Judge: Howard Ogden

Dog CC : CARRUTHERS Stanegate Salvador
Res Dog CC : MAES-JONES & BATES Derochaise Blue Danube

Bitch CC : HOWLETT & PHILLIPS Tendrow Makes the Right Turn JW
Res Bitch CC  :  MCCALMONT Ch Silvae Fan Dancer

Best Puppy : MCPHERSON & PATERSON Brumberhill Barbed Wire
Best Veteran : LANGRIDGE Tendrow Elberta ShCM

Best Special Beginner: HORNE Salixian Moroccan Mint

Special Beginners Dog  (4,1)
1st: HORNE Salixian Moroccan Mint
2nd: SUMMERFIELD Holtsmere Royal George
3rd: FARRINGTON Dollydash Defender of the Faith

Minor Dog  (1)
1st: FARRINGTON Dollydash Defender of the Faith

Puppy Dog (3)
1st: JACKSON Elderkine Special Brew
2nd: NORMAN Silvae State Secret
3rd: FARRINGTON Dollydash Defender of the Faith

Junior Dog (4)
1st: CARRUTHERS Stanegate Salvador
2nd: WHARTON Elmore James Greyhayne
3rd: VINE Cishelvine Coriolanus
Res: KILBY Fenwires Highland Dancer

Yearling Dog (4,2)
1st: WHARTON Symon Majewski V.H Ruwielse Land to Greyhayne
2nd: RHODES Mike Tyson

Post Graduate Dog (8)
1st: AKEHURST Boloria All Spice
2nd: APP Calicoe Just Me
3rd: EFFER Kasalane Rhapsody
Res: VINE Cishelvine Quintillion
VHC: ELDRED Derdledash Naughty Neptune JW

Limit Dog (8,2)
1st: MAES-JONES & BATES Derochaise Blue Danube
2nd: NORMAN Silvae Trade Name
3rd: PEARCE Incordemeo Jolly on Xmas Day
Res: MOUNTFORD Incordemeo Beetle About
VHC: WILLS Kasalane Ostiriato

Open Dog (3)
1st: CARRUTHERS Ch Aikton Alexander at Stanegate 
2nd: PHILLIPS Ch Royal Pepper's Vice Versa (Imp Fin)
3rd: EFFER Greyhayne Hector

Veteran Dog (3,1)
1st: LANGRIDGE Tendrow Elberta ShCM
2nd: MOORE & DOWNES Ch Megline Aramis

Special Beginners Bitch (6)
1st: PARROTT Derochaise Blue Angel at Marondera
2nd: WALLER Lady in Roseyred
3rd: HUNT Drakkina Wirenth
Res: SCOTT-JOHNSON Dollydash Marvellous Ma'am
VHC: HUDSON-LUND Hototo Ain't She Sweet

Minor Puppy Bitch (3,1)
1st: ELLIS Vixendax To Be or Not to Be
2nd: SCOTT-JOHNSON Dollydash Marvellous Ma'am

Puppy Bitch (5,2)
1st: MCPHERSON & PATERSON Brumberhill Barbed Wire
2nd: ELDRED & DICKINSON Dakotadax Check Mate
3rd: HUNT Drakkina Wirenth

Junior Bitch (10,1)
1st: ROWE Boloria Sugar N' Spice
2nd: GRAHAM Boloria Wild Spice
3rd: ELLIS Vixendax Venus Starlight
Res: BINKS Cloudside Uluru
VHC:VINE Cishelvine Cassandra

Yearling Bitch (10,1)
1st: COVERLEY Aventine Aunt Patience
2nd: STOCKDALE Derochaise Blue Velvet at Fenwires
3rd: LUCAS Boloria Wild and Naughty
Res: PARROTT Derochaise Blue Angel at Marondera
VHC: GRAHAM Boloria Wild Spice

Post Graduate Bitch (9,3)
1st: ARTHURS Elderkine's Hot Gossip
2nd: MOUNTFORD Incordemeo Angel Beside Me
3rd: EFFER Cishelvine Miss Tyfication
Res: COX Hopewood Que Sera Sera Avec Bulldaxit
VHC: HUDSON-LUND Hototo Ain't She Sweet

