Wire Haired

Judge - Mr Wendell Moore

BEST OF BREED : DUCLY Ch/it Ch/mont Ch Treis Pinheiros Eyesonlyforyou Ew21
Ch/it Ch/mont Ch Treis Pinheiros Eyesonlyforyou Ew21
Ch Aikton Alexander at Stanegate

Best Puppy Dog :  SHAW Tendrow Will I Am

Bitch CC :  MCCALMONT Ch Silvae Fan Dancer
Res Bitch CC :
HUTCHINGS Ch Collidach Brook Ling

Best Puppy Bitch : STOCKDALE Derochaise Blue Velvet at Fenwires

Best Puppy : SHAW Tendrow Will I Am
Best Veteran : CARRUTHERS
Ch Brumberhill Bellina

Veteran Dog (2)
1st:  PATTON
Ir Ch Lesandnic Lil Eetee
2nd: LANGRIDGE Tendrow Elberta ShCM


Minor Puppy Dog (2)
MAES-JONES & BATES Derochaise Blue Danube
BUBB Wyeknot Looks Like Trouble


Puppy Dog (5,1)
1st:  SHAW Tendrow Will I Am
2nd: BEST Stanegate Set Em Up Joe for Bestina
3rd: MEASE Barembak Quill
Lieblings Says Simon (ai)

Junior Dog (9, 1 Abs)
1st: ELDRED Derdledash Naughty Neptune
2nd: MOUNTFORD Incordemeo Beetle About
3rd: ADAMS Sonham Paddington
SANDERS Just Lenny's Choc Chip by Knottsrose
VHC: PATTON Lesandnic Sovereign


Yearling Dog (6)
1st: APPS Calicoe Just Me

1st: DEAN Brontillow King of Cups
3rd: PATTON Lesandnic Sovereign
Res: MAHER Mhargleton Sir Ginger Snaps
VHC: WEBB Suaisa Choccywoccydoodah


Post Graduate Dog (9, 1 Abs)
1st: DAVIES Atahira Ruffian
2nd: PEARCE Incordemeo Jolly on Xmas Day

3rd: TURNER & MERRIFIELD Boloria Mr Moonlight
Res: HORNE Salixian Moroccan Mint
VHC: SMITH Salixian Russian Caravan


Limit Dog (15, 2 Abs)
1st: GRAHAM Brumberhill Armstrong
2nd: MAES-JONES & BATES Derochaise Manhatton
3rd: ROBINSON & HOWLETT Skyswift Tennesse Honey
Res: McCALMONT Silvae Timekeeper

VHC: PUGHE & FRASER Bystock Big Bucks

Open Dog (14, 1 Abs)
1st: DUCLY
Ch/it Ch/mont Ch Treis Pinheiros Eyesonlyforyou Ew21
Ch Aikton Alexander at Stanegate
3rd: PHILLIPS Ch Royal Pepper's Vice Versa (Imp Fin)
Res: MCCALMONT Ch Silvae Trader
VHC: PAWEL LISLAK Multi Ch Now You See Me Anons Fci


Good Citizen Dog Scheme (2)
1st: FOGLIA Kentixen Abies Grandis
2nd: BAKER Tilstock Leo

Veteran Bitch (4, 2 Abs)
CARRUTHERS Ch Brumberhill Bellina
Ir Ch Lesandnic Lil Eetee

Minor Puppy Bitch (2)
1st : STOCKDALE Derochaise Blue Velvet at Fenwires
2nd:  COVERLEY Aventine Aunt Patience

Puppy Bitch (3, 1 Abs )
PHILLIPS Tendrow Makes the Right Turn
2nd: ELLIS Vixendax Extravaganza


Junior Bitch (10)
1st : DEAN Brontillow Yan Tan Tethera
2nd: ARTHURS Elderkine's Hot Gossip
3rd: PUGHE & FRASER Bystock Tina Turner
Res: MOUNTFORD Incordemeo My Story
VHC: ELDRED Derdledash Shining Star

Yearling Bitch (6, 1 Abs)
1st: ROWE Boloria Nice N Spicy

2nd:HOWE Kissdachs Diva at Bramalodge
3rd: DICKINSON Derdledash Dakota at Dakotadax
Res: SANDERS Knottsrose Banoffee Pie
VHC: LEEKBLADE Boloria 's Iced Gem


