Leeds 2012

Dachshund (Wire Haired)

Judge: Mr Espen Engh (Norway)


BEST OF BREED : 3057 MCCALMONT Mr D & Mrs K Ch Silvae Zealot
Dog CC : 3057 MCCALMONT Mr D & Mrs K Ch Silvae Zealot
Res Dog CC : 3054 LEWIS-CROOKS Mr C A Barmaud Rufus (Imp)
Bitch CC : 3058 MCCALMONT Mr D & Mrs K Ch Silvae Zest
Res Bitch CC : 3074 PUGHE, Ms H M & FRASER Ms C Bystock Pussy Galore
Best Puppy : 3039 BATES, Miss V & MAES-JONES Mrs E Derochaise Elegancia
Best Veteran : 3044 COVERLEY Mrs L Romanchi Tigua at Aventine
Best Breeder : 

Class 774 PD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 3067 PASKINS Mr & Mrs K S Kindeace Blue Savanah
2nd: 3090 VINE Mrs R M Cishelvine Zephyros
3rd: 3078 ROBINSON Mr R & Mrs R A Tagundnacht Mr Bojangles

Class 775 JD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 3093 WEBB, Mr D & Mrs D & MIFSUD Mr J Bassjoy Take A Chance On Me
2nd: 3061 MOORE Mr W I Cloudside Monte Carlo
3rd: 3052 HASTINGS Mr & Mrs C Bardings Benny the Dip

Class 776 PGD (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 3050 GIBSON Miss C P Allfreys Rock Of Gibralter
2nd: 3053 HASTINGS Mr & Mrs C Lesandnic Sublimity
3rd: 3093 WEBB, Mr D & Mrs D & MIFSUD Mr J Bassjoy Take A Chance On Me
Res: 3045 DERRY Mr & Mrs A A Eydehavn Helmsley At Andlouis

Class 777 LD (10 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: 3089 VINE Mrs R M Allfreys To Catch A Thief At Cishelvine
2nd: 3049 DOWNES Miss L Aventine You Only Live Twice
3rd: 3066 O'NEILL Ms M Somercloud Explorer
Res: 3082 SEATH Mrs S Sunsong Whisper A Promise
VHC: 3079 ROLLINSON Mr P M & Mrs S W Bystock Double O' Seven At Nosinllor

Class 778 OD (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 3057 MCCALMONT Mr D & Mrs K Ch Silvae Zealot
2nd: 3054 LEWIS-CROOKS Mr C A Barmaud Rufus (Imp)
3rd: 3047 DIBLE Mrs C Multi Lieblings Stormin Norman
Res: 3063 MOORE, Mrs A & COVERLEY Mr R & Mrs L Ch Ex Sentia I'm Bond James Bond (Imp)
VHC: 3042 COVERLEY Mrs L Aventine Tropic Thunder JW


Class 780 PB (6 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: 3039 BATES, Miss V & MAES-JONES Mrs E Derochaise Elegancia

Class 781 JB (1 Entries) Abs: 1

Class 782 PGB (5 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 3048 DIBLE Mrs C Lieblings End Of The Rainbow
2nd: 3080 ROLLINSON Mr P M & Mrs S W Nosinllor Artemis
3rd: 3059 MCPHERSON, Mr S. A. & PATERSON Mr P.C. Ambiesque Advent For Brumberhill
Res: 3088 SMITH Mrs J Kydehaun Ophelia

Class 783 LB (11 Entries) Abs: 4
1st: 3074 PUGHE, Ms H M & FRASER Ms C Bystock Pussy Galore
2nd: 3043 COVERLEY Mrs L Aventine Shaken Not Stirred
3rd: 3060 MOORE Mr W I Cloudside Lara
Res: 3083 SEATH Mrs S Boloria's Kaleena At Sunsong JW
VHC: 3076 ROBINSON Mr R & Mrs R A Tagundnacht the Girl

Class 784 OB (10 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 3058 MCCALMONT Mr D & Mrs K Ch Silvae Zest
2nd: 3064 NORTH-ROW Mrs J M & Miss E V Ir Ch Barmaud Jessica
3rd: 3040 BATES, Miss V & MAES-JONES Mrs E Ch Derochaise Black Orchid
Res: 3075 PUGHE, Ms H M & FRASER Ms C Bystock Black Truffle JW
VHC: 3084 SEATH Mrs S Ch Sunsong Wish Upon A Star

Class 785 VB (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 3044 COVERLEY Mrs L Romanchi Tigua at Aventine


I was pleased with the entry and considered the main winners as well as most of the class winners to be top quality.