Limit Bitch (8,1)
1st: HOWLETT & PHILLIPS Tendrow Makes the Right Turn JW
2nd: MCPHERSON & PATERSON Brumberhill Biscotti
3rd:  PHILLIPS Tendrow Turns Over the Page
Res: GIBSON Allfrey Cordelia
VHC: MOUNTFORD Tendrow Special Creation

Open Bitch (7,1)
1st: MCCALMONT Ch Silvae Fan Dancer
2nd: MOORE & DOWNES Ch Megline Bohemian Rhapsody
3rd: ROWE Boloria Trick or Treat JW
Res: GIBSON Ch Allfreys Helena
VHC: ROWE Ch Boloria Nice N Spicy JW

Veteran Bitch (3,3)
1st: Absent

Goodness! An unbelievable, yet true, entry of 90 actual exhibits with 74 making it on the day, that included 8 Champions present. One of those appointments that you never forget & feel so privileged to have had the opportunity. This is my Mark II version, the prompt original having got lost in the ether between my mobile and OD, along with 7 others, so forgive me if I seek to give a shortened version, concentrating on what made the difference in the decisions rather than a repetitive breed standard tick list. Thanks for your patience! 
SBD (4,1) 1 Horne’s Salixian Moroccan Mint; 3.5yrs of a v goodtype; ex, conical, head with strong muzzle; long neck with slight arch; clearance; ribbed-up; excelled in rump; harsh jacket; just stood a little weak in front but did not prevent him striding out well in front & making the most of his virtues. 2: Summerfield, Holtsmere Royal George (Ax4); 2.5yrs; better in front feet & also with an ex rear; not as conical in head & less together in overall development; well angulated & well ribbed back to correct croup & tail carriage. 3 Farrington, Dollydash Defender of Faith 
MPD (1) 1: D Defender of F; just 7m & my judging notes begin “in ex nick”; raw, immature, basics duly noted such as ex skull & muzzle plus ex rear, angles & parallel action; was learning the ropes; that bit long, not least in loin. 
PD (3) 1: Jackson, & Jackson, Elderkine Special Brew; 11m &, I note, out of a Tendrow dam; he had the maturity & was so secure; typical Wire headpiece with their more prominent eye ridges; conical with uniform taper; ex muzzle & bite; clean front; well ribbed-up; ex rear; good& balanced angles; hard jacket; went well, as expected, & shows plenty of promise. 2: Norman, Silvae State Secret TAF; 9m half brother to Res Bitch CC; a tad anxious in the indoor conditions & a little tall as yet, being much less mature; v goodhead shape & features, scoring in eye & ear; notably sound & free on the move once he relaxed. 3: D Defender of F 
JD (4) 1: Carruthers, Stanegate Salvador; rising 16m & whose performance on the move, whether out & back or circuiting, I have recorded as “a clear round “; oozing breed type, style & proportions; glorious head & eye; breastbone with depressions ; clearance; ribbing; compact; angles; width through muscled rear; hardest of jackets; demonstrated a striding reach with follow through drive; gave me goosebumps & was not alone, given the later reaction. Dog Challenge Certificate & BOB 2: Wharton, Elmore James Greyhayne; 14m; goodyoungster who was less forward so that bit longer; long, cleanly tapered, head; well ribbed-up with sufficient clearance; ex croup & tail carriage; broad rump; hard coated; needs time to firm at elbow coming on. 3: Vine’s, Cishelvine Coriolanus
YD (4,2) 1:Wharton, Szymon Majewski V.h. Ruwielse Land To Greyhayne(Imp. Nld); rising 15m & not a name you want to have to tap out a 2 time; so much going for him & took my eye both with his secure structure & his ground covering, parallel movement; had functional strength of form w/o hint of coarseness; handsome headed; had angulation; clearance; breastbone; broad rump; hard jacket; surviving this teenage phase & surely a real future prospect as he emerges from it 2: Rhodes, Mike Tyson; bang on 2yrs & simply less “finished “, needing to come together in build & to firm both in front & rear; conical head of length with strength in muzzle; has clearance & is ribbed-up; covered by an ex jacket enhanced by those Wire furnishings. 
