Wirehaired Dachshund Club 2015

Dachshund (Wire Haired)

Judge: Arnold Derry (Andlouis)

BEST OF BREED : PATTON Ch/Ir Ch Lesandnic Sea the Stars
Dog CC : PATTON Ch/Ir Ch Lesandnic Sea the Stars
Res Dog CC : DIBLE & KENT Cishelvine Storm at Sea at Liebling
Bitch CC :  PUGHE & FRASER Ch Bystock Pussy Galore
Res Bitch CC : PATERSON Ambiesque Allure
Best Puppy :  CLAYTON-SMITH Boloria's April Fool

Best Veteran : PATTON Int/Ir Ch Lesandnic Liberthine


Veteran Dog or Bitch (7 Entries)
1st: PATTON Int/Ir Ch Lesandnic Liberthine
2nd: DOWNES & MOORE Am/Gr Ch Daybreak's Classique Cruiser
3rd: EDWARDS & LAVIN Swincombes Darite of Bellavin
Res: COVERLEY Romanchi Tigua at Aventine
VHC CLIFFORD Ablebody La Traviata

Good Citizen Scheme Dog or Bitch (4 Entries)
1st: SMITH Salixian Leveche
2nd:PATTON Int/Ir Ch Lesandnic Larsson
3rd: BAXTER Cishelvine August Breeze with Hotwire
Res: DEAN Brontillow Lady Dane  

Minor Puppy Dog (3 Entries)
1st: VINE Derochaise Justified for Cishelvine
2nd:WHARTON & PUGHE Derochaise Black Tarquin
3rd: STOCKDALE Autumnal Gold

Puppy Dog (1 Entry)
1st: BALDWIN Aventine Scotts Bluff

Junior Dog (3 Entries)
1st: HAZELL Romanchi Nooksack at Vraibleu
2nd: LANGRIDGE Tendrow Elberta

Yearling Dog (2 Entries)
1st: WARREN Wagsford Lincoln
2nd: PATTON Ir Ch Lesandnic Lil Eetee

Post Graduate Dog (5 Entries)
1st: DIBLE & KENT Cishelvine Storm at Sea at Liebling
2nd: BLISS Knottsrose Juniper at Tobenkipt
3rd: PASKINS Tendrow Replays the Red Guy at Kindeace
Res: HASTINGS Bardings Benny the Dip
VHC: CLARE Bellavin's Illustrious

Limit Dog (10 Entries)
1st: VINE & BAXTER Cishelvine Red Admiral
2nd: PASKINS Kindeace Blue Savanah ShCM
3rd:  SEATH Zlowfox AV Larhjelm at Sunsong (Imp Nor)
Res: WEATHERER Salixian Levante via Itsuitzuz
VHC: ROWE Boloria's Cadbury Surprise

Open Dog (9 Entries)
1st: PATTON Ch/Ir Ch Lesandnic Sea the Stars
2nd:MCPHERSON & PATERSON Ch Fransin Brasilian TP Panetone (Imp Ita) ShCM
3rd: MCCALMONT Silvae Farrago
Res: DAVIES Ch Atahira Joie De Bleu
VHC: SEGERSTEN Multi Ch Bellomis United Kingdom

Minor Puppy Bitch (7 Entries)
1st: PUGHE & FRASER Bystock Extra Virgin
2nd: PATTON Lesandnic Snow Fairy
3rd: HASTINGS Lesandnic Sleepytime
Res: PASKINS Kindeace Ruby Tuesday
VHC: BATES & MAE JONES Derochaise Wild Orchid

Puppy Bitch (6 Entries)
1st: CLAYTON-SMITH Boloria's April Fool
2nd: ROWE Boloria's Forever Foolish
3rd: BATES & MAE JONES Derochaise Frosted Orchid
Res: PATTON Great by Lucky Dalmacia (Imp Hun)
VHC: WHARTON Greyhayne Lotty Merry

Junior Bitch (8 Entries)
1st:  CLAYTON-SMITH Boloria's April Fool
2nd: SEATH Sunsong Pine Nut
3rd:  DAVIES Tendrow Joie De Vivre by Atahira
Res: JONES & ROWE Boloria's Arabella
VHC: VINE Gravetye Kiss Me Kate Cishelvine

Yearling Bitch (5 Entries)
1st:  PATERSON Ambiesque Allure
2nd: WARREN Wagsford Lydia
3rd:  PATTON Ir Ch Lesandnic Lilla
Res: NORTON Stella Uit De Woezik at Halunke

