National Dog Show 2017

Dachshund (Wire-haired)

Judge: Mr D W Fellows


BEST OF BREED : 806 WARREN Mrs A Wagsford Lydia
Dog CC : 797 SORENSEN Mrs E A Jethard Just Jive
Res Dog CC : 778 MCCALMONT Mr & Mrs D & K Ch Silvae Farrago
Bitch CC : 806 WARREN Mrs A Wagsford Lydia
Res Bitch CC : 779 MCCALMONT Mr & Mrs D & K Ch Silvae Solo
Best Puppy : 769 HUTCHINGS Mrs F Tendrow I Am The One From Collidach
Best Veteran :

Class 213 MPD (1 Entries) Abs: 1

Class 214 PD (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 787 ROWE, Mrs J & ROWE Miss R Boloria's Cincinnati
2nd: 763 GIBSON Miss C P & Allfreys Here's Lookin At You
3rd: 784 NORMAN Miss C Silvae Klansman
Res: 768 HOWE Mrs J Bramalodge Bravac Boris
VHC: 781 MCCARTHY-BOOTH, Mrs J & MCCARTHY Miss J Ambiesque Apollo Von Jarhiba

Class 215 JD (4 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 772 MAES-JONES, Mrs E K & BATES Miss V Derochaise Versace
2nd: 785 PARSONS Mr R & Mrs J Cloudside Picture Perfect At Shukriya
3rd: 10147 Miss A BAXTER Hotwire Firecracker

Class 216 PGD (8 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 799 VINE Mrs R M Cishelvine Caught Out
2nd: 752 BELLAMY Mrs J A & Mr G S Veenen Onyx Resetin Gold At Garjay
3rd: 793 SHAW Ms J Tendrow Moondance
Res: 798 VIG Mr B Q-rrens-dax Enzo-topazo
VHC: 794 SMITH Mr & Mrs I S & F E Jethard Two To Tango At Salixian

Class 217 LD (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 782 MOORE, Mrs A & DOWNES Miss L Megline Aramis
2nd: 796 SORENSEN Mrs E A Tendrow Time After Time JW
3rd: 800 VINE Mrs R M Derochaise Justified for Cishelvine
Res: 771 LANGRIDGE Miss D Tendrow Elberta
VHC: 780 MCCALMONT Mr & Mrs D & K Silvae Kinsman

Class 218 OD (3 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 797 SORENSEN Mrs E A Jethard Just Jive
2nd: 778 MCCALMONT Mr & Mrs D & K Ch Silvae Farrago
3rd: 10149 Mrs R VINE & Miss A BAXTER Cishelvine Red Admiral


Class 220 MPB (5 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 769 HUTCHINGS Mrs F Tendrow I Am The One From Collidach
2nd: 759 DAVIES Mrs C Pendyffren Miss Dolce By Atahira
3rd: 788 ROWE, Mrs J & ROWE Miss R Boloria's Trick Or Treat

Class 221 PB (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 804 WARREN Mrs A Wagsford Hester
2nd: 755 BUBB Mrs H E Wagsford Cordelia Of Wyeknot

Class 222 JB (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 805 WARREN Mrs A Wagsford Jennifer
2nd: 791 SEATH Mrs S Hella's Ozlem At Sunsong (Imp Nor)
3rd: 801 VINE Mrs R M Cishelvine Just An Enigma
Res: 774 MAES-JONES, Mrs E K & BATES Miss V Derochaise Elusia
VHC: 762 FITZGERALD Mrs N & Mr S Waggington Sophia At Harlilsun

Class 223 PGB (6 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 777 MAXWELL Mr R & Mrs J Bardrestan Queen of the South
2nd: 803 VINE Mrs R M Cishelvine Careless Wispa
3rd: 754 BINKS Miss A Cishelvine Just This Once
Res: 753 BELLAMY Mrs & Miss J & J Tendrow Dancing Queen With Garjay
VHC: 790 RYDER Mr A J & Mrs J Sonic Chianti To Jaskar

