Houndshow 2014 2014

Dachshund (Wire Haired)

Judge: Mrs J I Armstrong 



BEST OF BREED : 819 MOORE Mr W I Metewand Bogen By The Sea 
Dog CC : 819 MOORE Mr W I Metewand Bogen By The Sea 
Res Dog CC : 811 DOWNES Miss L Aventine You Only Live Twice 
Bitch CC : 841 WARREN Mrs A Wagsford Florance 
Res Bitch CC : 834 STILES Mr R W Cishelvine Sea Spray 
Best Puppy : 839 WARREN Mrs A Wagsford Lincoln 
Best Veteran : 836 VINE Mrs R M Cishelvine Sea Swell 
Best Breeder : 

Class 197 PD (5 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 839 WARREN Mrs A Wagsford Lincoln 
2nd: 826 PHILLIPS Mrs V Tendrow Replayed In Blue 
3rd: 802 BLISS Mrs C K Knottsrose Juniper At Tobenkipt 
Res: 831 SMITH Mr & Mrs I S & F E Jethard Two To Tango At Salixian 
VHC: 817 LANGRIDGE Miss D Tendrow Elberta 

Class 198 JD NO ENTRIES 

Class 199 SBD (3 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 801 BAXTER, Miss A & VINE Mrs R Cishelvine Red Admiral 
2nd: 814 HICKEY Mrs C Ambiesque Alto 
3rd: 805 CLARE Mr J & Mrs E J Bellavin's Illustrious 

Class 200 PGD (1 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 803 BUBB Mrs H E Teckelgarth Leapoffaith To Wyeknot 

Class 201 LD (5 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 819 MOORE Mr W I Metewand Bogen By The Sea 
2nd: 812 GIBSON Miss C P Allfreys Rock Of Gibralter 
3rd: 807 COVERLEY Mrs L Aventine Jamaica Inn 
Res: 842 WEATHERER Miss A D Salixian Levante Via Itsuitzuz 
VHC: 825 O'NEILL Ms M Somercloud Explorer 

Class 202 OD (5 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 811 DOWNES Miss L Aventine You Only Live Twice 
2nd: 828 PHILLIPS Mrs V Ch Cishelvine Swellegant Guy At Tendrow JW 
3rd: 809 DAVIES Mrs C Ch Atahira Joie De Bleu 
Res: 835 VINE Mrs R M Ch Allfreys To Catch A Thief at Cishelvine 

Class 203 VD NO ENTRIES 

Class 204 PB (6 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 840 WARREN Mrs A Wagsford Lydia 
2nd: 810 DAVIES Mrs C Tendrow Joie De Vivre By Atahira 
3rd: 821 MOORE Mrs A Romanchi Mi'Kmaq 
Res: 822 MORRIS Ms J E Wagsford Giselle 
VHC: 837 VINE Mrs R M Gravetye Kiss Me Kate Cishelvine  

Class 205 JB (2 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: 824 NORTON Mrs D M Stella Uit De Woezik At Halunke 

Class 206 SBB (4 Entries) Abs: 2 
1st: 834 STILES Mr R W Cishelvine Sea Spray 
2nd: 800 BAXTER Miss A Cishelvine August Breeze with Hotwire 

Class 207 PGB (6 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 808 COVERLEY Mrs L Aventine Dawn Patrol 
2nd: 838 VINE Mrs R M Cishelvine Enigma of the Sea 
3rd: 830 ROBINSON Mr R & Mrs R A Tagundnacht the Gypsy Girl 
Res: 813 GIBSON Miss C P Allfreys Sternchen Alrisha 
VHC: 832 SMITH Mr & Mrs I S & F E Tendrow Rouge Et Noire At Salixian 

Class 208 LB (4 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 823 MORRIS Ms J E Wagsford Winona Of Rocinda 
2nd: 818 MAXWELL Mr R & Mrs J Romanchi Lokono 
3rd: 833 SMITH Mr & Mrs I S & F E Salixian Leveche 
Res: 829 ROBINSON Mr R & Mrs R A Tagundnacht the Girl 

Class 209 OB (3 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 841 WARREN Mrs A Wagsford Florance 
2nd: 827 PHILLIPS Mrs V Ch Tendrow Peaches 
3rd: 820 MOORE Mr W I Cloudside Lara 