Post Graduate Bitch (14, 2 Abs)
1st: DAVIES Atahira Dolciami
2nd: CARRUTHERS Stanegate Calamity Jane
3rd: WALLER Tendrow Laced with Success
Res: GIBSON Allfreys Cordelia
VHC:ARTHURS Elderkine Rumours


Limit Bitch (8, 2 Abs)
1st:  VLAD Megline Bumblebee
2nd: CLAYTON-SMITH Cairparavel Kiss from a Rose JW
3rd:  MCPHERSON & PATERSON Brumberhill Biscotti (Ai)
Res: ROWE Boloria's Miss Dior
MATTHEWS Wyeknot Come Fly with Me over Sonham


Open Bitch (13, 1 Abs)
1st:  MCCALMONT Ch Silvae Fan Dancer

2nd: HUTCHINGS Ch Collidach Brook Ling
3rd: MCCALMONT Silvae Sky Dancer
Res:  MOORE & DOWNES Megline Bohemian Rhapsody
VHC: BINKS Tannahill Day Dreamer


Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch (4, 1 Abs)
1st:  BAKER Allfreys Henrietta

2nd: NICHOLLS Collidach Paige Turner
3rd: WHEELER Waggington Aurora


What a great honour it was to be invited to judge my second breed at Crufts. I was looking forward to it with great anticipation having hardly been around the wire rings for a couple of years. I was absolutely thrilled with my entry both in terms of numbers and quality the limit and open classes in both sexes were both large and brimming with quality. I really was splitting hairs as they say. I think the breed is very strong in quality at the moment and the breeders should be commended for that. Just one thing that did crop up mostly in the younger ones was short upper arms that obstructs the forward reach on the move. Many thanks to everyone including my stewards for making it a day to remember.


Veteran  2

1st Patton Ir Ch Lesandnic Lil Eetee Smart red dog excellent pigment, tad short in upper arm excellent coat head topline and ribbing sound on the move, displaying the typical happy wire temperament.

2nd Langridge Tendrow Ellberta ShCM Larger dog, masculine, good head neck front and ribbing. Wider in front, less tidy going away on the move.



1st Maes-Jones & Bates Derochaise Bllue Danube Lovely type of puppy very immature lovely to go over needs to fill his frame, excellent coat, level topline altogether a quality puppy who should do well.

2nd Bubb Wykeknot Looks Like Trouble. Low to ground feet a little flat and a bit short in second thigh again good coat well presented as was first.


PD 5 (1)

1st  Shaw Tendrow Will I Am. Nice red boy good size and coat balanced throughout, bit fidgety but overall a well made dog who should have a good future. BP

2nd Best Stanegate Set Em Up Joe for Bestina. Nicely balanced quarters, good head & coat, bit narrower throughout but could improve as he matures strode out well.

3rd Mease Barembak Quill.


JD 9 (1)

1st Eldred Derdledash Naughty Neptune. Lovely B/tan excellent size and coat balanced quarters nice head, good ribbing and topline.

2nd  Mountford Incordemeo Beetle About. Another B\tan slightly larger but could use more bone excellent head but tad finer thoughout, excellent coat.

3rd Adams Sonham Paddington.


YD 6

1st Apps Calicoe Just Me. Nice Red Dog, lovely to go over excellent head, ribs and pigment little unsettled on the table to start with but very nice dog who should continue to win well, like him a lot.

2nd Dean Brontillow King of Cups. Masculine in outlook bit short on coat excellent front tad short in ribbing balanced steady mover.

3rd Patton Lesandnic Sovereign.

PGD 9 (1)

1st Davies Atahira Ruffian.  Larger type dog, masculine and well made all through excellent front topline and ribbing just needs to put more in on the move.

2nd Pearce Incordemeo Jolly on Xmas Day. Smaller type, slightly narrower throughout excellent coat, well balanced good proportions, good mover when settled.

3rd Turner & Merrifield Boloria Mr Moonlight.


LD 15 (2)

1st Graham Brumberhill Armstrong JW Lovely type of dog Medium size balanced angulation, well presented good overall proportions and such a grand moving dog made a lasting impression.

2nd Maes-Jones & Bates Derochaise Manhatton. Lovely B/tan boy really liked him, everything in the right place, just over shadowed by first on the move today, quality dog.

3rd Robinson & Howlett Skyswift Tennessee Honey.


