Wire Haired Dachshund Club April 2012

Dachshund (Wire Haired)

Judge: Mrs J Lovick-Gibbs (Roleta)


Dog CC:  SKINNER Ritterburg Surprise Parcel
Res Dog CC : SINGLETON Tendrow Drumm Crazy Jethard
Bitch CC:   MCCALMONT Ch Silvae Zest
Res Bitch CC  : VINE Cishelvine Dream of the Sea
Best Puppy : SINGLETON Tendrow Drumm Crazy Jethard

Best Veteran : MCCALMONT Ch Silvae Pickwick

Veteran Dog or Bitch (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: MCCALMONT Ch Silvae Pickwick
2nd: MOORE Ch/Ir/Am Ch Raydachs Tom Cruisen On

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog or Bitch (1 Entry)
1st: SMITH Salixian Eclat

Minor Puppy Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: PASKINS Kindeace Blue Savannah
2nd: VINE Cishelvine Zephyros

Puppy Dog (4 Entries)
1st: SINGLETON Tendrow Drumm Crazy Jethard
2nd: VINE Cishelvine Son of the Sea
3rd: WALKER Boloria's Roberto
Res: ROWE Boloria's Valentino

Junior Dog (3 Entries)
1st: SKINNER Ritterburg Surprise Parcel
2nd: VINE Allfreys to Catch a Thief at Cishelvine
3rd:  HOOPER Strutting Arch at Starhill

Yearling Dog (1 Entry)
1st: SKINNER Ritterburg Surprise Parcel

Post Graduate Dog (5 Entries) Abs : 1
1st: SKINNER Ritterburg Surprise Parcel
2nd: DOWNES Aventine You Only Live Twice
3rd: GIBSON Allfreys Rock of Gibralter
Res: O'NEIL Somercloud Explorer

Limit Dog (6 Entries)
1st: COVERLEY Aventine Tropic Thunder JW
2nd: HARRIS & MILLGATE Ritlo Wandering Minstrel
3rd:  SMITH Salixian Eclat
Res: EDWARDS & LAVIN Swincombes Darite of Bellavin
VHC: CLIFFORD Ablebody Razzmatazz

Open Dog (9 Entries)
1st: DOWNES & MOORES Am Gr Ch Daybreak's Classique Cruiser
2nd: MCCALMONT Ch Silvae Zealot
3rd: SKINNER Ritterburg Storm Trooper
Res: KENT & DIBLE Monisi on the Town

Minor Puppy Bitch (6 Entries)
1st: BATES & MAE JONES Derochaise Elegancia
2nd: DERRY Somercloud Sonata with Andlouis
3rd: ROWE Derochaise Atlantica to Boloria
Res: HARRIS Ritlo Apple Charlotte
VHC: VINE Cishelvine August Breeze

Puppy Bitch (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: MILLGATE Ritlo Angels Sing
2nd: SINGLETON Tendrow Dance with You Jethard
3rd: ROWE Derochaise Atlantica to Boloria
Res: BATES & MAE JONES Derochaise Zigana
VHC: LITTLEWORTH Ablebody Rhapsody in Blue

Junior Bitch (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: VINE Cishelvine Echoes of the Sea
2nd: LEWIS-CROOKS Black Beauty by Kormeese Creado (Imp Pol)
3rd: LITTLEWORTH Ablebody Rhapsody in Blue
Res: CLIFFORD November Storm for Ablebody
VHC: DUNSTALL Rieyonne Adele for Metcroft

Yearling Bitch (1 Entry)
1st: COVERLEY Aventine Shaken not Stirred

Post Graduate Bitch (4 Entries) Abs : 1
1st: VINE Cishelvine Dream of the Sea
2nd: GIBSON Allfreys Lillie Langtry
3rd:  DAVIS Christmas Rose

Limit Bitch (7 Entries)
1st: PASKINS Sonic Fancy Free at Kindeace
2nd: MCCALMONT Silvae Zeal
3rd: BARNEY Molloney On Denise for Romaunt
Res: PUGHE & FRASER Bystock Pussy Galore
VHC: PASKINS Kindeace See Emily Play

Open Bitch (5 Entries)
1st: MCCALMONT Ch Silvae Zest
2nd: BATES & MAE JONES Ch Derochaise Black Orchid
3rd: GIBSON Ch Allfreys Grace Kelly
Res: PUGHE & FRASER Bystock Black Truffle
VHC: NORTH-ROW Barmaud Violet