(3) 1. Kindeace Blue Savanah. Very handsome puppy, especially standing, he has come a long way for his young age and has plenty of substance and power, combined with quality. Attractive, strong, masculine head with excellent strength of jaw and teeth. Well set ears. Strong neck. Well developed in his forechest. Deep and capacious body. Very pleasing body proportions with correct length of loin. Sound mover, but rather proud of his tail which is also rather high set. Very good, harsh and straight jacket. 2. Cishelvine Zephyros. A very generous, elegant dog with an attractive, well-shaped head and a very long neck. Acceptable front angulation. At this age he is rather gangly and his long loin needs to firm up and develop more muscling. Well angulated behind. Uses his legs efficiently and soundly on the move, but also in movement needs to strengthen in topline. 3. Tagundnacht Mr. Bojangles.

(3) Overall not a very good class. 1. Bassjoy Take A Chance on me. A dog with quality, but it would seem rather slow to mature and could do with a bit more drama about him. Attractive head and expression, well set ears. Normal neck. Needs to develop in forechest and I would prefer more spring to his pastern. Firm topline, moderate length of back and loin. Well angulated behind. Moved freely and with pleasing balance, carriage and attitude, but I would like to see more extension in front. 2. Cloudside Monte Carlo. Very powerful, strong and masculine dog, for me too low-station for functional ability both standing and moving. Strong skull, could do with some more chiseling, low-set ears. Very well developed keel, well angulated front. Excellent topline. Very generously angulated behind, tending to kneel. Very pleasing harsh coat quality. 3.Bardings Benny the Dip.

(4) 1.Allfreys Rock of Gibralter. Powerful dog of very attractive type. Typical head, eyes could be darker, good ears. Strong neck of medium length, well arched. Reasonable forechest and front angulation. Deep chest with excellent volume, he does not need to become any more capacious than this. Firm back, well coupled in loin. Balanced angulation behind. Very pleasing, harsh jacket. Sound, balanced mover from all angles with enough drive. 2 Lesandnic Sublimity. Fawn dog with an attractive generous overall frame. Long, well chiseled head, overly long ears. Pleasing neck. Moderately angulated in front. Deep chest. Not in the best coat condition on the day. Quite a good mover, but needs to firm up in his hocks. 3.Bassjoy Take A Chance On Me.

(10,3) I was impressed with the first two dogs in this class. 1.Allfreys To Catch a Thief at Cishelvine. Masculine, quality dog who covers very good ground both standing and moving. Head with very pleasing length, beautiful eyes, well set ears. Pleasing neck. Moderate front angulation and forechest. Deep chest with enough volume. Attractive topline. Very pleasing harsh coat. Moved freely, unstrained and with energy. Seriously considered for the resCC. 2. Aventine You Only Live Twice. Instantly attractive dog who really fills the eye when standing. Beautifully proportioned and shaped head, attractive ears. Strong neck, excellent forechest, but tended to be rather loaded over the shoulders on close inspection. Excellent body silhouette. Perfect coat in great condition. Not quite as impressive in movement, but a fair enough mover. 3. Somercloud Explorer.

