Windsor Championship Dog Show 2014

Dachshund (Wire Haired)

Judge: Miss J C Dove 



BEST OF BREED : 552 PHILLIPS Mrs V Ch Tendrow Peaches 
Dog CC : 539 GIBSON Miss C P Allfreys Rock Of Gibralter 
Res Dog CC : 558 SEATH Mrs S Zlowfox Av Larhjelm At Sunsong (Imp Nor) 
Bitch CC : 552 PHILLIPS Mrs V Ch Tendrow Peaches 
Res Bitch CC : 559 SEATH Mrs S Ch Sunsong Wish Upon A Star 
Best Puppy : 562 WARREN Mrs A Wagsford Lincoln 
Best Veteran : 
Best Breeder : 

Class 183 VD/B (1 Entries) Abs: 1 

Class 184 PD (5 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: 562 WARREN Mrs A Wagsford Lincoln 
2nd: 536 DAVIS Miss L Knottsrose Monkey Puzzle 
3rd: 565 WHARTON Ms L Greyhayne Beethoven 
Res: 541 HAZELL Mr G W & Mrs E A Romanchi Nook Sack at Vraibleu 

Class 185 JD (3 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 542 HINDER Miss D Aventine The King's General 
2nd: 554 RODWELL, Mrs P & WHITE Mr S Sternchen Rastaban 
3rd: 541 HAZELL Mr G W & Mrs E A Romanchi Nook Sack at Vraibleu 

Class 186 PGD (1 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 533 COVERLEY Mrs L Aventine Jamaica Inn 

Class 187 LD (3 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 546 MOORE Mr W I Metewand Bogen By The Sea 
2nd: 555 ROWE, Mrs J & ROWE Miss R Boloria'a Cadbury Surprise 
3rd: 531 CLIFFORD Mrs R Ablebody Razzmatazz 

Class 188 OD (4 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 539 GIBSON Miss C P Allfreys Rock Of Gibralter 
2nd: 558 SEATH Mrs S Zlowfox Av Larhjelm At Sunsong (Imp Nor) 
3rd: 535 DAVIES Mrs C Ch Atahira Joie De Bleu 
Res: 560 SINGLETON Mr P Tendrow Drumm Crazy Jethard 

Class 189 GCDorB (1 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 565 WHARTON Ms L Greyhayne Beethoven 

Class 190 PB (4 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 563 WARREN Mrs A Wagsford Lydia 
2nd: 548 MOORE Mrs A Romanchi Mi'Kmaq 
3rd: 556 ROWE, Mrs J & ROWE Miss R Boloria's Arabella 

Class 191 JB (4 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 540 GIBSON Miss C P Allfreys Sternchen Alrisha 
2nd: 551 PHILLIPS Mrs V Hototo Swellegant Gal At Tendrow 
3rd: 544 LITTLEWORTH Mr H Somniferum Flyin High 
Res: 561 VLASBLOM Mrs M Chulilla Vh Huys Ringh De Vries 

Class 192 PGB (3 Entries) Abs: 1 
1st: 534 COVERLEY Mrs L Aventine Dawn Patrol 
2nd: 532 CLIFFORD Mrs R Ablebody Maybe Maybenot 

Class 193 LB (4 Entries) Abs: 0 
1st: 550 MORRIS Ms J E Wagsford Winona Of Rocinda 
2nd: 530 BROWN Mrs E & Mr J November Storm For Ablebody 
3rd: 557 ROWE, Mrs J & ROWE Miss R Boloria's Naughty But Nice 
Res: 545 LITTLEWORTH Mr H Ablebody Rhapsody In Blue 

Class 194 OB (6 Entries) Abs: 2 
1st: 552 PHILLIPS Mrs V Ch Tendrow Peaches 
2nd: 559 SEATH Mrs S Ch Sunsong Wish Upon A Star 
3rd: 547 MOORE Mr W I Cloudside Lara 
Res: 564 WARREN Mrs A Wagsford Florance 

