Leeds Championship Dog Show 2015

Dachshund (Wire Haired)

Judge: Mr Michael Gadsby


BEST OF BREED : 2951 MCCALMONT Mr & Mrs D & K Silvae Farrago
Dog CC : 2951 MCCALMONT Mr & Mrs D & K Silvae Farrago
Res Dog CC : 2960 PHILLIPS Mrs V Tendrow Replayed In Blue
Bitch CC : 2959 PATERSON, Mr P & PATERSON Mr B Ambiesque Allure
Res Bitch CC : 2952 MCCALMONT Mr & Mrs D & K Ch Silvae Solo
Best Puppy : 2954 MCPHERSON, Mr S A & PATERSON Mr P C Brumberhill Bellissima
Best Veteran :

Class 789 PD (3 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 2929 BELLAMY Mrs J A & Mr G S Veenen Onyx Resetin Gold At Garjay

Class 790 JD (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 2967 VINE Mrs R M Derochaise Justified for Cishelvine

Class 791 PGD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 2962 PHILLIPS Mrs V Wiretap Here I Am
2nd: 2946 LANGRIDGE Miss D Tendrow Elberta
3rd: 2965 SMITH Mr & Mrs I S & F E Jethard Two To Tango At Salixian

Class 792 LD (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 2960 PHILLIPS Mrs V Tendrow Replayed In Blue
2nd: 2934 DIBLE Mrs C Cishelvine Storm At Sea
3rd: 2971 VINE, Mrs R & BAXTER Miss A Cishelvine Red Admiral
Res: 2973 WEATHERER Miss A D Salixian Levante Via Itsuitzuz

Class 793 OD (6 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 2951 MCCALMONT Mr & Mrs D & K Silvae Farrago
2nd: 2958 MOORE, Mrs A & COVERLEY Mr R & Mrs L Ch & Ir Ch Ex Sentia I'm Bond James Bond (Imp)
3rd: 2953 MCPHERSON, Mr S A & PATERSON Mr P C Ch Fransin Brasilian T P Panettone Sh.CM (Imp)
Res: 2955 MOORE Mr W I Metewand Bogen By The Sea
VHC: 2940 GIBSON Miss C P Allfreys Rock Of Gibralter


Class 795 PB (6 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 2954 MCPHERSON, Mr S A & PATERSON Mr P C Brumberhill Bellissima
2nd: 2956 MOORE Mr W I Cloudside Oops A Daisy
3rd: 2935 DIBLE Mrs C Liebling In A Daydream
Res: 2968 VINE Mrs R M Cishelvine Careless Wispa
VHC: 2928 BAXTER Miss A Cishelvine Marie Time for Hotwire

Class 796 JB (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 2943 HOWE Mrs J Bramalodge Alice
2nd: 2936 ELDRED Miss S A E Brimalodge Amiety
3rd: 2930 CLAYTON-SMITH Mrs S J Boloria's April Fool
Res: 2964 SEATH Mrs S Sunsong Pine Nut

Class 797 PGB (6 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 2961 PHILLIPS Mrs V Hototo Swellegant Gal at Tendrow
2nd: 2927 BAXTER Miss A Cishelvine August Breeze with Hotwire
3rd: 2947 LOVIE Mr G & Mrs E Kindeace Princess Zelda
Res: 2937 ELDRED Miss S A E Brimarville Honey Bun
VHC: 2944 HOWE Mrs J Daisy Ze Strizovickeho Udoli

Class 798 LB (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 2970 VINE Mrs R M Cishelvine Enigma of the Sea
2nd: 2931 DAVIES Mrs C Tendrow Joie De Vivre By Atahira
3rd: 2942 GIBSON Miss C P Allfreys Sternchen Alrisha
Res: 2943 HOWE Mrs J Bramalodge Alice
VHC: 2966 SMITH Mr & Mrs I S & F E Tendrow Rouge Et Noire At Salixian

Class 799 OB (5 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 2959 PATERSON, Mr P & PATERSON Mr B Ambiesque Allure
2nd: 2952 MCCALMONT Mr & Mrs D & K Ch Silvae Solo
3rd: 2957 MOORE & DOWNES Aventine My Cousin Rachel
Res: 2930 CLAYTON-SMITH Mrs S J Boloria's April Fool

