Hound Association of Scotland Championship Show 2021


Judge: Ian Smith (Salixian)

BEST OF BREED : CARRUTHERS Aikton Alexander at Stanegate
Best Dog   :
CARRUTHERS Aikton Alexander at Stanegate
Res Best Dog  : LEREGO Teckelgarth Pike Milligan

Best Bitch :  ROWE Boloria's Nice'N Spicy
Res Best Bitch   :MOORE Megline Bohemian Rhapsody (Imp Rom)

Best Puppy :  ROWE Boloria's Nice'N Spicy

Best Junior : ROWE Boloria's Nice'N Spicy

Puppy Dog or Bitch (3 Entries) Abs : 1
1st:   ROWE Boloria's Nice'N Spicy

2nd:  GARRETT Fowlerheight's Hot Wired at Marchmanor



Junior Dog or Bitch (3 Entries) Abs : 0
1st:   ROWE Boloria's Nice'N Spicy

2nd: DEAN Brontillow Yan Tan Tethera

3rd: BINKS Tannahill Paris


Novice Dog or Bitch (1 Entry) Abs : 0
1st:  DEAN Brontillow King of Cups

Graduate Dog or Bitch (1 Entry) Abs : 0
1st: TINKER-HALDANE Dollydash Never Enough

Post Graduate Dog or Bitch  (2 Entries) Abs : 0
1st: LEREGO Teckelgarth Pike Milligan

2nd: TINKER-HALDANE Dollydash Never Enough

Open Dog (2 Entries) Abs : 0
1st: CARRUTHERS Aikton Alexander at Stanegate

2nd : CHRISTIE Tannahill Bergen at Decalleigh


Open Bitch (3 Entries) Abs : 0
1st: MOORE Megline Bohemian Rhapsody (Imp Rom)

2nd: ROWE Boloria's Trick or Treat JW

3rd: BINKS Tannahill Day Dreamer


P (3) 1. Rowe’s Boloria Nice’N Spicy. Almost 12 months old, what a beautiful girl, great harsh wild boar coat, everything in the superlative, very feminine and yet powerful, moving with ease, sweet head and expression, good front, tight feet, good shoulder placement, ribbing just right, level top line, good tail set, BP, BJ and BB. 2 Garratt’s Fowlerheights Hot Wired At Marchmanor. 7 months old red bitch, and unlucky to be in the same class as the previous exhibit, good coat, lovely feminine head, good front, good length of neck, balanced, well proportioned, decent clearance, moved well though she liked her tail a little too much.
 J (3) 1 Rowe’s Boloria Nice’N Spicy. As previous class. 2 Dean’s Brontillow YanTan Tethera. 12 month old wild boar bitch, delightfully effervescent! Good harsh coat, feminine head, good front, excellent lines, maybe lacking the new clearance height, moved well when she settled. 3 Binks’ Tannahill Paris. 
N (1) 1 Dean’s Brontillow King Of Cups. 15 month old wild boar dog, lovely masculine head and expression, decent front, good clearance, loses out at rear where he is rather close and very fond of his tail. G (2,1) 1 Tinkler-Haldane’s Dollydash Never Enough. Two year old wild boar dog, excellent coat, good masculine head, compact proportions, decent length of ribbing, but rather like Novice Dog, lost out at rear and with lack of drive. PG (2) 1 Lerego’s Teckelgarth’s Pike Milligan. 14 month old wild boar dog, harsh coat, super front, good length of neck flowing into correct shoulder placement, excellent lines, tail set a tad high and maybe slightly rangey for some, moved out really well. RBD. 2 Tinkler-Haldane’s Dollydash Never Enough. As above. 
OD (2) 1 Carruthers’ Aikton Alexander At Stanegate. I have admired this two year dog for a while, nothing flashy but he is correct: harsh coat, excellent head and shoulders, good length of neck, good top line, correct clearance, good length of ribbing, excellent length of keel and pleasing underline, tight feet, in great muscular condition, BD and BOB. 2 Christie’s Tannahill Bergen At Decalleigh. Three year old dog, wild boar, harsh coat, heavier in stature than class winner and could lose a pound or two, excellent male head, good strong front, a bit wide in front, limited length of neck, good shoulders and top line, let down at rear with insufficient drive. 
OB (3) 1 Downes & Moore’s Megline Bohemian Rhapsody. Two year old wild boar bitch, recently stripped out but you can see the excellent coat, lovely head and neck, very good front, good feet, pleasing lines, nothing exaggerated, moved well, RBB and a close reserve at that. 2 Rowe’s Boloria’s Trick Or Treat. Four year old wild boar girl, nice harsh coat, good front, very pleasing feminine lines, good length of neck, correct shoulder placement, correctly proportioned bitch, good rear angulation and moved well, not very far behind class winner. 3 Binks’ Tannahill Day Dreamer.