PGD (8) 1: Akehurst, Boloria All Spice; 2.5yrs; ex type who will be winning his way up the ranks; nothing material to take issue with; handsome headed with strength of muzzle; ex neck, shoulder & breastbone; oval thorax; clearance; compact; breadth through muscled rump; ex coat; free & true moving 2: Apps, Calicoe Just Me; 3yrs half-brother, hence close up as equally handsome & breed typical; maturity worked in his favour in this goodclass; no point in repeating all the same positives but to acknowledge he ticked box after box; ideal proportions & ribbed-up through to muscled rump; not quite the feet, being picky. 3: Effer, Kasalane Rhapsody 
LD (8,2) 1: Maes-Jones, & Bates’, Derochaise Blue Danube 20m & another half-brother so all credit to Ch Royal Pepper’s Vice Versa; so classy & still relatively young; scored in all those essentials I’ve been listing; has the head, neck & angles; well filled front; clearance; ribbed-up; short loin; goodbone & feet; broad rump; so secure on the move; ex jacket; gave a repeat performance in the challenge with such defiance as to justify his reward. Dog Reserve Challenge Certificate. 2: Norman, Silvae Trade Name; catalogue indicates 5.5yrs; noted him as “flashy”; bit too refined in muzzle & a bit exaggerated in rear; all inbetween was pretty good; well angulated; well ribbed; clearance; ex backline; undoubtedly covered the ground with freedom, as circuited. 3: Pearce, Incordemeo Jolly On Xmas Day 
OD (3) 1: Carruthers, Ch Aikton Alexander at Stanegate; rising 4yrs; so well established with a well earned “male” reputation; such a typically Wire head with prominent ridges; highset, rounded ear; oblique eye; was deeper than ideal for clearance; ribbed-up to a strong loin; goodbone; ex rump; hardest of coats; moved parallel with drive & long strides. 2:Phillips, Ch Royal Pepper’s Vice Versa (Imp Fin); rising 5yrs & his progeny speaks volumes; impresses as so fit & functional as well as scoring with so many breed specifics; has the head with strong muzzle; dark almond, oblique eye; long neck with slight arch; great clearance with goodunderline; ribbed-up; broad, muscled rump; moved as befits such fitness; but markedly not in his best jacket; can redress the balance as that comes back in. 3: Effer, Greyhayne Hector
VD (3,1) 1: Langridge, Tendrow Elberta ShCM; outstanding of classic breed type & such a lively character; conical head with dark almond eye & strong muzzle; fabulous, filled front; clearance; angulated; well ribbed; meaty quarters; ex feet; ex jacket; 100% sound; anticipated him being titled; BVIB 2: Moore, & Downes, Ch Megline Aramis; 7.5yrs; most lovely head & eye; well filled front; ex rump; found him a little long & not as firm either at hock or elbow. SBB (6) 1: Parrott, Derochaise Blue Angel at Marondera; all in the family, evidently, as here stood the litter sister to the Dog Res CC; loved her proportions through both head & body; scored in eye & ear; ex neck; well filled front; compact; ex jacket; moved as expected with such conformation. 2:Waller, Lady In Roseyred; days off 2yrs; just that bit longer; conical head with uniform taper; almond eye; filled front; clearance; hard coated; great backend; went well with drive. 3: Hunt, Drakkina Wirenth 
MPB (3,1) 1: Ellis, Vixendax To Be Or Not To Be; 6m & suitably immature & can firm up in front; was learning the ropes & survived here indoors; conical head with ex ex eye & taper to muzzle; v goodproportions; well ribbed-up; correct jacket; pushed off a goodrump; shows much promise. 2: Scott-Johnson, & Scott-Johnson, Dollydash Marvellous Ma’am; rising 8m; feminine in head & outlook; goodbone & feet; firm both at elbow & hock; goodjacket already; just raw, with a youthfully rising backline, that maturity should address. PB (5,2) 1: Mcpherson, & Paterson, Brumberhill Barbed Wire; 11m daughter of OD; classic breed type; beautifully bodied yet proportionate & with clearance; one that “ looks at you right” through her ridges over her oblique, almond eye; well filled front; slight slope to pastern; slight arch to neck; ribbed-up & compact; breadth to muscled rear; ex jacket already; such a proudly stylish, parallel, mover; her title should be a formality. BPIB 2: Eldred, Dakotadax Check Mate; 9m b/t & half-sister through the OD; ex eye; just a little less positive in her performance but well proportioned body with clearance; not so firm in front but an ex rear; goodneck; goodangles; goodbone & feet; all is ready to develop on. 3: D Wirenth 
