Eastern Counties Dachshund Ass Championship Show 2021

Dachshund (Wire-haired)

Judge: Christine Russell (Russteck)

Dog CC : MCCALMONT Ch Silvae Trader
Res Dog CC :  LEREGO Teckelgarth Pike Milligan

Best Puppy Dog :  LEREGO Teckelgarth Pike Milligan

Bitch CC : MCCALMONT Silvae Skydancer
Res Bitch CC : HUTCHINGS Collidach Brook Ling

Best Puppy Bitch : LEREGO Teckelgarth Tuna Turner
Best Puppy :  LEREGO Teckelgarth Pike Milligan


Minor Puppy Dog (4)  
1st: WHARTON Ernest Hemingway V H Ruwielse Land to Greyhayne (Imp NLD)
2nd: ORD & AINSLEY Cloudside Sebastian of Marnadee
3rd:  ADAMS Sonham Paddington
Res: MAHER Mhargleton Sir Ginger Snaps


Puppy Dog (2)  
1st: LEREGO Teckelgarth Pike Milligan

2nd: ORD & AINSLEY Cloudside Sebastian of Marnadee

Junior Dog (6)  
1st: MCCALMONT Silvae Timekeeper
2nd: HUTCHINGS & PRICE Collidach Percy Cute at Samlane
3rd: SEATH Sunsong Fire Opal
Res: DEAN Brontillow King of Cups
VHC: APPS Calicoe Just Me

Post Graduate Dog (8)
1st: GRAHAM Stanegate Shot in the Dark JW
2nd: BETTS Raniero Born to Stand Out
3rd:  HUNT Weinacht Larch at Drakkina JW
Res:  DAVIES Atahira Ruffian
VHC: MATTHEWS Stanegate Billy the Kid at Sonham JW

Limit Dog (6)
1st: PHILLIPS Royal Peppers Vice Versa (Imp Fin)
2nd: MCPHERSON & PATERSON Brumberhill Mr Wilks JW
3rd: ADAMS Tecklegarth Gatling JW 
Res: PUGHE & FRASER Bystock Big Bucks

Open Dog (3)
1st: GIBSON Allfreys Here's Lookin at You
2nd: BINKS Tannahill Oslo
3rd:  MOORE Cloudside Picasso


Champion Dog (3)
1st: MCCALMONT Ch Silvae Trader
2nd: ADAMS Ch Wyldetarn Shoot from the Hip JW
3rd:  WHARTON Ch Greyhayne Hooray Henry

Minor Puppy Bitch (8)
1st: MATTHEWS Sonham Saucy Saffron
2nd: PUGHE & FRASER Bystock Tina Turner
3rd:  ROWE Boloria Nice N' Spicy
Res: SEATH Sunsong Keep Dreaming
VHC: DEAN Brontillow Yan Tan Tethera

Puppy Bitch (7)
1st: LEREGO Teckelgarth Tina Turner
2nd: HOWE Kissdachs Diva at Bramalodge
3rd:  GIBSON Allfreys Cordelia
Res: BINKS Tannahill Star Light
VHC: MOORE Cloudside Sybil

Junior Bitch (3)  
1st: HUTCHINGS Collidach Brook Ling
2nd: HUNT Boloria's Tetley's Tea Cake at Drakkina
3rd:  BINKS Tannahill Paris


Post Graduate Bitch (12)  
1st: MCPHERSON & PATERSON Brumberhill Biscotti (AI)
2nd: DAVIES Atahira Dolciami
3rd: ARTHURS Elderkine Rumours
Res: LANGRIDGE Lunestrella Vega Sunny
VHC: MUNDAY & SPALDING Cishelvine Can't Catch Me with Kubear

Limit Bitch (2)
1st: MCCALMONT Silvae Fan Dancer
2nd: MOORE Megline Bohemian Rhapsody (Imp Rom)
Open Bitch (7)
1st: MCCALMONT Silvae Sky Dancer
2nd: MCPHERSON Brumberhill Bellissima ShCM

3rd:  ROWE Boloria's Trick or Treat JW
Res: GIBSON Allfreys Helena
VHC: CLAYTON-SMITH Cairparavel Kiss from a Rose JW


Champion Bitch
1st: No Entries

Thank you to the Committee for inviting me to judge Standard Wire Haired Dachshund my first appointment in this breed. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and it was a privilege to assess such a strong breed making my decisions difficult at times. The quality throughout was very high and sometimes exceptional. Every exhibit was put together correctly, though with some variety in type. Movement in general was a bit erratic as it always is on rough ground and the puppies in general were all still growing so a little high on the back end. I was very happy with my winners and glad to see one of the oldest kennels had entered a few exhibits all almost clones of each other and my template for both standard and miniature dachshunds.

MINOR PUPPY DOG: 1st Wharton EARNEST HEMINGWAY V H RUWIELSE LAND TO GREYHAYNE (IMP NLD) Nice head, correct eye and good teeth, movement ok. 2nd Ord & Ainsley CLOUDSIDE SEBASTIAN OF MARNADEE Great coat, lovely head and eye, I could not assess him on the move as he was miss behaving as puppies do. The puppies found the ground challenging.

PUPPY DOG: 1st Lerego   TECKELGARTH PIKE MILLIGAN: I loved this puppy, he was balanced had a lovely head and eye. Good reach of neck clean shoulders a level topline, correct tail set and a great coat. Presented in immaculate condition. He showed himself to the full on the move. Reserve Challenge Certificate 2nd CLOUDSIDE SEBASTIAN OF MARNADEE.

JUNIOR DOG:1st McCalmont SILVAE TIMEKEEPER  substantial pup with everything in the right place. Correct ribbing, good tight, well padded, feet, a super coat and he moved out well. 2nd Hutchings & Price COLLIDACH PERCY CUTE AT SAMLANE A chunky puppy. He has the promise of a good coat which was a bit woolly at the moment. He has a good head with a dark eye good shoulders and plenty of ribbing. He moved well.

