Midland Dachshund 2017

Dachshund (Wire-haired)

Judge: Morris Armstrong (Lauralee)

BEST OF BREED : PHILLIPS Ch Wiretap Here I Am (Imp)
Dog CC : PHILLIPS Ch Wiretap Here I Am (Imp) 
Res Dog CC : VINE & BAXTER Cishelvine Red Admiral
Bitch CC : ROWE Ch Boloria's Naught But Nice
Res Bitch CC : PHILLIPS Tendrow Dancing on a Dream at Clipperdown
Best Puppy : ROWE Boloria's Trick Or Treat

Minor Puppy Dog (1 Entry)
1st: Absent

Puppy Dog (1 Entry)
1st: GIBSON  Allfreys London Look

Junior Dog (4 Entries)
1st: MCCARTHY-BOOTH & MCCARTHY Ambiesque Apollo Von Jarhiba
2nd: GIBSON Allfreys Here's Lookin At You
3rd: MOORE Cloudside Picasso
Res: GWYER Ludlow Lapis Lazuli

Post Graduate Dog (7 Entries)
1st: SHAW Tendrow Moondance
2nd: VIG Q-rrens-dax Enzo-topazo
3rd: VINE Cishelvine Caught Out
Res: MAES-JONES,  & BATES Derochaise Versace Jw JW
VHC: ARTHURS Hototo's Bark at the Moon

Limit Dog (5 Entries) 
1st: BUBB Teckelgarth Leapoffaith To Wyekno
2nd: VINE Derochaise Justified for Cishelvine
3rd: HAZELL Romanchi Nooksack at Vraibleu
Res: LANGRIDGE Tendrow Elberta
VHC: BLISS Knottsrose Juniper At Tobenkipt

Open Dog (6 Entries)
1st: PHILLIPS Ch Wiretap Here I Am (Imp)
2nd: VINE & BAXTER Cishelvine Red Admiral
3rd: PUGH & WHARTON Derochaise Black Tarquin
Res: MOORE & DOWNES Megline Aramis (Imp Rom)
VHC: COVERLEY Ch Aventine Jamaica Inn

Minor Puppy Bitch (4 Entries) 
1st: PHILLIPS Tendrow Time to Dream
2nd: GIBSON Tendrow As Time Goes By
3rd: CHAMBERS Tendrow Black Pearl With Hototo
Res: ELLIS Tendrow One Moment in Time at Vixendax

Puppy Bitch (9 Entries) 
1st: ROWE Boloria's Trick Or Treat
2nd PHILLIPS Tendrow I Am What I Am
3rd: GIBSON Tendrow As Time Goes By
Res: HUTCHINGS Tendrow I Am the One from Collidach
VHC: DAVIES Pendyffren Miss Dolce By Atahira

Junior Bitch(10 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: PATERSON & PATERSON  Ambiesque Applaud
2nd: VINE Cishelvine Just An Enigma
3rd: WARREN Wagsford Jennifer
Res: BYE Molloney On Top of That
VHC: FITZGERALD  Waggington Sophia at Harlilsun

Post Graduate Bitch (6 Entries)
1st: PATERSON & PATERSON  Ambiesque Aperitif
2nd: WHARTON Greyhayne Black Velvet
3rd:  SEXTON Molloney Ona Top
Res: RYDER Sonic Chianti to Jaskar

Limit Bitch (14 Entries)
1st: PHILLIPS Tendrow Dancing on a Dream at Clipperdown
2nd: ROWE Boloria Tiger Lily 
3rd: BUBB Rocinda Dora for Wyeknot
Res: DEAN Brontillow Grace Darling
VHC: PHILLIPS  Tendrow Time'n'time Again

Open Bitch (4 Entries) 
1st: ROWE Ch Boloria's Naught But Nice
2nd: WARREN Ch Wagsford Lydia
3rd: COVERLEY Aventine Dawn Patrol
Res: PHILLIPS Ch Tendrow A Page In Time


I was really pleased with my entry awarding cc in this variety for the first time.

Minor Puppy Dog 1. (1) ABS.


Puppy Dog

 1. Gibsons Allfrey’s London Look. Most promising baby, masculine head with good eye shape and good colour, reachy neck running into neat shoulders, good top line and a nicely made rear. Handled the ring well for a youngster.


Junior Dog (4)

1ST.McCarthy-Both & McCarthy's Ambiesque Apollo Von Jarhiba. Young dark brindle, lovely head darkest of eyes, good reach of neck, level top line that he kept on the move. Good bone and well rounded feet.

2nd. Gwyer’s. Ludlow Lapis Lazuli. A little larger type than the winner, again good head with calm expression ears a little low set and I would like a little more neck. Strong shoulders well rounded ribcage strong topline, just preferred outline of one.

3rd Moore's Megline Aramis (Imp Rom).


