Midland Dachshund Club 2012

Dachshund (Wire Haired)

Judge: Brian Ballan



BEST OF BREED : PUGHE & FRASER Bystock Pussy Galore
Dog CC : MCCALMONT Silvae Quantum
Res Dog CC : SKINNER Ritterburg Surprise Parcel
Bitch CC : PUGHE & FRASER Bystock Pussy Galore
Res Bitch CC :  PHILLIPS Tendrow Peaches
Best Puppy : WEATHERER Salixian Levante via Itsuitzuz

Minor Puppy Dog (2 Entries)
1st: MOORE Metewand Bogen by the Sea
2nd: ROWE Boloria's Cadbury Surprise

Puppy Dog (2 Entries) Abs 1
1st:  WEATHERER Salixian Levante via Itsuitzuz

Junior Dog (3 Entries)
1st: MOORE Cloudside Monte Carlo
2nd: ROBINSON Tagundnacht Mr Bojangles
3rd:  HARRIS Ritlo Mr Mandarin Man

Post Graduate Dog (3 Entries)
1st: WALKER Strutting Arch at Starhill
2nd: ROWE Boloria Valentino
3rd: DERRY Eydehavn Helmsley at Andlouis

Limit Dog (8 Entries) Abs 3
1st: VINE Allfreys to Catch a Thief at Cishelvine
2nd: SKINNER Ritterburg Storm Trooper
3rd:  ROLLINSON Bystock Double O'Seven at Nosinllor
Res: CLIFFORD Ablebody Razzmatazz
VHC: SMITH Salxian Eclat

Open Dog (9 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: MCCALMONT Silvae Quantum
2nd: SKINNER Ritterburg Surprise Parcel
3rd: LEWIS-CROOKS Barmaud Rufus
Res: SEATH Sunsong Whisper a Promise
VHC: PHILLIPS Ch Cishelvine Swellegant Guy at Tendrow JW

Minor Puppy Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: ROWE Boloria's Naughty But Nice
2nd: CLIFFORD Ablebody Maybe Maybenot

Puppy Bitch (5 Entries) Abs 3
1st: SMITH Salixian Leveche
2nd:ORCHARD & WHITELOCK Boloria's Hershey Kiss

Junior Bitch (5 Entries) Abs 1
1st: DERRY Somercloud Sonata with Andlouis
2nd: WARREN Wagsford Florance
3rd: WATSON Tagundnacht Miss Pollyanna at Toftwick
Res: ROBINSON Tagundnacht the Gypsy Girl

Post Graduate Bitch  (9 Entries) Abs 3
1st: PHILLIPS Tendrow Peaches
2nd: VINE Cishelvine Echoes of the Sea
3rd: LEWIS-CROOK Black Beauty by Komeese Credo (Imp)
Res: BATES & MAE JONES Derochaise Elegancia
VHC: STOCKDALE Wirelinc Cooks Companion

Limit Bitch (12 Entries) Abs 2
1st: SEATH Boloria's Kaleena at Sunsong JW
2nd: BARNEY Molloney on Denise for Romaunt
3rd: ROLLINSON Nosinllor Artemis
Res: MOORE Cloudside Lara
VHC: CLIFFORD Ritlo Return to Sender with Ablebody

Open Bitch (5 Entries)
1st: PUGHE & FRASER Bystock Pussy Galore
2nd: SEATH Ch Sunsong Wish Upon a Star
3rd: MCCALMONT  Silvae Quintet
Res: BATES & MAES-JONES Ch Derochaise Black Orchid
VHC: COVERLEY Aventine Shaken Not Stirred



