Paignton & District Fanciers Association 2014

Dachshund (Wire Haired)

Judge: Mrs Dagmar Kenis-Pordham 



BEST OF BREED : 2186 WARREN Mrs A Wagsford Florance 
Dog CC : 2181 ROWE, Mrs J & ROWE Miss R Boloria'a Cadbury Surprise 
Res Dog CC : 2171 DIBLE Mrs C Cishelvine Storm At Sea 
Bitch CC : 2186 WARREN Mrs A Wagsford Florance 
Res Bitch CC : 2179 PUGHE, Ms H M & FRASER Ms C Ch Bystock Black Truffle JW 
Best Puppy : 2182 ROWE, Mrs J & ROWE Miss R Boloria's Arabella 
Best Veteran : 
Best Breeder : 

Class 629 PD (3 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 2171 DIBLE Mrs C Cishelvine Storm At Sea 
2nd: 2187 WHARTON Ms L Greyhayne Beethoven 
3rd: 2167 BLISS Mrs C K Knottsrose Juniper At Tobenkipt 

Class 630 JD NO ENTRIES 


Class 632 LD (4 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 2181 ROWE, Mrs J & ROWE Miss R Boloria'a Cadbury Surprise 
2nd: 2172 GIBSON Miss C P Allfreys Rock Of Gibralter 
3rd: 2175 MCCALMONT Mr & Mrs D & K Silvae Farrago 
Res: 2184 SEATH Mrs S Zlowfox Av Larhjelm At Sunsong (Imp Nor) 

Class 633 OD (2 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 2176 MCCALMONT Mr & Mrs D & K Silvae Quantum 
2nd: 2168 DAVIES Mrs C Ch Atahira Joie De Bleu 

Class 634 PB (3 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 2182 ROWE, Mrs J & ROWE Miss R Boloria's Arabella 
2nd: 2170 DIBLE Mrs C Liebling Steal The Show 
3rd: 2169 DAVIES Mrs C Tendrow Joie De Vivre By Atahira 

Class 635 JB NO ENTRIES 

Class 636 PGB (4 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 2173 GIBSON Miss C P Allfreys Sternchen Alrisha 
2nd: 2188 WHARTON Ms L Derochaise Zigana 
3rd: 2174 KENT Mrs P M Lieblings Blarney Stone 
Res: 2180 REES, Mrs P M & DIBLE Mrs C A Liebling Fly Me To The Moon 

Class 637 LB (2 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 2177 MCCALMONT Mr & Mrs D & K Silvae Solo 
2nd: 2183 ROWE, Mrs J & ROWE Miss R Boloria's Naughty But Nice 

Class 638 OB (4 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 2186 WARREN Mrs A Wagsford Florance 
2nd: 2179 PUGHE, Ms H M & FRASER Ms C Ch Bystock Black Truffle JW 
3rd: 2178 MCCALMONT Mr & Mrs D & K Silvae Quintet 
Res: 2185 SEATH Mrs S Ch Sunsong Wish Upon A Star 

PD (3) 1 and Res CC, Dible's Ciselvine Storm At Sea. Lovely six month old puppy, of beautiful type and outline, scoring on his excellent quarters. Handsome head, excellent firm topline. Full of Dachshund character! 2 Greyhayne Beethoven. Strongly boned 11 month old dog. Strong head and skull, good neck and forehand, very good topline, somewhat high tailset. 3 Knottarose Juniper At Tobenkipf. 
LD (4) 1 and CC, Rowe's Boloria's Cadbury Surprise. Beautiful two year old dog, a chocolate, of absolutely wonderful type and so well finished.  Scored on his beautiful outline, with a very nice and true front and equally strong hindquarters, with excellent tailset. He has a very expressive head. So well balanced overall, and he has an excellent length of leg as well. I understand that this is his crowning CC, congratulations! 2 Allfrey's Rock Of Gibraltar. Another dog of quality,  and also a very well balanced dog overall. Very nice head, good neck and front, strong topline, strong hindquarters of more medium angulations. Well presented. 3 Silvae Farrango. 
OD (2) 1 McCalmont's Silvae Quantum.  Two and a half year old dog with a very nice outline, and type; only for me he is altogether too large. He would never be able to go to ground, I feel. Saying that he has a beautiful head, very good neck and forehand, firm and strong topline, excellent tailset. For me he is almost over angulated in his hindquarters. Moved so well and freely. Just a pity about his size. 2 Ch Atahira Joie de Bleu. Very nice dog of more the size that I prefer. He has a somewhat domed head, good neck and front, is nicely coupled, and has an excellent tailset with good hindquarters.  Lost out to the winning dog who exhibited such sheer quality. 
PB (3) 1 Rowe's Boloria's Arabella. Eight month old bitch of lovely outline and type. Nice head, good neck and front quarters, very good well padded feet. Very  good topline and finish  over the hindquarters. 2 Liebing Steal The Show. Very active ten month old baby, who is very promising and will do very well when she calms down in the future. Very sweet head, good neck and front, but I would like to see a bit more length of leg. Strong topline, nicely angulated hindquarters. 
PGB (4) 1 Gibson's Allfrey's Sternchen Alrisha. Very pretty bitch, of lovely size and outline. Lovely head and expression, very good neck and front, somewhat flat feet. Excellent body and topline, finish over the rear quarters and tailset. Moved very well and freely. 2 Derochaise Zigana. Rather larger bitch than the winner, but earned her place on her strong movement. Handsome head, good neck and forehand, excellent topline and strong hindquarters. Not in as tidy a jacket as the winner. 3 Liebling's Blarney Stone. 
LB (2) 1 McCalmont's Silvae Solo. Bitch of 14 months, of wonderful quality and a lovely outline. Very pretty head, good neck and forehand, with proper ground clearance. Very good topline and finish over the hindquarters. Nicely angulated hindquarters, but tends to stand rather sickle hocked. Presented in wonderful coat and condition. Very good and free mover. Has lots of Dachshund character. Challenged strongly for the Res CC. 2 Boloria's Naughty But Nice. Chocolate litter sister to the Dog CC winner, and very much a feminine version. Very nice head, somewhat wide in skull, clean neck which could be longer for overall balance, good front. Scored on her excellent coupling and topline. Lovely strong hindquarters. Moved very well, but rather too fast for me. 
OB (4) 1, CC and BOB, Warren's Wagsford Florence. Three years old and so well finished, this bitch is not flashy, but a very good example of her breed. She is of beautiful type, a lovely size and beautifully presented. Has a beautiful head and expression, good neck so smoothly set into her withers, a very well angulated  forehand, with proper length of leg, a good capacious body, strong topline and beautifully angulated hindquarters. And she moved so well, with a sensible length of stride. She is an  altogether beautiful bitch! 2 and Res CC, Ch Bystock Black Truffle. Another top quality bitch of four years, with a lovely long head, very good front with excellent ground clearance, good and strong body, excellent topline and hindquarters; not too surprised to read in the catalogue that they share the same sire. In rather a shorter coat than the winner and a shade bigger all over. 3 Silvae Quintet.
Mrs Dagmar Kenis Pordham