West of England Dachshund Club Championship Show 2022


Judge: Halcyon Pughe (Bystock)

BEST OF BREED :  CARRUTHERS Ch Aikton Alexander at Stanegate & Reserve Best in Show
Dog CC :
CARRUTHERS Ch Aikton Alexander at Stanegate
Res Dog CC :
PHILLIPS Ch Royal Pepper's Vice Versa (Imp Fin)

Best Puppy Dog: BUBB Wyeknot Looks Like Trouble
Bitch CC : 
MCCALMONT Silvae Sky Dancer
Res Bitch CC : 
CLAYTON-SMITH Cairparavel Kiss from a Rose JW

Best Puppy Bitch:  COVERLEY Aventine Aunt Patience
Best Puppy : 
COVERLEY Aventine Aunt Patience
Best Veteran : 
SEATH Norsk Ch Gando Av Larhjelm (Imp Nor) & Reserve Best Veteran in Show

Best Special Beginner : ELLIS Veenen Rewrite the Stars with Vixendax


Good Citizen Dog Scheme (2)
ELLIS Veenen Rewrite the Stars with Vixendax
2nd: WHEELER Boloria Diorella


Minor Puppy Dog (3, 1 Abs)
1st: ADAMS Ellesophia Fly Me to the Moon
2nd: VINE Cishelvine Corrilanus


Puppy Dog (1)
1st: BUBB Wyeknot Looks Like Trouble

Junior Dog (3)
1st: VINE Cishelvine Quintillion
2nd: ADAMS Sonham Paddington
3rd: ELDRED Derdledash Naughty Neptune


Post Graduate Dog (9, 2 Abs)
1st: VINE Kasalane Ostiriato Sea Over Cishelvine
2nd:APPS Calicoe Just Me

3rd: SANDERS Just Lenny's Choc Chip by Knottsrose
Res: EFFER Greyhaynes Hector
VHC: LANGRIDGE Calicoe Thank God it's Friday


Limit Dog (9, 1 Abs)
1st: MCPHERSON & PATERSON Brumberhill Mr Wilks JW
2nd: MATTHEWS Stanegate Billy the Kid at Sonham JW
3rd: HUTCHINGS & PRICE Collidach Percy Cute at Samlane
Res: NORMAN Silvae Trade Name

VHC: DAVIES Atahira Ruffian

Open Dog (7)
1st: CARRUTHERS Ch Aikton Alexander at Stanegate
2nd: PHILLIPS Ch Royal Pepper's Vice Versa (Imp Fin)
3rd:  MCCALMONT Ch Silvae Trader
Res: ADAMS Ch Tecklegarth Gatling JW
VHC: NORMAN Ch Silvae Klansman


Veteran Dog or Bitch (3, 1 Abs)
1st: SEATH Norsk Ch Gando Av Larhjelm (Imp Nor)
2nd: HOWLETT & PROWTING Boloria's Arabella


Minor Puppy Bitch (3, 2 Abs)
1st :  BEAGRIE Ellesophia Light the Way to Feldhund

Puppy Bitch (5, 2 Abs )
1st: COVERLEY Aventine Aunt Patience
2nd: PATERSON Ambiesque Ava
3rd: VINE Cishelvine Cordelia


Junior Bitch (5)
1st : PHILLIPS Tendrow Makes the Right Turn
2nd: MATTHEWS Sonham Saucy Saffron
EFFER Cishelvine Miss Tyficiation
WILLS Cishelvine Quintessence for Kasalane
VHC: BRIERLEY Bramalodge Bonfire Heart at Tatze

Post Graduate Bitch (11, 3 Abs)
1st: MCCALMONT Silvae Time After Time
2nd:PHILLIPS Tendrow Wired to Succeed
3rd: GIBSON Allfreys Cordelia
BRIERLEY Bramalodge Bonfire Heart at Tatze
VHC: WILLS Kasalane Symphony


