely type, nice to go over has great potential still sloppy on the move. 2 Allreys Lillie Langtry. JB (4) Coverleys Aventine Shaken Not Stirred, the best front and shoulder assembly in the class, strong topline and balanced quarters, moves with drive. Nice size. RCC. 2 Barneys Molloney On Denise For Romaunt, taller and narrower than winner, exquisite head, clean reachy neck good ribbing and pro-strenum just needs a little more width through the front which should come with maturity, felt she could carry a little more body. 3. Bystock Black Trufle. PGB (5) 1 Pughe & Frasers Bystock Pussy Galore. Felt she was a little weak in head, would prefer more length and strength in head however she has a lovely body which won her the class. Perfect front and shoulder, lovely ribbing, plenty of reach and drive on the move. 2 Vine's Cishelvine Dream Of The Sea, nice bitch, lovely shape sound to go over and moves out nicely, don't like her ugly tail set. 3 Romanchi Kikima Of Bellavin. LB (6) The strongest quality bitch class of the day. 1 Phillips Tendrow Replayed In Red, she is absolutely lovely and the correct size, sweet head and expression, sufficient reach of neck, sound shoulders, good front nice tight elbows, good length of ribbing and sternum, strong loin and well angulated hind quarters, flow around the ring good reach and rear thrust. An overall picture of perfect balance CC. 2 McCalmonts Silvae Zeal, a lovely bitch of quality and extremely typy and sound as all were from this kennel,  just felt she there a little too much of her for a bitch. 3 Bolorias Kaleena At Sunsong. OB (5) Another quality class that I had difficulty splitting up. 1 Moore's Ch Molloney Ann Other At Romanchi. Lovely to go over excels in front assembly hence her placing. 2 McCalmonts Ch Silvae Zest, another nice exhibit of extreme quality however, placed her here because I preferred the tail set on the winner, however felt that both of these girls were the size of males. 3 Ch Allfreys Grace Kelly.
 Ruth Lockett-Walters