PD 1 Veenen Onyx Resetin Gold At Garjay. Conical head with nice eye shape and expression, very good in outline with strong topline and excellent well rounded quarters, good neck, sufficient forechest with a good return, great character, excellent coat quality sound on the move. 
J 1 Derochaise Justified For Cishelvine. Lovely quality just out of puppy, extremely sound and efficient on the move, good head and expression, sufficient neck, strong bone and well ribbed, his front assembly is good with a corresponding rear, well muscled and therefore good drive on the move. 
PG 1 Wiretap Here I Am. High quality, a red with a good coat and a classic outline, sufficient leg length and ideal proportions he has a lovely head and expression with length strength and refinement, long neck good, ok front assembly, excellent ribbing and forechest well rounded muscled rear, on the move is sound, maintaining a good outline. 2 Tendrow Elberta, very nice for type, nice head qualities good topline, lacks a little in forechest, good rear, sound on the move but lacks drive and enthusiasm. 3 Jethard Two To Tango At Salixian. 
L 1 Tendrow Replayed In Blue. The 1st two super specimens differing in type and could change places easily. 1st really super outline and proportions with a good jacket and strong topline. Lovely head and expression with a super front and forechest well ribbed and a lovely rounded rear with big muscular hams, on the move can misbehave a little but when settled his movement is super stylish and maintains a lovely outline. Res CC. 2 Cishelvine Storm At Sea, classic gorgeous head and expression and a perfect textured coat, great outline and another well angulated front and rear assemblies, well ribbed with a strong topline. 3 Cishelvine Red Admiral. 
O 1 Silvae farrago. Classic type with an awesome rear assembly, this could be described as a fraction exaggerated but he displays such strength combined with strong straight hocks, the result, great propulsion and freedom on the move excellent coat quality, super head and expression, conical with good planes and strength of foreface, well ribbed with a strong topline and a good front assembly, well boned with thickly padded feet, stood away amongst the males today. CC and BOB. 2 Ch Sentia Im James Bond
out of coat but that only serves to highlight a lovely outline, he has a clean long neck, excellent topline, good rear and good ribbing, very sound on the move. 3 Ch Fransin Brasillian T P Panettone. 
P Shame that there wasn't a mp class as the babies looked so raw against the older puppy. 1 Brumberhill Bellisima. Super type with a good head and expression, super outline with enough ground clearance to uninhibited free movement, coat coming on nicely and presented well, long neck great forechest super topline held on the move, strong well rounded qtrs moved with style and good drive. Best puppy. 2 Cloudside Oops A Daisy. Really sweet baby with tons of potential gorgeous expression and well made throughout she will no doubt develop into her lovely frame, sound with drive. 3 Lei Bling In A Daydream. 
J 1 Bramalodge Alice. The winner has super head type and expression with an excellent jacket, she is sound and has sufficient reach and drive, well boned and ribs are well rounded but could extend a little further, well rounded muscular rear. 2 Bramalodge Amiety. Nice quality little femine girl with a sweet head and expression, nice jacket, bone good for her size, sound and stylish. 3 Bolarias April Fool. 
PG 1 Hototo Swellegant Gal At Tendrow. Gorgeous for type head and expression, very nicely constructed throughout and sound on the move, outline is enhanced with her lovely front and solid topline. 2 Cishelvine August Breeze With Hotwire, another quality bitch with a good head and a great neck and shoulder, perfect proportions, just a touch more ground clearance than the winner but not quite the forward reach on the move. 3 Kindeace Princess Zelda. 
L 1 Cishelvine Enigma Of The Sea. Beautiful type bitch with a stunning outline, sometimes a touch erratic on the move but when she settles she is so sound and maintains her lovely outline. Classic head and expression excellent coat and presentation, well boned with good chest and ribbing, well rounded rear. Strong topline. 2 tendrow Joie De Vivre By Atahira. High quality with a sweet expression and super eye, good clearance but remaining low slung with a solid topline. Well constructed throughout. 3 Allfreys Alrisha. 
OB 1 Ambiesque Allure CC. 2 Ch Silvae Solo res CC. Two top class bitches fought it out to win this class, similar in so many respected both have stunning headpieces both super outlines and forechests, strength and muscle in both rears the final decision was reached on the free stack where the eventual winner stood four square and maintained her excellent outline. 3 Valentine My Cousin Rachael.
Michael Gadsby