Class 224 LB (9 Entries) Abs: 4
1st: 792 SEATH Mrs S Sunsong Wish Me Luck
2nd: 756 BUBB Mrs H E Rocinda Dora For Wyeknot
3rd: 802 VINE Mrs R M Gravetye Kiss Me Kate Cishelvine
Res: 10148 Miss A BAXTER Cishewine August Breeze With Hotwire
VHC: 761 FERGESON-BLAKELEY Mr N Barembak Swavovski With Zandanel

Class 225 OB (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 806 WARREN Mrs A Wagsford Lydia
2nd: 779 MCCALMONT Mr & Mrs D & K Ch Silvae Solo
3rd: 764 GIBSON Miss C P & Allfreys Sternchen Alrisha


Thank you very much for the good “Thursday” entry. I love this variety and feel that the long standing exhibitors are very dedicated. As I have reported on the other variety I judged today I was constantly surprised at how my opinion changed considerably from initially viewing the stacked line-up per class to when I assessed individual movement. I found a number of dogs not moving with the correct width of track in front and in particular the rear. There were a number of forward placed shoulders along with some steeply angled quarters which gave a stilted and restricted gait. Personally I felt there was a greater size variance represented today than I remembered from the last time I judged.

As usual the majority of exhibitors in this variety were very sporting with the one or two exceptions which were not so. I was looking for a sound well balanced hound with true movement which was also free and easy.

I found presentation to be generally good throughout and importantly found temperaments were excellent.


MPD – 1 Entry 1 Abs

PD – 6 Entries 1 Abs

1st – Rowe, Boloria’s Cincinnati

Well matured chocolate boy of good quality, carrying a harsh coat, balanced and a good size, ribbed well back with good top and underlines, good front assembly, moving well fore and aft with good profile stride, he shows lots of promise.

2nd – Gibson, Allfreys Her’s Lookin At You

Dark Brindle boy whom who also has a clean and balanced outline, very good coat texture, prominent prosternum with good shoulder lay, good bone, moved true both ways, strong quarters.

3rd – Norman, Silvae Klansman

JD – 4 Entries 1 Abs

1st – Maes-Jones & Bates, Derochaise Versace

Good head and eye, good outline and well balanced, good forechest and ribbing, carrying a very good harsh coat, stands on knuckled feet, moving the truest in this class and retaining his correct topline.

2nd – Parsons, Cloudside Picture Perfect At Shukriya

Again I liked his size and balance in general, decent coat, moving parallel, would just prefer more hind angulation, well presented.

3rd – Baxter, Hotwire Firecracker


PGD – 8 Entries 1 Abs

1st – Vine, Cishelvine Caught Out

Brindle with lovely head and eye giving true wire expression, good reach of neck, good size and balanced outline, harsh coat, moved true fore and aft with sufficient coverage in profile.

2nd – Bellamy & Veenen, Onyx Resetin Gold At Garjay

Nice type and size, good front assembly, rear angulation good, moved well but not quite as true as first.

3rd – Shaw, Tendrow Moondance


LD – 7 Entries 0 Abs

1st – Moore & Downes, Megline Aramis

Up to size but a lot to like about this boy, he has the best of heads and eyes with that true wire expression, long neck flows into sound shoulder placement, good forechest and ribbing, strong topline, harsh coat, strong bone and standing on good feet, lovely flowing outline stacked and moving very parallel fore and aft, presented in good condition.

2nd – Sorensen, Tendrow Time After Time JW

Red boy liked his size and type, good head and eye, prominent forechest, well ribbed back into short strong loin, good coat texture, quarters well angulated, moving true, I felt he was carrying excess weight today.