PD (5, 1) 1 Warren's Wagsford Lincoln. Very handsome 10 mth old, classy head, dark eye and good expression, well constructed throughout, outmoved his classmates and his litter sister to be BP. Very promising. 2 Davis' Knottsrose Monkey Puzzle. 10 mth, well built youngster, not quite the overall balance of winner and would prefer a darker eye, but moved well and with purpose. 3 Wharton's Greyhayne Beethoven. 
JD (3) 1 Hinder's Aventine The Kings General. 17 mths, gorgeous head and expression, correct dark eye, excellent overall balance, sound, easy mover, looked good both from front and side, won this class with ease and strongly considered him for Res CC, but lost out on maturity. 2 Rodwell & White's Sternchen Rastaban. 16 mths, more refined throughout than above and not the overall quality, movement was sound front and rear but not quite the flow and drive of above. 3 Hazell & Romanchi's Nook Sack At Vraibleu. 
PGD (1) 1 Coverley's Aventine Jamaica Inn. 17 mths, litter brother to previous class winner, a little more mature than the general, similar in style and presence, masculine throughout with correct length, depth and body, excellent outline, well handled. 
LD (3) 1 Moore's Metewand Bogen By The Sea. Mature 2 yr old, masculine throughout with correct dark eye, good length of neck into correct lay of shoulder, well bodied with good depth and length, moved soundly front and rear, much happier moving than standing today, promising youngster. 2 Rowe's Boloria's Cadbury Surprise. Less mature 2 yr old, pleasing, well balanced head, good expression, well bodied and looked good standing, kept topline when moving, just preferred front reach and drive from the hocks of the winner. 3 Clifford's Ablebody Razzmatazz. 
OD (4) Very nice class. 1 Gibson's Allfreys Rock Of Gibralter. Mature three and a half yr old red, lovely head, expression and dark eye, excellent overall balance and construction, well bodied with good depth, length and topline, great mover who really made the best of himself today, excellent reach and drive behind (which was a problem with some youngsters today. CC. Congratulations. 2 Seath's Zlowfox Av Larhjelm At Sunsong (Imp Nor). Quality hound who pressed winner hard today, slightly more of him overall, excellent type, will be interesting to see him pass on his qualities to our bloodlines, at only just 2 yrs old, is mature and stylish. Res CC. 3 Davies' Ch Atahira Joie De Bleu. 
GCD/B (1) 1 Wharton's Greyhayne Beethoven. 10 mths, placed third in puppy dog, a little heavy in head for me but is well grown with good bone and substance, houndy throughout, moves with purpose, just needs to tighten in the hocks. 
PB (4) 1 Warren's Wagsford Lydia. Very pretty 10 mth old, lovely head and eye, long neck into correct shoulder, good depth and length, great hindquarters with sound, parallel movement, just a feminine example of her brother who I loved and just outmoved his sister for BP. 2 Moore's Romanchi Mi'Kmaq. 9 mths, less mature but has great style and presence, excellent overall conformation, just leg herself down on the move today. 3 Rowe's Boloria's Arabella. 
JB (4) 1 Gibson's Alefreys Sternchen Alrisha. Excellent red, 17 mths, daughter of my DCC winner, shows great maturity and has excellent overall balance and well constructed throughout. A real showgirl, well handled. 2 Phillips' Hototo Swellegant Attendrow. Another excellent youngster, only 12 mths but shows great promise, heavier overall than above, slightly preferred head and expression of winner. 3 Littleworth's Somniferum Flyin High. 
PGB (3, 1) 1 Coverley's Aventine Dawn Patrol. 2 yr old, won this class with ease, although a little unsettled on the move today, she is houndy, well bodied with good length and topline. 2 Clifford's Ablebody Maybe Maybenot. Mature, very good head and expression, dark eye, has good type and style but rather overweight today which spoilt her outline and movement when moving. 
LB (4) First two bitches were very difficult to separate, both had a lot to like about them. 1 Morris' Wagsford Winona Of Rocinda. At first my winner and she did not disappoint. Correct head and eye, lovely overall conformation, looked good both standing and moving, 3 yr old half sister to my two lovely puppy winners, unlucky in the challenge, but I am sure she has a great future when fully mature. 2 Brown's November Storm For Ablebody. 3 yr old red, more mature and slightly longer cast than winner. I like her style, sound movement and excellent construction. Two very nice bitches. 3 Rowe's Boloria's Naughty But Nice. 
OB (6, 2) Another nice class. Phillips' Ch Tendrow Peaches. Top quality three and a half yr old red, has all the essentials. I loved everything about her from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail, really stole my heart. Excellent type and overall balance, free and flowing, really does describe her movement, pleased to award her BCC and BOB. 2 Seath's Ch Sunsong Wish Upon A Star. 3 yr old, mature hound, also has excellent breed type, slightly different style to winner, good overall balance, excellent coat and presentation. Unlucky to meet above today. Res CC. 3 Moore's Cloudside Lara.
Jenny Dove