Limit Bitch (8, 1 Abs)
1st:  CLAYTON-SMITH Cairparavel Kiss from a Rose JW
2nd:  MCCALMONT Silvae Timeless
3rd:  MCPHERSON & PATERSON Brumberhill Biscotti
Res: DAVIES Atahira Dolciami
VHC: ELLIS Veenen Rewrite the Stars with Vixendax


Open Bitch (6, 2 Abs)
1st:  MCCALMONT Silvae Sky Dancer

2nd: MOORE & DOWNES Ch Megline Bohemian Rhapsody
3rd: HUTCHINGS Ch Collidach Brook Ling
GIBSON Allfreys Helena

VHC: BINKS Tannahill Day Dreamer


I would like to thank the WEDA Committee for inviting me to judge their prestigious 75th Anniversary Show; also grateful thanks to my two very efficient stewards. 

May I also thank the competitors for giving me such a generous entry and accepting my judging decisions with such good grace.


Special Beginners D/B (2)

1. Ellis' Veenen Rewrite The Stars With Vixendax. Smart compact bitch. Feminine head, good front construction with depth of keel, adequate hind angulation.  Sound mover maintaining firm top-line. BSB  2.  Wheeler's Boloria Diorella 11 months bitch, still very much a baby.  Front yet to develop, nice turn of stifle, top-line needs to settle, moved rather erratically.   


Minor Puppy Dog (3 1) 1 Adam's Ellesophia Fly Me To The Moon. Larger longer type, masculine head, nice reach of neck flowing into a well-constructed front. Prominent sternum with well sprung ribs. Would have preferred a little more length of ribbing. Powerful rear which he used to effect. Top-line still a little soft on the move. 2 Vine's Cishelvine's Corrilanus 6 months making his first appearance and finding it a little overwhelming. Conical head, elegant neck flowing into a beautifully angulated front, good ribbing and underline. Nice turn of stifle, firm top-line stacked. Movement unfortunately too erratic to assess  

Puppy Dog (3 2) 1 Budd's Wyeknot Looks Like Trouble 11 month stylish dog. Strong head adequate length of neck, prominent forechest, slightly short in upper arm, good ribbing. Firm top-line, muscular quarters, sound mover. Lovely harsh coat. BDP   


Junior Dog (3) 1 Vine's Cishelvine Quintillion. Quality dark brindle dog with a cracking coat. Elegant head, reachy neck flowing into correctly constructed front.  Adequate ribbing and good underline. Well angulation rear, firm top-line. Moved true fore and aft once he had settled.  2 Adam's Sonham Paddington JW. Larger longer type with softer coat. Not the front of 1 but still a lot to like about this powerful free moving dog.   3 Eldred's Derdledash Naughty Neptune


PG Dog (9 2) 1 Will's Kasalane Ostiriato Sea Over Cishelvine. Red dog with harsh coat. Masculine head, good reach of neck, correctly placed shoulder, adequate length and depth of ribbing. Firm top-line, strong angulated rear. Moved true fore and aft but just lacks drive at the moment.  2 Apps' Calicoe Just Me. Finer type with softer coat. Pleasant head, shoulder rather short in upper arm, good underline. Firm top-line, sufficient hind angulation, moved freely.  3 Sanders' Just Lennys Choc Chip By Knottsrose


Limit Dog (9 1) 1 McPherson & Paterson's Brumberhill Mr Wilks JW. Small, quality dog with wonderful harsh coat. Conical head, reachy neck, prominent fore-chest, good ribbing. Correctly placed and angulated fore and aft, moved effortlessly.  Up there with the award winners.                     2 Matthews' Stanegate Billy The Kid At Sonham JW.  Similar type to 1; many of the attributes apply just not the length of ribbing.   3 Hutchings & Price's Collidach Percy Cute At Samlane