JB (10 ,1) Truly ex class headed by a trio of half-sisters, sired by that Finnish dog! 1: Rowe, Boloria Sugar’N’Spice; 12m with all points present & correct; just awaiting added maturity to hit the high spots; can but repeat all that I’ve have said before, relative to this breeding, since she ticks those same breed specific boxes; so shapely; so secure; so accurate on the move; cleanly tapered, conical head; ribbed-up; compact with clearance; simply nothing worth changing at this age. 2: Graham, & Graham, Boloria Wild Spice; turns out to be her litter-sister; lovely eye, set in a conical head; nicely filled front with clearance; well angulated; well ribbed; well coated; compact; goodstride albeit her sibling came over as the one slightly more “on form” but she is well able to state her own case & surely will as the season develops. 3: Ellis’ Vixendax Venus Starlight 
YB (10,1) 1: Coverley, Aventine Aunt Patience JW; 22m of quality & stature; scored in her proportions; strength in her muzzle as well as in her build, as noted through her loin; ribbed-up; angulated; clearance; jacket; her structure all combined to enable her to cover the ground with real purpose; yet another youngster of exceptional promise, thus demonstrating the depth of quality in the breed. 2: Stockdale, Derochaise Blue Velvet at Fenwires; litter sister to the Dog Reserve CC; loved the fact she was so unexaggerated in her proportions & simply so “correct” ; cleanly tapered from skull to muzzle; length to neck; clearance; angulation; ribbed-up; muscled rump; ex feet; ex jacket; the list goes on! 3: Lucas, Boloria Wild and Naughty 
PGB (9,3) 1: Arthurs, Elderkine’s Hot Gossip; 2yrs of v goodtype & proportions; long head; rather full in eye; well filled in front; clearance; well ribbed-up; ex rump gave drive; hard coated; goodbone & feet; should be moving up the ranks as the show season progresses. 2: Mountford, Incordemeo Angel Beside Me; 3.5yrs; leave you all to guess the sire; looked at her best when posed with her clearance, angulation & proportions; lovely eye; strong muzzle; long neck; ex backline; breadth across rump; textbook jacket that was well turned out. 3: Effer, Cishelvine Miss Tyfication 
LB (8,1) 1: Howlett, & Phillips, Tendrow Makes the Right Turn JW; about to turn 2yrs; essence of breed type & proportions; prominent ridges plus almond eye; thorax full & oval; prominent breastbone; desired 25% clearance beneath keel; ex neck & backline; angulated; ribbed-up; firm loin; long croup with only slight slope to tail that was not carried too high; broad, rounded rump; parallel mover with long stride plus drive; came into the challenge with such bold, defiant carriage that she couldn’t be denied; turns out that annexed that vital 2 CC that I believe may now have grown to 10 to be the leading Wire. Bitch Challenge Certificate. 2: Mcpherson, & Paterson, Brumberhill Biscotti (ai) 4yrs of Dutch/ Italian breeding & a classy half-sister to the OB to follow; fabulous head & eye; filled front; clearance; correct slight slope to pastern; ribbed-up; just a slight rise over her muscled rear & that wee bit longercast; ex jacket; gave me drive, soundness & style 3: Phillips, Tendrow Turns Over The Page 
OB (7,1) 1: Mccalmont, & Mccalmont, Ch Silvae Fan Dancer; 3.5 yrs half-sister to the Dog CC so all credit to Ch Tres Pinheiros Obi Kenobi; looked 100% the part when stood; superior conical head, eye & strength of jaw; well filled front; clearance; oval thorax; so well boned; compact build, albeit relatively long through loin; goodunderline; correct in croup, tail placement & carriage; best of jackets; just reluctant to make the most of herself on the move, despite her handler’s best efforts, that cost her in the challenge. Bitch Reserve Challenge Certificate. 2: Moore, & Downes, Ch Megline Bohemian Rhapsody; rising 4yrs & Silvae sired; touch longercast; milky underline detracted; loved her head & eye; long neck with slight arch; goodangulation; it was a joy to watch her extend, with such freedom, as she circuited. 3: Rowe, Boloria’s Trick or Treat JW VB (3,2) 1: Maes-Jones & Bates’ Ch Derochaise Elusia JW; 7.5yrs who has nothing to prove since she is not only titled but is also the dam of the Res Dog CC; such quality lines, style & structure; strong muzzle; length of neck & angles; ribbed-up; ex rump; harsh jacket; absolutely sound.
Howard Ogden