Post Graduate Dog  7. (1 abs).

1st.Shaw's Tendrow Moondance. Yet another good head masculine expression good bone all through neat top and underline well angulated back end. Showed his self off when on the move.

2nd. Vig’s. pleasing head good eye shape and a good reach of neck lovely bone and well rounded feet just runs away a little at the rear.

3rd. Vine’s. Cishellvine Caught Out.


Limit Dog (5)

1ST. Bubb’s. Teckelgarth Leapoffaith to Wyeknot. I found this a hard class as all of a similar type. But my winner has a masculine head dark eye folr his colouring would like more reach of neck and a little more length moved out o.k.

2nd. Vines. Derochaise Justified for Cishelvine. Very similar to the winner strong head and good reach of neck topline o.k. but my winner was sounder in front when coming towards me.

3rd. Hazell’s. Romanchi Nooksack at Vraibleu.


Open Dog (6)

1st Phillips. CH.Wiretap Here I Am (imp can) Just what I was looking for a masculine hound with good ground clearance super head and eye with correct dentition. Well pronounced sternum. Well laid shoulders with neatly fitting elbows correct topline leading to correctly angulated rear. Moved around the ring with purpose and drive delighted to award him Dog CC and Best of Breed.

2nd.Vine & Baxters. Cishelvine Red Admiral another red in sparkling form unlucky to have come up against one a well put together hound with correct front assembly, good well rounded ribcage carried well back, correct rear did enough on the move to award him the Res. CC

 3rd.Wharten & Pughe’s. Derochaise Black Tarquin.


Minor Puppy Bitch (4)

1ST. Phillips. Tendrow Time To Dream. Sired by my cc and bob winner which did not surprise me. Very feminine baby even at this young age all of one piece loved her balance and outline.

 2nd. Tendrow As Time Goes By. Litter sister to one many of the same attributes I am sure both these girls will have bright futures in the show ring.

3rd. Chambers Tendrow Black Pearl With Hototo.


Puppy Bitch (9, 1 Abs)

1st. Rowe's Bolorias Trick Or Treat. What a beautiful puppy bitch class bodes well for the future of the breed. Brindle bitch classic head with the darkest of eyes, neat well filled front with well laid shoulders. Good top and underline, correct tail set well made rear with nice short hocks moved around the ring with verve true both coming and going my Best Puppy in Breed.

2nd. Phillips. Tendrow I Am What I Am. Another from this kennel by by best of breed winner pleasing head and eye well laid shoulder but preferred the overall outline of my winner.

 3rd. Gibson's Tendrow As Time Goes By.


Junior Bitch (9, 1 Abs)

1st Paterson’s. Ambiesque Applaud. A Brindle bitch feminine head set on a lengthy neck , ok in front good backline and underline, neat hocks ,correct tail set, appealed for size and profile.

 2nd Vine's Cishelvine Just An Enigma. Verry simular in type to one, feminine head with lovely dark eye to go with her colouring beautiful bone for her size good topline and underline with well maid hind quarter close decision between these two and I am sure will change places on many occasion.

3rd. Warren’s. Wagsford Jennifer.


Post Graduate (5, 2 Abs)

1ST. Paterson's Ambiesque Aperitif Just out of puppy really well put together, well made front good bone, well rounded rib cage, neat rear used with intent on the move.

2nd. Wharton’s. Greyhayne Black Velvet. Feminine head with correct bite, ok for bone, but not as finished as one.

3rd. Sexton’s. Molloney On A Top.


Limit Bitch (14, 3 Abs)

1ST Phillip's Tendrow Dancing On A Dream At Clipperdown. Yet another by my best of breed winner he certainly making his mark in and out of the ring. Gorgious head with beautiful eye, correct mouth, enough neck, good shoulder, well rounded bone ,mantained her topline stacked and on the move, moved with some ease around the ring, delighted to award her the Reserve CC

2nd. Rowe’s Boloria’s Tiger Lily. Chocolate, with everything in the right place, full of breed type, handled well on the table, m oved around the ring with confidence, but perhaps a little jolly with her tail.

3rd.Bubb’s. Rocinda Dora For Wyeknot.


Open Bitch (4)

1st. Rowe’s Ch Boloria’s Naught But Nice ShCM. Chocolate, ultra feminine, at one with handler at all times, sound even well filled front, not over done in anyway, good topline which she kept on the move and when stacked, correctly made hind quarter with well let down hocks, which she used to propel herself around the ring, was delighted to award her the CC.

2nd. Warren's. Ch Wagsford Lydia. Brindle of ideal size great expression, correct mouth, strong well muscular neck. Sound front with good bone,good ribbing, correctly made hind quarter, liked her very much unlucky to meet one on the day. 3rd.Coverley’s. Aventine Dawn Patrol.