Post Graduate Bitch (7 Entries)
1st: STILES Cishelvine Sea Spray
2nd: PATERSON Ambiesque Agna
3rd: BAXTER Cishelvine August Breeze with Hotwire
Res: REES & DIBLE Liebling Fly Me to the Moon
VHC: COVERELY Aventine Dawn Patrol

Limit Bitch (8 Entries)
1st: MCCALMONT Silvae Solar
2nd: VINE Cishelvine Enigma of the Sea
3rd: BATES & MAE JONES Derochaise Elegancia JW
Res: SMITH Tendrow Rouge Et Noire at Salixian
VHC: GIBSON Allfreys Sternchen Airisha

Open Bitch (9 Entries)
1st: PUGHE & FRASER Ch Bystock Pussy Galore
2nd: MCCALMONT Ch Silvae Solo
3rd: ROWE Boloria's Naughty But Nice
Res: PATTON Ir Ch Lesandnic Sariska
VHC: COVERLEY Ch & Ir Ch Aventine Shaken Not Stirred

W/H – It was a pleasure to be able to judge this prestigious show, & I thank you all for your entry, my thanks to the committee for this appointment, & my stewards for keeping me out of trouble. I enjoyed the day very much, & I found much diversity in the breed since I last judged. The influence of the foreign contingent, was most apparent, not, I believe, a good thing for our breed type here in the UK. If we carry on this way it will be completely gone within 10 years or less. We seem to have lost the strong hammy quarters, & the steady drive. This is now more erratic & racy. The shoulder girdle has lost its refinement & has become rather stuffy. Some untidy coats didn’t do anybody any favours, presentation means a lot. That having been said, there was still plenty to like & I was pleased with my principal winners.

V (7,2a) 1 Patton’s Int/Ir Ch Lesandnic Liberthine, nice size brindle bitch in good condition, can’t believe she is in veteran, pleasing feminine head & eye, good shoulders. Good topline, moved soundly. BV & BVIS; 2 Downes & Moore’s Am Gr Ch Daybreaks Classique Cruiser, brindle dog. Good topline, good oval thorax, a little long in loin, messed his owner about in the line; 3 Edwards’ Swincombes Darite of Bellavin. GC (4) 1 Segersten’s Salixian Leveche, good size brindle bitch, nice size head, good forechest, level topline, strong quarters, drove well; 2 Patton’s Int/Ir Ch Lesandnic  Larsson, a nice tight coat. Good strong head, level topline, moved well but I preferred the driving force of 1; 3 Baxter’s Cishelvine August Breeze with Hotwire. MPD (3) 1 Vine’s Derochaise Justified for Cishelvine, brindle dog with strong head on good shoulders, level topline, nice depth of body, good oval thorax for one so young. Good quarters with strong parallel movement; 2 Wharton & Pughe’s Derochaise Black Tarquin, a very similar type to 1 narrower than 1 & not the front, moved well. I see these are litter brothers, plenty of time to mature; 3 Stockdale’s   Autumnal Gold. PD (1) 1 Autumnul Gold, very heavy in head, hope this will fine down, good coat. Good length of neck, nice oval front, level topline, narrow through giving unsteady close movement on the rear legs. JD (3,1) 1 Hazel’s Romanchi Nooksack at Vraibleu, good size brindle, strong head, good front, steep in shoulder, good length of ribbing, nice quarters, nice turn of stifle, plenty of drive; 2 Langridge’s Tendrow Elberta, very similar type to 1 but would not behave on the table, could not assess him properly, good length of ribbing, nice quarters,  moved with drive. YD (2) 1 Warren’s Wagsford Lincoln, nice brindle dog, heavy in head, good quarters, nice level topline, well off for thorax, stood well, his movement was too fast & I was unable to assess properly, needs to be walked round, it’s not a race; 2 Patton’s Ir Ch Lesandnic Lil Eetee, nice r/br dog, good length super head, nice oval front, good all round, moved with drive however because of a previous judge he was unhappy to  have a hands on assessment, I did try & we got so far. What a pity a nice dog indeed. PGD (5) 1 Dible & Kent’s  Cishelvine Storm At Sea at Liebling, nice brindle dog, well off for size, super head on a strong neck, well placed shoulders, nice layback, strong oval thorax, level topline, good bone, broad across the quarters, giving plenty of drive, moved well  when he settled down. RCC; 2 Bliss’ Knottrose Juniper at Tobenkipt, red dog, slightly taller & overall bigger than 1, good strong head, level topline & underline, good shoulders, moved well. Not a lot of difference between these two; 3 Paskin’s Tendrow Replays The Red Guy at Kindeace. LD (10,2) 1 Vine & Baxter’s Cishelvine Red Admiral, nice red dog of good size, pleasing head, long neck into good shoulders, with the correct layback. Good length of ribbing, strong quarters, nice angulation, giving plenty of drive, which needs to be controlled for over speed; 2 Paskin’s Kindeace Blue Savanah, good coat, nice head, not the length of 1, good oval thorax, level  underline, ample angulation on good quarters, giving strong movement; 3 Seath’s Lowfox Av Larhjelm at Sunsong. OD (9,1) 1 Patton’s Ch/Ir Ch Lesandnic Sea The Stars, nice brindle dog of good size, well off for bone, outstanding head, in proportion to the rest for his profile, strong neck, well laid shoulders, level topline, good quarters, strong movement, the balance was right, the profile was excellent & the happy  temperament  topped off this great package. Pleased to award him CC, BOB & RBIS; 2 McPherson & Patterson’s Ch Fransin Brazilian Tp Panetone, good head & shoulders, level topline, adequate oval thorax, quarters & angulations not as good as 1 & the speed of movement made the back legs seem distorted; 3 McCalmont’s Silvae Farrago.