OD 14 (1)

1st  Ducly Ch/it Ch/mont Ch Treis Pinherios Eyesonlyforyou Ew21

What a super dog to go over most beautiful head and expression, strong neck excellent front, correct size, level topline super ribbing, absolutely sound on the move both up and back and profile. Absolutely loved this dog, excellent presentation and handling thrilled to see him shortlisted in the strong group. CC. BOB.

2nd Carruthers Ch. Aikton Alexander at Stanegate. A lovely unexaggerated dog to go over beautiful head, eye and expression. Super front, level topline excellent ribbing well muscled rear quarters sound free mover excellent presentation and sympathetically handled. Res CC.

3rd Phillips Royal Peppers Vice Versa (Imp Fin) another Super dog to go over and close up, lovely for size and overall quality. I see siring some super youngsters.


GC 2

1st Foglia Kentixen Abies Grandis. Nicely made, good head eye and expression good ribbing and moved soundly.

2nd Baker Tilstock Leo.  Soft coated and bit down on pasterns and not quite as true on the move as winner, however kept nice outline on move.


VB 4 (2)

1st Carruthers Ch. Brumberhill Bellina. Lovely type correct size so well constructed throughout, pretty head sound mover in good coat beautifully presented and handled. BV.

2nd Eldred Bramalodge Amiety at Derdledash. Another pretty bitch nice size good coat lovely head, balanced angulation both ends both a credit to their owners.




1st Stockdale Derochaise Blue Velvet at Fenwires. Two lovely pretty bitches both correct size, 1st & BPB was slightly better in ribbing and nice steady mover, this slightly edged out Coverley’s Aventine Aunt Patience to 2nd but both very promising and could change places on another day.


PB 3 (1)

Two very well made bitches, so similar and of equal quality.

1st Phillips Tendrow Makes The Right Turn. Just showed better, lovely to go over, in excellent body and coat.

2nd Ellis Vixendax Extravaganza slightly bigger, lovely to go over such a close decision between these two promising puppies.


JB 10

1st Dean Brontillow Yan Tan Tethera. Typey bitch who is very nice to go over up to size, has good ribs and topline  moved out with purpose and a sound easy gait.

2nd Arthurs Elderkine’s Hot Gossip. Red, shade more compact but very nicely made, balanced each end without being overdone.

3rd Pughe & Fraser Bystock Tina Turner.


YB 6 (!)

1st Rowe Boloria Nice’n Spicy JW. Compact pretty little pocket rocket! Lovely head eye and expression super ribbing sound and shows well, presented and handled in excellent coat. I’m sure it won’t be long before she carries Ch. In front of her name.

2nd Howe Kissdachs Diva at Bramalodge. Similar could be sisters, again good mover excellent conformation balanced quarters and well presented and handled.

3rd Dickinson Derdledash Dakota at Dakotadax.


PGB 14 (2)

1st Davies Atahira Dolciami. Lovely type red, well constructed throughout, tad long,  excellent stride and sound up and back, she excels in her sound construction and overall balance.


2nd  Carruthers Stanegate Calamity Jane. More compact, of super type excellent front and ribbing, balanced quarters, sound steady mover holding her topline on the move.

3rd Waller Tendrow Laced with Success.


LB 8 (2)

1st  Viad Megline Bumblebee. Super type of bitch feminine head good eye shape, super body excellent ribs, balanced quarters excellent mover covering the ground with ease.

2nd Clayton-Smith Cairparavel Kiss from A Rose JW. Similar type and again well made all through lovely to go over, with super body and balanced quarters, like her a lot and close up to one.

3rd Mcpherson & Paterson Brumberhill Biscotti. (ai)


OB 13 (2)

Super Class of bitches.

1st Mccalmont Ch. Silvae Fan Dancer. Lovely size well ribbed, lovely head eye and expression, sound and covers the ground easily, truly lovely bitch of immense quality, superbly handled and turned out. CC.

2nd Hutchings Ch. Collidach Brook Ling. Lovely red bitch very well made super front and quarters, excellent coat. Very nice. Res.CC.

3rd Mccalmont Silvae Sky Dancer. Lovely type of bitch again well made as above, super trio of bitches, a credit to the breed.


GC 4 (1)

1st Baker Allfreys Henrietta. Free moving bitch, bit long in head but sound and well bodied.

2nd Nicholls Collidach Paige Turner. Happy girl up to size good coat and steady mover.

3rd Wheeler Waggington Aurora.


Wendell Moore