POST GRADUATE DOG: 1st Graham STANGATE SHOT IN THE DARK JW: Very smart youngster in a good jacket. He is well balanced with a prominent keel and plenty of ribbing. He has a good head with correct dark eye and big strong teeth. His feet are tight and well padded and he moved well.2nd Betts RANIERO BORN TO STAND OUT A two year old boy with a super head and dark eye and good teeth. He is balanced with a good coat and good feet. He moved out well.

LIMIT DOG:1ST  Phillips ROYAL PEPPERS VICE VERSA (INP FIN) A three year old compact dog with everything in the right place. He has a great head with dark eye good length of neck into well placed shoulders and a level toppling. Good keel and ribbing and a good coat. He moved out well. 2nd McPherson & Paterson BRUMBERHILL MR WILKS JW A balanced dog with a good coat. He has a correct oval chest with good keel and ribbing. He moved out well on correct tight well padded feet.

OPEN DOG: 1STGibson ALLFREYS HERE’S LOOKIN AT YOU This dog has a good head and eye and a correct oval chest. His feet are tight and padded and he has a correct coat. His body on the other hand was bit too long and his topline wasn’t level. 2nd  Binks  TANNAHILL OSLO This dog has a good oval chest and a good coat. He is high on the hock which in turn causes him to rise over the loin. I would also prefer a more refined head and a darker eye.

CHAMPIONS CLASS: 1st McCalmont CH SILVAE TRADER Lovely dog. Great keel which travels well under. A correct oval front with good tight feet. Typical head from this kennel with a good dark eye and correct bite. He has a good coat and he moved out well. Dog Challenge Certificate 2nd Adams CH WILDTARN SHOOT FROM THE HIP JW Another lovely dog that I have admired from the ringside. He has a good head and eye. Everything in the right place. His coat was a bit softer than one and his chest a bit deeper. My notes say I would like a bit more ground clearance. Perhaps they would have changed places if the show had been indoors.

MINOR PUPPY BITCH: 1ST Mathews SONHAM SAUCY SAFFRON Nice puppy with everything in the right place. She has a good head and eye, good teeth good length of neck. Correct shoulders and the promise of a good topline. Her coat was the correct texture. She moved well but like all the puppies was a little bum high. 2nd Pughe & Fraser BYSTOCK TINA TURNER Just a baby at 7 months. A dark coloured bitch with a correct dark eye. A good head and strong teeth. Her coat is a bit softer than one. She moved out well.

PUPPY BITCH: 1ST Lerego TECKELGARTH TUNA TURNER Sister to puppy dog. Again I loved this bitch puppy and well named as she is the colour of tuna. She is perfectly balanced with a good keel and plenty of ribbing. Lovely head and eye and a good length of neck flowing into correct shoulders and a level topline. Correct angles front and back and she moved well. Her coat is coming in well. 2nd Howe KISSDACHS DIVA AT BRAMALODGE A dark bitch with a good coat. Good head and dark eye. Proper oval chest good legs and good tight feet. Good keel and plenty of ribbing a bit unsure on the move.

JUNIOR BITCH: 1st  Hutchings COLLIDACH BROOK LING A lovely red bitch perfectly balanced. Super head with dark eyes. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders and a level topline. Correct angles front and back. Her coat is coming in good and hard, difficult to achieve in a red wire. She moved well and I was happy to award her the Reserve Challenge Certificate 2nd Hunt BOLORIA’S TETELY’S TEA CAKE AT DRAKKINA A dark bitch a little on the chunky side for me. She has a good head and eye good length of neck and well placed shoulders. She has a good tight coat and a level topline. I felt her feet could be tighter perhaps some road work would tighten everything up.

POST GRADUATE BITCH:1st  McPherson & Paterson  BRUMBERHILL BISCOTTI(AI) What a lovely bitch this is. She has everything in the right place topped with a great coat. She has a prominent keel which goes well under her to enable a good rib cage. A lovely head with good eye shape and colour. A good length of neck well laid shoulders and a level topline. Good tight wirey feet not seen in many.  She moved out well. Definitely considered for a top spot on the day. 2nd Davies ATAHIRA DOLCIAMI a good sized red bitch with a hard coat. She has a lovely head and eye. Correct neck length well laid shoulders and a level topline. She has plenty ribbing and a correct keel. She moved out well.

LIMIT BITCH: My notes say two fabulous bitches and I am sure they will change places from time to time. I was nit picking at decision time and unfortunately for her my 2nd place had a droopy undercarriage. 1st McCalmont SILVAE FAN DANCER Lovely bitch with a beautiful head and expression. A good length of neck into correctly laid shoulders and a perfect topline. She has a good oval chest with a prominent keel which goes well under her and well back. She moved out well. 2nd Moore & Downes MEGLINE BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY (IMP ROM) Another cracking bitch with the same attributes as one. She has the most beautiful head and eye and I loved everything about her.

OPEN BITCH: McCalmont SILVAE SKY DANCER Litter sister to my Limit winner. There is very little to separate these two bitches. In the challenge this one just appeared more finished and behaved better. What I loved about this bitch was her front and undercarriage. In many of the wires the sternum stops just behind the elbow. In this bitch her sternum was most of the length of her rib cage. She is the correct weight with nothing overdone. Everything just flowed. My blueprint for a wire and my CC winner and Best of Breed. 2nd McPherson BRUMBERHILL BELLISSIMA SHCM Another lovely bitch though a bit out of coat. Prominent sternum that goes well under and plenty of ribbing Good head and eye, correct oval chest and good tight feet. She moved ok.