Open Dog (7 1) 1 Curruthers' Ch Aikton Alexander At Stanegate. It is difficult to fault this dog. Presented and handled to perfection. Lovely size with absolutely no exaggerations. Wonderful front and hind angulation, powerful hindquarters, which propel him soundly round the ring. He is a great ambassador for the breed and I had no hesitation in awarding him the CC & BOB.  2 Phillips' Ch Royal Pepper's Vice Versa (Imp Fin) Another quality dog of a different stamp who was unlucky to meet 1 today. Many of the above attributes apply, just not got the rear drive of 1. However justly deserved the RCC     3 McCalmont’s Silva Trader


 Veteran D/B (3 1) 1 Seath's  Norsk Ch  Gando Av Larhjelm (Imp Nor). Carrying her years lightly.  Strong feminine head, correct shoulder placement, adequate ribbing. Good ground clearance, powerful angulated quarters. Moved true fore & aft. BV   2 Howlett & Prowting's Boloria Arabella.  Another lady not showing her years. Lower to ground and perhaps carrying a tad too much weight. However, she is nicely constructed and moves with verve. 


Minor Puppy Bitch (3 1) 1 Beagrie's Ellesophia Light The Way To Feldhund. A promising 7 month old who stood alone. Sweet head, long neck flowing into a developing front. Good ribbing firm top-line, angulated rear. Move relatively true considering her age.   


Puppy Bitch (5 2) 1 Coverley's Aventine Aunt Patience.  A compact 10 mth old with good ground clearance. Pleasant head, good reach of neck flowing into well placed shoulder, sufficient length of ribbing. Strong firm top-line, good turn of stifle, wonderful bone. Moved correctly. BBP & BPIB                       2 Paterson & Paterson's Ambiesque Ava. Much finer type. Again another with good ground clearance. Good front and rear angulation with adequate ribbing and firm top-line. Moved true with vigour; preferred the substance of 1.   3 Vine's Cishelvine Cassandra


Junior Bitch (5) 1 Phillip's Tendrow Makes The Right Turn. Very honest feminine bitch with harsh coat. Lovely front construction with prominent prow, good spring and length of ribbing. Strong angulated rear, sound mover.  2 Matthews' Sonham Saucy Saffron. Larger type with good ground clearance. Pleasant head, well placed shoulder, sufficient length and depth of ribbing. Top-line soft at times, good underline. Nice turn of stifle; just lacked zest today. 3 Effer's Cishelvine Miss Tyfication


PG Bitch (11 3) 1 McCalmont's Silvae Time After Time.  Lovely quality bitch. Classic head, long reachy neck flowing into correctly constructed front.  Very prominent prow, sufficient ribbing. Strong firm top-line, well angulated rear. Moved soundly but just not at one with her handler today.  2 Phillip's Tendrow Wired to Succeed.  Very feminine bitch slightly lower to ground. Well placed front with good ribbing. Lovely hammy quarters with good turn of stifle. Moved true.  3 Gibson's Allfreys Cordelia


Limit Bitch (8 1) 1 Clayton-Smith's Cairparavel Kiss From A Rose JW. Beautifully presented quality dark brindle bitch. Conical feminine head, dark eye, arched lengthy neck flowing into a correctly angulated front with prominent fore-chest. Well sprung ribs, good underline with short loin. Hammy quarters with good turn of stifle and short hocks. Moved true fore & aft just needs to develop greater hind drive to get top award. Worthy RCC  2 McCalmont's Silvae Timeless. Different type of quality bitch. Super front construction with good ribbing, top-line and hind angulation. Moved with drive and enthusiasm; just preferred the substance of 1 today.   3 McPherson & Paterson's Brumberhill Biscotti


Open Bitch (8 1) 1 McClamont's Silvae Sky Dancer. Another quality bitch from this kennel. Elegant classic head, long arched neck flowing into superbly constructed front, good length and depth of ribbing. Firm top-line, well angulated rear, moved with verve and drive which won her the ticket today. CC (her 3rd I believe, congratulations).   2 Moore & Downes' Ch Megline Bohemian Rhapsody. Another lovely bitch with bone and substance. All the above attributes can be applied, just not quite the hind extension today. No doubt they will swap places from time to time.    3 Hutchings' Collidach Brook Ling