3rd – Vine, Derochaise Justified For Cishelvine

OD – 3 Entries 0 Abs

Quality class

1st – Sorensen, Jethard Just Jive

Lovely type and size, well balanced throughout, good head piece and eye, long neck into clean shoulders and front well filled, good bone, well ribbed into short strong loin, strong muscular quarters with good width, in good harsh coat, was a little happy with his stern to begin with then he settled down as his lovely temperament could not be denied, moved so accurately up and down with correct width and covered the ground with a free and very easy stride without any effort. CC

2nd- Mccalmont, Ch. Silvae Farrago

Another high quality boy with a lovely head and outline, long neck flows into well layed shoulders and upper arm, good forechest, strong bone, well ribbed, excelled in rear angulations, moved with reach and drive, could easily change places another day RCC

3RD – Vine & Baxter, Cishelvine Red Admiral


VD – No Entries

MPB – 5 Entries 2 Abs

1st – Hutchings, Tendrow I Am The One From Collidach

Classy head piece with good eye shape enhancing that true wire expression, lovely type, good prosternum with well filled oval front for a youngster, held a strong topline, well ribbed with correct underline, good angulation front and rear, moved with accuracy and covered good ground in profile, I felt she was carrying too much weight and would be even better without the excess BP

2nd – Davies, Pendyffren Miss Dolce By Atahira

Elegant red girl with a nice balanced head piece, harsh coat, balanced body with good ground clearance, moving well but not quite so positive as first.

3rd – Rowe & Rowe, Boloria’s Trick Or Treat


PB – 4 Entries 2 Absent

1st – Warren, Wagsford Hester

Well balanced and of a good size, clean long neck flows into withers, good ribbing and underline, sound quarters with good second thigh which provided her with true rear action, was having a great time playing up her handlers in the challenge but at least she was having a good time, just needs to tighten up, I really liked her.

2nd – Bubb, Wagsford Cordelia Of Wyeknot

Similar type and quality, good head with long elegant neck, moved well fore and aft , carrying a little undercarriage today.


JB – 7 Entries 1 Abs

Lovely quality class of young ladies with the first two easily changing places another day

1st – Warren, Wagsford Jennifer

Quality feminine girl with good height to length ratio and well balanced throughout, compact size and clean in outline, long neck into good shoulder lay, covers the ground with a good length of stride and she is true fore and aft.

2ND – Seath, Hella’s Ozlem At Sunsong [ Imp Nor ]

Another quality girl who has a lovely head with true wire expression, great character shown today, lovely shape and outline, good prosternum and well ribbed back, quality bone, good angles front and rear and she used her well-developed quarters well on the move.

3rd – Vine, Cishelvine Just An Enigma

PGB – 6 Entries 1 Abs

1st – Maxwell, Bardrestan Queen of the South

Liked her size, nice head piece, decent forechest , she retained her outline well on the move, true coming and going away.

2nd – Vine, Cishelvine Careless Wispa

Most of the same comments apply as for the first although she did not keep her topline as well as first, I liked her type.

3rd – Binks, Cishelvine Just This Once


LB – 9 Entries 4 Abs

1st – Seath, Sunsong Wish Me Luck

Liked her head and almond eyes, well balanced with good height to length ratio and good ground clearance, good reach of neck, good coat texture, happy temperament, moving well both ways and covered the ground in profile to win this class.

2nd – Bubb, Rocinda Dora For Wyeknot

Feminine with a lovely pretty head and expression, good size and balance, harsh coat, good bone, good angulation front and rear, moving well from all angles.

3rd – Vine, Gravetye Kiss Me Kate Cishelvine


OB – 4 Entries 1 Abs

Lovely class headed by two lovely ladies who could easily change places on another day

1st - Warren, Wagsford Lydia

High quality feminine girl with a lovely pretty head and eye giving correct wire expression, lovely size and so well balanced throughout with a clean outline, she has substance within her frame, long neck into clean well layed shoulders and upper arm, well ribbed with good underline into short strong loin, well set tail, strong well angulated quarters with good width which were used to advantage with strong hocks, moving so true both ways and with a free reach and drive action in profile. CC and BOB

2nd – Mccalmont, Ch. Silvae Solo

Another super quality elegant bitch who has so many attributes, lovely pretty head and eye, long neck flows into well placed shoulders and upper arm, excels in forechest, stands on tight knit feet, ribbed well back, strong and well angulated quarters , moved with ground covering stride. RCC

3rd- Gibson, Allfreys Sternchen Alrisha


VB – No Entries