MPB (7,1) 1 Pughe & Fraser’s Bystock Extra Virgin, pleasing head & eye, good length of neck, enough front, good shoulder placement, soft topline, but will alter with time, strong quarters well rounded, stands well, moved with drive; 2 Patton’s Lesandnic Snow Fairy, feminine head. Good length of neck, very similar comments as to 1 in other aspects, but stands slightly taller, not quite the drive as 1; 3 Hastings’ Lesandnic Sleepytime. PB (6,1w/d) 1 Clay-Smith’s Boloria’s April Fool, nice b/t, good coat, good length. Pleasing head & eye, good layback of shoulder, nice length of ribbing, stood & presented herself well, excellent strong steady movement, will watch this dog with interest. BP, BPIS. Well done; 2 Rowe’s Boloria’s Forever Foolish, brindle coat in good condition, feminine head, good length of keel, strong quarters, but not the drive or presence of 1; 3 Bates & Maes Jones’ Derochaise Frosted Orchid. JB (8,1w/d) 1 B April Fool; 2 Seath’s Sunsong Pine Nut, brindle bitch, pleasing head & eye, good length of neck, & good shoulders, but in profile looked rather stuffy in front, good quarters, nice proportions, moved well; 3 Dean’s Brontillow Lady Dane.YB (5) 1 Paterson’s Ambiesque Allure, nice size. Pleasing head & eye, strong in front, ribbing adequate, slightly long in loin, would like stronger quarters but moved excellently without any interruption, well  presented, one to watch out for.   RCC; 2 Warren’s Wagsford Lydia, nice feminine b/t, good coat, good length of neck, strong in front but not the layback of shoulder of 1. Good length of ribbing, ample hammy quarters & turn of stifle, used to give plenty of drive; 3 Patton’s Lesandnic Lilla. PGB (7) 1 Stiles’ Cishelvine Sea Spray, nice red coat, looked a picture, correct length to height ratio, feminine head, good strong neck into well placed shoulders, adequate frontage, lovely snug shoulder placement, level topline, very neat quarters, used to good effect; 2 Paterson’s Ambiesque Agna, brindle coat, pleasing head & eye, good layback of shoulder, good shoulders, profile was good, movement was erratic & let the handler down; 3 Baxter’s Cishelvine August Breeze with Hotwire. LB (8,2) 1 McCalmont’s Silvae Solar, brindle coat, feminine head, long neck, level topline, shoulder placement was adequate, would prefer more front, well  off for  ribbing, pleasing underline, gave a good profile, strong quarters gave plenty of drive; 2 Vine’s Cishelvine Enigma Of Th Sea, well coated brindle, slightly taller than 1 but still in proportion, well placed shoulders, long ribbing, good strong quarters, giving plenty of drive; 3 Bates & Maes-Jones’  Derochaise Elegancia. OB(9,2) 1 Pughe & Fraser’s Ch Bystock Pussy Galore, brindle coated, super feminine head, good for size, nice long neck into well placed shoulders, plenty of thorax, long ribbing, good height to length ratio, well balanced, strong quarters which gave plenty of drive. Speed is not always what is required, but the purpose of smooth placement make a more presentable picture. Pleased to award her CC; 2 McCalmont’s Slivae Solo, brindle coat, feminine head, strong shoulder placement, adequate frontage, preferred  the rearquarters of  1, & again speed let the handler down, this spoilt the rear leg movement; 3 Rowe’s Boloria Naughty But Nice.