(6,1) Really good class with the first three standing out. 1 .Ch. Silvae Zealot. A very eye-catching dog of excellent overall quality and type. Masculine, well chiseled head. Strong neck, could be smoother set. Excellent forechest and lay-back of upper arm. Excellent strong and firm topline, covering plenty of ground, he does not need to be any longer than this. Well angulated behind. Harsh, wiry body coat. He especially impressed in side movement, very athletic with very long strides both ends and superb drive through the hocks, keeping his outline and balance at all times. CC and BOB. 2. Barmaud Rufus. Fawn dog of excellent type and overall appearance; well balanced and well proportioned. Typical, masculine head and expression. Moderately angulated in front. Very pleasing, flowing topline, but I would not want him any longer. Attractive wiry coat. Very well handled, he moved with soundness and balance, but still not as outstandingly as the winner of the class. ResCC. 3. Multi Ch. Lieblings Stormin Norman.

(6,3) 1. Decochaise Elegancia. Lovely, feminine bitch puppy with a very attractive frame. Still not fully grown in head, she has lovely expression. Strong, well set neck. Well developed forechest for her age. Firm topline, excellent underline. In a rather short jacket on the day, but enough to establish that she has a harsh, wiry coat structure. Moved with balance, soundness and efficiency. Definitely a lovely prospect for the future. Best Puppy. 2. Cishelvine August Breeze. Quality, feminine bitch with an attractive head. Very long neck. Not as well developed nor as collected in body as the winner. Rather flat feet. Very pleasing coat quality. Moved light on her feet and with enthusiasm. 3.Somercloud Sonata With Andlouis.

(5,1) 1. Lieblings End of the Rainbow. Fawn coloured bitch with very attractive proportions and very good to go over as she is very well constructed. Rather short in both skull and muzzle which gives her head an internal balance, but not my preferred head type. Strong neck, excellent forechest. Firm topline. Well angulated behind. Very good harsh jacket. Moved with suppleness and enthusiasm, at times too much so when moved together with her competition, with improved balance when moving alone. 2.Nosinllor Artemis. Another feminine bitch with an attractive silhouette. Beautiful head and expression. Pleasing neck of balanced length. Still rather narrow in front and needs to develop more volume in the lower part of her brisket. Firm back, but I would not like her any longer than this. Pleasing coat quality. Balanced and effortless in movement. 3. Ambiesque Advent for Brumberhill.

(11,4) 1. Bystock Pussy Galore. A lovely bitch, very easy on the eyes, she has a lovely silhouette, she has a universal appeal. Attractive, noble, feminine head. Medium dark eye colour. Attractive neck, just enough forechest, but could do with some more volume in brisket. Excellent topline. Moderately angulated behind. Excellent harsh coat quality. Moved with balance, good carriage, a minimum of effort and with enthusiasm and drive. Res CC. 2. Aventine Shaken No Stirred. Elegant, feminine bitch, at the same time sturdy. Attractive, well chiselled head, lovely expression. Moderate neck as well as angulation in front and behind. Excellent coat quality. Moved with soundness and precision from all directions. 3. Cloudside Lara.

(10,2) 1. Ch. Silvae Zest. Instantly attractive, handsome bitch who demands attention and puts everything she has got into it both standing and moving. Attractive head and expression, well set ears. Long neck, attractive forechest and excellent return of upper arm. Firm back and slightly arched loin. Her tail is a little high set, but she carries it correctly. Excellent harsh coat quality. Moved very well indeed from all angles and with good carriage and parallel coming and going. CC. 2 Ir.Ch.Barmaud Jessica. Well balanced, feminine bitch of excellent overall type and quality. Expressive, feminine head. Very pleasing, slightly arched neck, firm back. Balanced angulation both ends. Not in optimal coat condition on the day. Moved soundly and correctly from all angles. 3. Ch. Derochaise Black Orchid.

(2,1) 1. Romanchi Tigua at Aventine. Nine year old veteran bitch in very good physical form for her age and with clean, white teeth, which is more than I could say for many of her younger competitors. Reasonable head, correct ears. Strong neck, moderately angulated in shoulder and upper arm. Deep body, slightly high behind. Well angulated hindquarters. Not in good coat condition and the structure is too soft. Moved narrow behind, but quite nicely from the side. Best Veteran.

Espen Engh