Championship Show:Standard  Wire Haired Dachshund All exhibits were well presented in good clean  condition, dentition very good on all exhibits, some exhibits carried their  tails high rather than level as is required. I was looking for a male dog with  strength and substance, hence my dog CC and Reserve Dog CC. I felt the bitches  were all round better but a lot of positives on show. MPD (2) 1 Moore's  Metewand Bogen By The Sea. Strong dog all round, pleasing head features, good  strong prominent fore chest, good substance all round, front feet need to  tighten up. 2 Rowe's. Bolorias Cadbury's Surprise. Finer type than the winner,  what is there is sound, pleasing head, decent fore chest, tidy ribbing, moved  around very well. PD (2,1a) 1 Weatherer's. Salixian Levante Via  Itsuitzuz. Well presented dog with decent front, would like a liitle more  length of neck but a decent line from withers to croup, carried tail rather  high on the move. JD (3) 1 Moore's. Cloudside Monte Carlo. Nice head  features, everything in the right place, decent ribbing, good harsh jacket,  would like a straighter hind action. 2 Robinson's. Tagundnacht Mr Bojangles. He  decided to give his handler a hard time, handler struggled to set the dog up on  the table, when he decided to give it a go he looked ok. 3 Harris's. Ritlo  Mandarin Man. PGD (3) 1 Hooper's. Strutting Arch At Starhill. Red dog  with a very good coat, Correct fore chest, well muscled body, strong quarters,  won the class on movement. 2 Rowe's. Bolorias Valentino. Best head of the day,  his head features could sell a million birthday cards, tidy fore chest, good  ribbing, good length, he needs to body up, when he does he will I am sure do  some winning. 3 Derry's. Eydehavin Helmsley At Andlous. LD (8,3a) Some  very nice dogs on show in this class, results came down to presentation and  performance on the day. 1 Vine's. Allfreys To Catch A Thief At Cishelvine. Nice  dog all round, typical wire head features, very tidy front, good shoulder  placement with decent length of upper arm, good ribbing, Well muscled thigh giving  good drive, always in the mix for the top awards. 2 Skinner's. Ritterburg Storm  Trooper. When it comes to presenting a wire to the show ring then this lady  handler is the best in the business. Super head features, good dentition, good  strong fore chest, excellent ribbing, good line from withers to croup, hind  drive action not as strong as the winner but not a lot a lot between them. 3  Rollinson's. Bystock Double O Seven At Nosinllor. OD (9,2a) Another  cracking class with loads of quality on show, it came down to my personnel  preference of type. 1 McCalmont's. Sylvae Quantum. This dog had everything I  was looking for in a male stallion hound, great strength, plenty of substance  and terrific ring presence. A good strong male head with ear, eye set correctly,  strong prominent fore chest, excellent ribbing, forequarters good with ample  upper arm, great strength around the loin, good well muscled hindquarters  giving strong positive movement. Easy to see why this breeder has been at the  top of the pile for so long. CC. 2 Skinner's. Ritterburg Surprise Parcel.  Immaculate presentation, great head features, superb front assembly,  forequarters correct, excellent ribbing, the best of jackets, not as strong on  the hindquarters as winner but pushed very hard. RCC. 3 Lewis-Crookes. Barmaud  Rufus. MPB (5,3a) 1 Rowes. Boloria Naughty But Nice. Sound moving puppy,  lovely feminine head, tidy front assembly, nice ribbing, good sound movement,  should go on to do well. 2 Clifford's. Ablebody Maybe Maybenot. Rather  unsettled with the hollow sounds in the hall but I could see enough to assess.  Good head features, nice tidy fore chest, correct ribbing, well balanced all  round moved soundly around the ring. PB (5,3a) 1 Smith's. Salixian  Leveche. Well presented bitch in excellent condition, pleasing head, good  dentition, nice fore chest, nice line from withers to croup, well balanced all  round allowing good free movement. 2 Rowe's. Boloria's Hershey Kiss. Still a  bit giddy but time to learn what is required. Correct head features, tidy front  assembly, good ribbing, coat ok, will be better to assess her movement when she  settles down. JB (5,1a) 1 Derry's. Somercloud Sonata With Andlous. Dark  brindle bitch with excellent jacket, correct head features, strong fore chest,  nice ribbing, held her line nicely on the move, just a little close behind but  a lot to like. 2 Warren's Wagsford Florence. Pushed winner hard, good wire  features all round, excellent jacket, good ribbing, of nice length all round,  moved soundly. 3 Watson's. Tagundnacht Miss Pollyanna At Toftwick. PGD (9,3a) 1 Phillips. Tendrow Peaches. Terrific red bitch with the best of  jackets, great ring presence, a wire as a wire should be. The best of head  features with furnishings to match, strong fore chest, excellent forequarters,  correct ribbing of good length, a lovely outline from withers to croup, correct  tail carriage, moved with purpose and drive. RCC. 2 Vine's. Cishelvine Echoes  of The Sea. Made things hard for the handler when setting up on the table, this  also made it hard for me to assess. Good head features, excellent dentition,  good strong arched neck, correct ribbing, the hollowness of the hall seemed to  affect her. 3 Lewis-Crookes. Black Beauty By Karmeese Credo. LB (12,2a)  Lovely class of ten bitches with a lot of quality on show. 1 Seath's Boloria  Kaleena At Sunsong JW. Quality bitch with all the good wire features on show,  terrific head with everything in the right place, good clean dentition, good  prominent fore chest with nice depression side to side, excellent ribbing of  good length, Terrific line from withers to croup, strong well-muscled  hindquarters allowing easy positive movement. 2 Barney's. Molloney On Denise  For Romaunt. Not much between the winner and this one, again lovely wire  features, good strong breastbone with correct depression side to side, well  placed forequarters, correct ribbing of good length, well muscled hindquarters  giving the dog excellent drive. 3 Rollinson's. Nosinllor Artemis. OB (5)  Another nice class with quality in abundance.1 Pughe and Fraser's. Bystock  Pussy Galore. A quality bitch with terrific ring presence, she really stood out  in profile. The best of heads with everything in the right place, lovely fore  chest with strong breastbone, great shoulder placement of good strength, upper arm  nicely tucked in. Good strong slightly arched neck, lovely ribbing, great  outline from withers to tail, well angulated hindquarters with plenty of  muscle, movement as sound as a bell. Pleased to award her her second CC. 2  Seath's. Ch Sunsong Wish Upon A Star. Like waiting for a bus, two good ones  arrive at the same time, so much to like here, good typical wire features,  lovely head features, good strong neck, nice shoulder placement, good ribbing,  excellent hindquarters allowing the dog to move with ease. 3 McCalmont's.  Sylvae Quintet.
    Brian Ballan n