Class 210 VB NO ENTRIES  

STANDARD WIRE HAIRED    A decent entry awaited me. All were presented in first class condition, superb temperaments were the order of the day without exception. 
PD (5)  1 Warren's Wagsford Lincoln. Dark brindle, very promising youngster, super skull shape with correct mouth. Not over done in any way but enough of him. Good make and shape throughout. Moved out well with long reaching strides, Coat of good texture, handled the situation with ease. Pleased to award him B.PI.B. 2 Phillips Tendrow Replayed in Blue. More of a baby than one but loads of promise. Good angles back and front. Held himself together well on the move. 
SB (3)  1 Baxter's & Vine. Cishelvine Red Admiral. Red youngster who presented the best body shape in the class.  Correct bite, level topline moved out o.k. 2 Hickey Amblesque Alto. Dark Brindle, Head ok.  The more he moved out around the ring the better he went. PGD  1. Bubb's Tecklelgarth Leapoffaith to Wyeknot. Dark Brindle. Would like more upper arm. Good topline super temprement kept a descent topline on the move   
L.D. .5 1st Moore's Metewand Bogen by the Sea . Super stallion hound. Very impressive type. This  hound has the most appealing head and eye.  Correct mouth. Loved his flow from the tip of his nose right through to the tip of his tail. Correct front with good lay of shoulder. Thick well padded feet. Strong bone, well rounded rib cage carried well back giving plenty of heart room. Nicely angulated rear with short neat hocks. Movement a joy to watch, great strides around the ring ,at one with handler at all times. Pleased to award him CC and BOB. 2 Gibson's Allfreys Rock of Gibralter. Dark Brindle. Not quite the finish of one.Having said that still  has lots of appeal. Good mouth, masculine head piece, kept his topline on the move. Handled well. 
OD (5)  1 Downes, Aventine You Only Live Twice. Another with a super head piece. Correct bite, enough bone, Descent front assembly. Top line good at all times , nicely made rear with enough ground clearance enabling good movement. Jacket in good order, another with a super temprement. Pleased  to award him res CC.  2 Phillip's Ch  Cishelvine Swellegant Guy At Tendrow JW.  Smaller type than one. I would personally like more of him, having said that a worthy champion , good make and shape with good balance. Handled well.  
VD (1) 1  Vines Cishelvine Sea Swell. Making light of his 8years. Light Brindle, in good shape and fit enough to go with it. Well muscled, movement a joy.                                         PB (8) A very good class of babies all at different stages of development. 1 Warrens Wagsford Lydia. Litter sister to my puppy dog winner. Very feminine ,has the most melting expression. Correct head, loved her elegant sweeping outline. Neat sound front, enough bone for her size. Not overdone moved out very freely. Exciting prospect.  2 Davies Tendrow  Joie De Vivre By Atahira. Another very promising youngster. Did all that was expected at her first show. Sweet head and expression. Moved out well and responded to handler with confidence.  
JB (2,1) 1  Stella Uit De Woezik at Halunke.  Young Brindle, would like more bone. But a good make and shape.
 SB (4) 1 Stiles Cishelvine Sea Spray. Red, loved the balance of this young bitch. So sound with the most appealing head and eye. Loved the pigmentation on this bitch. Very feminine in outlook, correct mouth  neat front well off for bone. Her movement is so correct a joy to watch. Pleased to award her the Res CC.  2 Baxters Cishelvine August Breeze with Hotwire. Larger type than one. Dark Brindle correct bite but lacked the finish of above. 
PGB (6,1) 1 Coverley Aventine Dawn Patrol. Loved the style of this bitch. Feminine head with correct mouth, held her style throughout super rear end. 2 Vines Cishelvine Enigma Of the Sea. Another classy looking sort. Good make and shape, handled well ,close up to one in all aspects.
 LB  (4,1) 1st Morris Wagsford Winona of Rocinda. Brinle, by far the best mover in this class. Appealing head piece with correct mouth, pleasing eye of correct colour.  Jacket in good order at one with handler at all times. Considered her for the res cc. 2 Maxwell Romanchi Lokono.  Earned her place here on her overall conformation. Another well turned out coat wise. Enough bone, moved out around the ring with ease. 
OB (3). 1 Warrens  Wagsford Florance. Dark brindle Lovely type. Beautiful shape not overdone in any way. This girl has the most appealing head and eye. Correct mouth neat well filled front, enough bone for her size. Level top and underline, She really comes into her own when moving around the ring. Her movement is so fluid, with long free strides. Well put together rear which she uses so well on the move . I was delighted to award her the CC. Her second I was told, delighted to see that she gained her title the very next day, many congratulations. 2 .Phillips Ch Tendrow Peaches. Heavier type than one. A worthy title holder. She has loads of breed appeal. Responded well to her handler , did all that was asked of her. Very sound fore and aft, maintained a good outline at all times , and so well presented. 
Mrs Judith I Armstrong