WIRE HAIRED V. (3). 1.  Calmont's, Ch. Silvae Pickwick. What a super old chap. Moved and showed like  the Champion he is. Has all good clean teeth, unlike some I saw whilst judging  on the day. Super coat. Overall a very special dog at coming 13 years. 2.  Moore's, Ch/Ir/Am Ch. Taydachs Tom Cruisen On. Another smashing dog. A well deserved  Champion in good coat and condition. Both stood foresquare on a loose lead. GC (1). 1. Smith's, Salixian Eclat. A nice sized dog. Good fornt, would like a bit  more hind drive. Showed well. MPD. 1. Paskin's, Kindeace Blue Savannah.  A very nice 6 months old dog of good size. Good feet and shoulder. A promising  pup. Moved and showed well. Stood foresquare, freely, balanced fore and aft. 2.  Vines's, Cishelvine Zephyros. Another 6 month old dog. Rather taller than  winner and would like a bit more depth but a lot can change at this age. Needs  to settle on the move. PD. 1. Singleton's, Tendrow Drum Crazy Jethard. A  very nice 11 months old dog who won this class with ease. Good head and  shoulders ribbing into good ribbing with very good hind angulation to match the  shoulder making him a very balanced dog. Shown with understanding. Has a bright  future. BP and RCC. Loved him. 2. Vines's, Cishelvine Son of the Sea. This dog  made a good outline on the table. Looks rather long but will I hope drop into  his front. Good head and enck. Needs to gain confidence with maturity. 3.  Walker's, Boloria's Roberto. JD. (3). 1. Skinner's, Ritterburg Surprise  Parcel. This dog has a super wire coat. Good shoulders and ribbing running into  well made hindquarters which he used to his advantage on the move. Standing  foresquare on a loose lead. DCC. 2. Vine's, Allfreys to Catch a Theif at  Cishelvine. Another nice type from this exhibitor. In good coat. Stood well  with good ribbing and topline. Needs more time. 3. Hooper's, Strutting Arch at  Starhill. YD. (1). 1. Skinner's, Ritterburg Suprise Parcel. PGD.  (5). 1. Skinner's, Rotterburg Surprise Parcel. 2. Down's, Aventine You Only  Live Twice. Super coat. Good shoulders. Moved off his quarters with style and  free stoof, all foresquare. Rather taller than winner. 3. Gibson's, Allfreys  Rock of Gibralter. Nice type. LD. (6). 1. Coverley's, Aventine Tropic  Thunder. A very sound dog in good coat. Good head and shoulders. Well let down  hindquarters which he used to his advantage on the move. A good balanced dog.  2. Harris and Millgate's, Ritlo Wandering Minstrel. Just loved the size and  shape of this red dog. Super front shoulders and well angulated hindquarters.  Not in full coat on the day, infact in his PJ's, so had to be good to be behind  such a nice dog as winner. 3. Smith's, Salixian Eclat. OD. (9). 1.  Downes and Moore's, Am/Gr Ch. Daybreaks Classique Cruiser. Super wire coat,  very sound balanced dog. Good in all departments. Looked a picture standing and  moving. A correct sized dog. 2. McCalmont's, Ch. Silvae Zealot. Another good  dog. Longer than winner with all the requirements of a Champion. Moved and  showed off his obviously good attributes with style. Both showed their socks  off. 3. Skinner's, Ritterburg Storm Trooper. MPB. (6). 1. Bates, Mae's  and Jones's, Derochaise Eleganze. A super dark brindle 6 months old. Good  forechest, neck and topline. Good angles on her hindquarters which she ised  well on the move. Looked a picture standing. Very promising puppy. Loved her.  2. Derry's, Somercloud Sonata with Andloui. A bigger girl but balanced. he too  has super head, neck and shoulders also. A promising young lady. A lovely class  which looks good for the future. Both in good coats. 3. Rowes', Derochaise  Atalantica to Boloria. PB. (6). 1. Millgates', Ritlo the Angels Sing. A  good quality bitch. Nice size. Good hind drive. Good coat. Looked good when she  stood. Still needs time. 2. Singleton's, Tendrow Dance with You Jethard. A  heavier more mature bitch. Super head, neck and shoulders. Well ribbed. Two  nice promising bitches who will change places many times. Litter sister to Dog  RCC winner. Well done. 3. Rowes', Derochase Atlantica to Boloria. JB. (5). 1. Vines', Cishelvines Echoes of the Sea. A very ncie sound bitch. Good  type. Super neck and shoulders. Good angles throughout. Good coat. Has promise.  Lovely standing. 2. Lewis-Crooks', Black Beauty by Kormeese Creado. (Imp). A  lighter boned bitch. Made a nice outline on the table. Good coat. Not quite the  angles of winner. Showed well. 3. Littleworth's, Ablebody Rhapsody in Blue. YB. (1). 1. Coverley's, Aventine Shaken Not Stirred. Stood alone but could hold her  own in company. Good head and ribbing and stood forequare on a loose lead.  Moved out well. PGB. (4). 1 Vones's, Cishevines Dream of the Sea. A super  sized correct bitch. Good shoulders. Well ribbed. In good coat. Sound  hindquarters on which she stood foresquare. Needs lots of encouragement. Just  my type. RCC. 2. Gibson's, Alfreys Lillie Langtry. Another nice brindle who  showed well. Good ribbing. Not the angles of winner but stood well on a loose  lead. 3. Davis's, Christmas Rose. LB. (7). 1. Paskin's, Sonic Fancy Free  at Kinderac. A super class of first class bitches in Wire coat with good  forechest, neck and shoulders. Well ribbed. Super moving and stood freely  foresquare on good hindquarters. 2. McCalmont's, Silvae Zeal. A taller showy  bitch. Has all the usual requirements. Also in good coat. Shown in style. My  notes read, "Three nice bitches". 2. Barney's, Malloney On Denise for Romaunt. OB.  (5). A very good quality class. 1. McCalmonts', Ch. Silvae Zest. This balanced  correct bitch is a well deserved Champion in good coat. Good forechest and  shoulders. Well ribbed. Super hindquarters. A showy bitch. Moved with style.  Good topline. Stood foursquare on a loose lead. CC, BOB and BIS. Well done. 2.  Bates, Mae and Jones's, Ch. Derochaise Black Orchid. This lovely correct sized  bitch took my eye as she entered the ring. Sweet head. Lovely oval forechest  and ribbing. Moved with ease of good hindquartes. Good hind angulation. Stood  foursquare. 6 months off pup's. 3. Gibson's, Ch. Alfreys Grace Kelly.
    Janet Lovick-Gibbs